SamScene Releases Hong Kong City for P3D

Hong Kong City P3d (4)

If you’re looking to explore Hong Kong city as it is today within Prepar3D, then SamScene has you covered with their newest release. The new Hong Kong City scenery adds the “real environment” of the city as it is today.

The scenery product features over 300 custom iconic buildings including many famous museums, apartment buildings and other landmarks in Hong Kong island and the Kowloon area. For example, we can see that the Bank of China Tower and the ICC are all replicated in the iconic city. Further to the cities, we can see that major bridges are included along with a detailed rendition of Victoria harbour. All of the included buildings come complete with PBR materials and night lighting.

It’s worth noting that the scenery is not compatible with FlyTampa’s Kai Tak due to the fact this scenery represents the city after 1997.

You can buy SamScene’s Hong Kong City for Prepar3D now from simMarket for €17.95.

If you own Microsoft Flight Simulator, you can check out the Hong Kong city for that platform here.

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New Previews of Orbx Landmarks Singapore City Pack

Orbx Landmarks Singapore Msfs (5)
Iain Emms and user FILOU from Orbx has taken to the forums to share some brand new screenshots for Landmarks Singapore City Pack. The product was announced back in December last year, but now the previews are coming in thick and fast suggesting that development is starting to wrap up. The new previews from the duo highlight the level of
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LatinVFR Updates Miami for MSFS to v1.04

239816 2020 08 29 13
Scenery developer LatinVFR has updated Miami to version 1.04 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new update is relatively minor but enhances areas of Miami City and parts of the airport. The new update from the development team provides "general fixes to the airport elevations and buildings," as well as improving the city. Parts of Downtown Miami, South Beach and the
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SamScene3D Final Previews of Seoul City for Microsoft Flight Simulator

SAMSCENE3D Seoul City Msfs (1)
Scenery developer SamScene3D has shared its final previews before releasing Seoul City for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Like with other products from the same range, Seoul City will cover plenty of the region with custom buildings to improve the appearance of the area in the simulator. It will include a variety of improved autogen buildings and various custom buildings such as
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Taburet Releases Baltimore for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Taburet Baltimore Msfs (8)
Scenery developer Taburet has released a new city pack for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The city of Baltimore is now available in the simulator from the developer with new buildings and a complete change to make it more realistic. The scenery product includes a major facelift to the area including major downtown buildings, hotel complexes and also a revamp of the
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SamScene3D Releases Shanghai City Times for MSFS


Scenery developer SamScene3D is known for releasing high-quality scenes of cities for P3D and FSX. Shanghai City is the developer’s very first release for MSFS.

Situated in China’s central coast, Shanghai city stands tall with unique high rises covering the horizon. Shanghai boasts an approximate population of 24 million. The city is considered to be the most populous urban area in China.

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Prealsoft Scenery Announces Casablanca City for MSFS

Prealsoft Casablanca City Msfs (2)
Scenery developer Prealsoft has announced that Casablanca City is being developed for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new scenery product is already in the advanced stages of development. The new previews were shared on the official Prealsoft Scenery Design Facebook page. Prealsoft is known for their development in the region, including Casablanca HD on Prepar3D and also Casablanca Airport. Hopefully following on
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SamScene3D Releases Frankfurt RealCity x2

Samscene3d Frankfurt P3d (1)
Scenery developer SamScene3D has released a new update for its Frankfurt RealCity product. The new update is totally free of charge to users and features numerous updates and changes since the original version. The new version of the product features colour corrected so it better matches the base simulator, a range of fixes to autogen and stadium positions along with a
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BC Sceneries Releases Genova City and Airport v4 for X-Plane

Bc Sceneries Genova Italy Limj (5)
Scenery developer BC Sceneries has released Genova City for X-Plane 11. This scenery package includes the city itself, along with airport Genova Cristoforo Colombo (LIMJ). Over 1000km sq is included with the package, covering 243km of the city itself and over 850km of the nearby mountains, coasts and forestry. The city is comprised of thousands of 3D buildings, all of
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SamScene3D Prague Century X Released for FSX and P3D

SamScene3D Prague Century (8)
SamScene3D has released their latest scenery, this time covering Prague. Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic, and this scenery aims to cover the city center, and also the old town of Prague. This scenery includes various Czech style autogen buildings, with over 10,000 autogen buildings found throughout the city. Night light textures have been included, as well
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