Chicago O’Hare

FSDreamTeam Updates Chicago O’Hare v2 for P3D

KORDV2 9c Update Ad

A fresh update for FSDreamTeam’s Chicago O’Hare v2 (KORD) for Prepar3D has been released. The new free update brings the new runway into use at the virtual airport. Runways 09C/27C, which opened in November 2020, is now available via the new update.

To obtain the update, you will simply need to run the FSDT Live Update tool and let it do its magic.

A word of caution from forum user airbadger is that the ILS within the simulator is the same as Chicago Executive Airport (KPWK) due to the fact that it is the same as the default scenery. No specific fix was mentioned in the forums, but may require you to do some manual editing of specific files.

A Microsoft Flight Simulator update is in the works, but no timeframe has been given for it yet.

Finally, a reminder that FSDreamTeam products are on sale right now where you can save up to 35% on a range of products. You can view hundreds of more sales here.


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FSDreamTeam Chicago O’Hare Video Trailer

Chicago OHare For Microsoft Flight Simulator
FSDreamTeam has shared a new video trailer for its upcoming Chicago O'Hare Airport (KORD) coming soon to Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new trailer features over two minutes of footage taking us on a grand tour of the airport. Throughout the trailer, we see footage of the terminal buildings, the interior modelling and winter textures applied throughout. Furthermore, there is clearly
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Further Previews of FSDreamTeam Chicago Airport in MSFS

Fsdreamteam Chicago Kord Msfs (4)
FSDreamTeam has been busy taking lots of previews for the upcoming release of its Chicago O'Hare International Airport (KORD) for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. We have already seen a range of previews, but they wanted to showcase other elements of the airport. This time, we are looking at previews for some of the internal modelling, custom jetways and some
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FSDreamTeam Shares Chicago O’Hare Previews in MSFS

FSDREAMTEAM Chicago Airport Microsoft Flight Simulator (8)
Another range of previews from FSDreamTeam has been shared, but this time for Chicago O'Hare International Airport (KORD). The new previews follow a trend from other developers showcasing still imagery from their products in the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. These previews share a lot of the progress made on the ground texturing, the airport buildings and even some very detailed
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FSDreamteam Chicago O’Hare v2: The FSElite Review

FSDreamteam Chicago OHare V2 The FSElite Review
In this video, I give my opinion of FSDreamTeam's new Chicago O'Hare v2 for P3Dv4. We will take a close look at the modelling and texturing of various elements around the airport and any new features FSDreamTeam has implemented, such as the "living" terminal. I cover airport buildings, ground textures, airport layout, night lighting, animations, seasonal variations, and performance. Don't
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Nimbus Simulation Studios Updates Chicago O’Hare V3

Md80 151

Developer Nimbus Simulation Studios has released version 3.3.3 of their Chicago O’Hare International Airport (KORD) v3 scenery for X-Plane 11.

The software update brings a variety of bug fixes along with the addition of winter and summer textures. The latest version also adds new taxiways including SS and LL, along with the new L concourse at the airport.

The scenery can be purchased for $27.95 USD from the store. Current owners can download the update from their account.

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Nimbus Simulation Studios Previews O’Hare Update

50668929 2161516913904553 8902827679682658304 O
Developer Nimbus Simulation Studios have previewed some more shots of their upcoming Chicago O’Hare Airport (KORD). In a post on their Facebook page, Nimbus showed off some winter shots of the airport, with tire tracks and wisps of snow on the tarmac. Wide shots of the parking lot also show track-bare sections that will be familiar to anyone who lives
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Skyline Simulations Chicago O’Hare Renders Shared

32555979 823846624473291 4370111459695263744 O
The last we saw of Skyline Simulations' upcoming Chicago O'Hare scenery was last month, showing off the airport in X-Plane 11. Today, Skyline Sim has shown off 2 new renders of the airport, this time of the terminal area giving us our first glance at some of the ground clutter we can expect to see around the gate area. In
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UPDATED: [NEW IMAGES] Skyline Sim Chicago O’Hare, Cincinnati International, and Long Beach Preview Mega Post

29664898 803547213169899 7384582611979115787 O
Update 28 April @1339z: Skyline Sim has shown off 3 more previews of Cincinnati, this time of Concourse A with jetways and another vegetation preview. The last time we shared any previews of any of Skyline Sim's upcoming projects was earlier this month, and January before that. In that time, I'll admit we did miss large number of previews from
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Skyline Sim Chicago O’Hare for X-Plane Previews

30723972 810488265809127 9085680122693943296 O
It's been a busy couple of days for previews of upcoming Chicago O'Hare sceneries, with both Drzewiecki Design and FSDreamTeam having shown off previews yesterday. Now it's Skyline Sim's turn, and this time for X-Plane! For those wondering if it will be compatible with Drzeweicki Design's upcoming Chicago City X scenery, we have some good news for you; it will
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