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Chicago Executive

FlightFX Releases Chicago Executive Airport for MSFS

Flightfx Chicago Executive Airport Msfs (13)

After we shared the first details earlier this month, FlightFX has released its first airport on Microsoft Flight Simulator. Chicago Executive Airport (KPWK) is located 18 miles north of Chicago and is the ideal spot for GA and business aircraft to avoid the hustle and bustle of Chicago O’Hare. That said, the airport still sees over 75,000 movements a year and is the fourth busiest airport in the state.

The airport has been designed from on-site photography and all major structures, aprons, and taxiways have been faithfully recreated using that imagery. The team has also created bespoke details throughout that depict the airport incredibly well, whilst ensuring that a natural look is maintained throughout. In addition to a detailed rendition of the airport, the team has included custom ground textures throughout, custom landmarks and also hangar parking for those private jets.

You can buy FlightFX’s Chicago Executive Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator now from Contrail for €14.74 (excluding taxes).

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