Navigraph Charts and FMS: The FSElite Review

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Navigating from point A to B can be such a daunting prospect for newcomers to flight simulation. It can be a challenge for the more experienced amongst us too, but it’s a necessary skill that we all need to get a basic grasp of to get us to where we want to be and in an incident-free manner. As we usually enjoy our flight time alone (as we can’t afford a co-pilot), we need to have all of our navigational information at hand in order to help the experience become more realistic yet we crave something more organised to make the whole process of a flight easier.

Navigraph has been synonymous with flight simulation for over a decade. For a monthly fee or full yearly package, most of us rely on Navigraph to keep our favourite aircraft’s navigational systems up to date with the use of their AIRAC cycles. We also get the latest professional worldwide airport/terminal charts from Jeppesen. “The aim is to describe approach and departure procedures from airports with a clear presentation of altitudes, obstacles and landing minima during Instrument Flight Rules”.


My route planning go-to software is SimBrief which is a simple free-to-use website that can be used in conjunction with the latest Navigraph AIRAC cycle and the Navigraph Charts app. For those of you that use other route planning software, the route plans can be imported very easily from a saved file plan on your PC. If you don’t use any flight planning software, then a route can be entered manually. I will be looking at what the latest version of the Navigraph Charts app for Windows 10 has to offer and to determine whether this is a necessary utility for newcomers and the more experienced desktop pilots.

My usual routine with a simple IFR flight whilst using a single monitor is having a lot of windows open on my web browser for example; a route planner (SimBrief) and several airport charts which will include SIDS, STARS, parking and ground information, taxiways, runway information and ILS approaches. So as you can understand, it’s overwhelming and slightly disorganised. Navigraph Charts is a utility that aims to alleviate all of the “clutter” and give you all of the information you need at the click of a button (or two).

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Navigraph Reverts Subscription Changes

Navigraph Logotype
Navigraph has reverted the changes to their subscription models that took place over the last few days. Yesterday we shared how Navigraph was dropping their monthly and annual separate FMS Data and Charts subscriptions in favour of one 'Ultimate' subscription, combining both services. Today, the Navigraph team has let us know this change will no longer take place and customers
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Navigraph Subscription Changes

Navigraph Logotype
Popular FMS (AIRAC) data and charts provider Navigraph has made some changes to the way you can purchase access to their products. Going forward, Navigraph is bundling their FMS Data and Charts subscriptions. There is no official announcement through the Navigraph news section, but on their forums there are a few posts that announce the change and get provide some
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Navigraph Publishes Roadmap

VLOG Thoughts On Annual Workshop Upcoming Flight Simulation Software Charts Review And Cosford
Every year at some point in the fall the team at Navigraph gathers for their yearly workshop. This year, the workshop was held with as goal to kick off some new projects. The workshop led to a roadmap for Navigraph for the coming 12 months, which Navigraph has presented in one of their blogs. The blog also comes with a
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The Flight Sim Deck: Understanding SIDs & STARs [FYC]

Flight Sim How To Reading SIDs And STARs Obtaining Charts
Greetings everyone! I want to talk about a crucial part of IFR flight planning, that being Standard Instrument Departures (SIDs) and Standard Terminal Arrival Routes (STARs). SIDs, and STARs, are predetermined routes with speed and altitude restrictions that will guide you to and from the airport. Most airports have multiple published SIDs and STARs. Each one is setup to accommodate the
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Navigraph Charts Export Flight Update

Navigraph Charts News

A quick update from Navigraph. In a new update for Charts, you will now be able to export your flight to Prepar3D and X-Plane 11 (in *.pln and *.fms files respectively). This feature was highly requested by people of FlightSimExpo, and is available right now. The team is also asking your feedback on other formats that could possibly be added to the export function.

Navigraph updated their Charts application just under a month ago. The new update comes with a number of new features, such as Route Calculation, Colourful Route String Visualisation, Procedure Visualisation, Map Overlay, Simbrief integration and more. You can read all about the new features of Navigraph Charts in this article.

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Navigraph Releases New Charts Update for the Public

Navigraph Charts News
The brand new Navigraph Charts platform is now available for all users who have subscribed to the service. Taken from our previous article, written by Daan, the new chart product will include various brand new features including route calculation, procedure visualization, intelligent procedure selector and map overlays. Furthermore, there has been some integration with SimBrief which will import your route.
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Navigraph Releasing Charts Update Next Week

Navigraph Logotype
Navigraph has informed us that they are about to release an update for Navigraph Charts. Charts is a highly popular product that helps you plan and visualise your route in an interactive way, and allows you to view Jeppesen procedure charts of around 6800 airports all around the world. The update has been in development for several months and has
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Navigraph Charts Closed Beta Video Preview [Chewwy94]

Popular flight simulation Twitch streamer Chewwy94 has released a video via his YouTube channel showcasing a first look of the closed beta Navigraph Charts utility. The short video provides a detailed insight into what to expect from the new look client. Firstly, Navigraph is allowing a select amount of beta testers to test the brand new features as a web-based client.
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ChartFox AIP Charts Released

1002139205 ChartFoxBanner.thumb.png.6cb292bbb9fd50b9b0498209a13edd70
Over on the VATSIM forums, ChartFox announced its first release. ChartFox is a product aimed at collecting every countries individual instrument procedure charts, and offering them in an easy to use and single solution. This would be really useful for those without access to AIP charts, as VATSIM controllers often rely on users having access to these. Of course, you
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