Airline2Sim Announces Airport2Sim Charles De Gaulle (CDG)

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Airline2Sim, the company behind several training packages, announced a short while back a new product in their upcoming portfolio of products: Airport2Sim. The idea behind Airport2Sim was to provide a series of training videos related to real-world ops at specific airports. Furthermore, the package would also include GSX config files and PDF documentation to ensure that your airport was as close to the real deal as possible. You can find out full details here.

The first airport in this new series will be Amsterdam. The final touches are just being added now as we speak. However, Airline2Sim did confirm that the next product in this series will indeed be Charles De Gaulle (CDG). The largest French airport will be tackled next giving simmers a detailed look at how ground movements work, tricks and tips to make the most of your time taxiing around the huge airport.

No word on a release, but in the previous roadmap post from the team, this, and other projects, are all aiming to be out this year.

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Sim-Wings Announce Paris CDG Professional

Spanish developers Sim-Wings has today announced plans to developer a more up-to-date version of Paris Charles De Gaulle airport. The new 'professional' version of the productwill feature interior modelling, high resolution texture and updates to the airport to reflect the current airport's status. The team are fully committed to the project as they have confirmed they have purchased 0.3m/px resolution imagery
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Taxi2Gate Paris CDG update

Taxi2Gate have been working hard on an update for Paris CDG with a whole lot of fixes. They have fixed numerous flickering issues, signage issues around taxi- and runways, missing jetways, missing colors, missing buildings and more. They have also added a season configurator to make switching between seasons easier than having to copy files from one folder to another.
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Taxi2Gate Sale + Paris Chaulles De Gaulle Update!


So Tonight there are 2 exciting stories coming out from the Taxi2Gate scenery developers! Firstly on their Facebook page they announced a 25% Sale off ALL Products, which means a great line of scenery is at available great price, however the more exciting news is the release of Paris Chaulles De Gaulle, (or Aéroport de Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle for you French readers).

T2G announced that they ‘think  Paris will be released in December’. This puts another great addon on the possible ‘end of year’ release list!

For those interested in the sale the SimMarket link for the T2G  products can be found here and expect further updates on CDG and other addon releases/updates from the team here at FSElite.

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