Orbx Cityscape Honolulu: The FSElite Review

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In this video we take a look at the island of Oahu and city of Honolulu. Grab your leis and join me in Hawaii for this Honolulu Cityscape review from Orbx. This video should give you an idea of what to expect from this Cityscape from Orbx, and whether or not it’s the right add-on for you.

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Orbx Releases Cityscape Honolulu for Prepar3D v4

Orbx's latest product, Cityscape Honolulu for Prepar3D v4, is now available for purchase through the Orbx webstore. Cityscape Honolulu is, rather uniquely, both a cityscape and a mini-region which covers both Honolulu and the full island of Oahu. Feature List A complete Cityscape and mini-region covering Honolulu and the entire island of Oahu Ultra-HD photorealistic depictions of Honolulu, Waikiki, Pearl Harbor and Pearl City All eight Oahu airports have been
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More Previews of Orbx Honolulu Cityscape

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Orbx's Iain Emms has taken to the Orbx Forums to post more pictures of their upcoming Honolulu Cityscape scenery. Being that this is a Cityscape project, lots of focus lies on the buildings and unique landmarks to the entire Island of Oahu. Included in this package are thousands of buildings , 60 individual points of interest with PBR material, accurate
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Further Previews of Orbx Honolulu Cityscape

Orbx Honolulu Cityscape Previews (11)
After being announced yesterday, Orbx's Iain Emms has already been in the sim snapping up some new previews to feast our eyes on. Being a Cityscape project, Iain's shots focus more on the building and architecture within Honolulu. The product will not just focus on the city, but the whole island of Oahu. Orbx has included the entire island in the
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Orbx Cityscape Honolulu – In-depth Details and Previews

Orbx HNL FSElite 01
First shown off during the Orbx roadmap stream towards the end of 2018, Orbx Cityscape Honolulu has come on a long way since then. In a forum post from Jarrad, he goes in-depth about some brand new details regarding the project and also shared a range of brand new previews. Developed by Frank Schnibben and Holger Sandmann(who developed Australia V2),
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New Orbx EU Cote d’Azur Cityscape Previews

2018 04 02 09 08 39 PM499

Having been an ongoing project for a while now, Orbx has now previewed more shots of their upcoming cityscape scenery in P3D v4.2! These shots were taken with FTX HD Trees, REX Sky Force, PTA as well as reshade, and this combination of products really makes the Cityscape look incredible!

That’s all for now, and no new information was spotted in the following comments under the previews, so that’s where I’ll leave off! If there’s anymore shots posted, or information shared, we’ll update this post.


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Orbx Cote d’Azur Cityscape – New Previews

A little while ago, it was announced that JustSim's Nice airport would be compatible with Orbx's Nice Cote d'Azur Cityscape. It's fair to think that because of that, the release for the project wouldn't be too far off. Well, several months later, it appears that we still have to fly into the generic Nice with JustSim's airport. Today Iain posted
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