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Carenado 690B Turbo Commander 1.1 Update

Carenado has just released a new version of their 690B Turbo Commander, 1.1 update for both FSX and P3D, which contains the following changes as seen below.

  • Copilot’s airspeed markings adjusted.
  • WSHLD text corrected.
  • Artificial horizon fixed.
  • Cabin VSI is working correctly.
  • Fixes a problem causing altitude selector freezes when selects.
  • Pilot’s clock is working correctly.
  • Fixes the right landing light texture.
  • Fixes an issue with the Avidyne that couldn’t turned ON again when OFF.
  • Minor bugs and textures fixes.

Carenado wants customers to download the package again to use it, and they want you to uninstall previous versions of the aircraft before installing this new updated version. For more check out FSElite as well as Carenado’s Facebook for the latest updates.

Carenado 690B TURBO COMMANDER Now Available

Carenado announced in February that they were in the midst of developing the  690B Aero Commander. The anticipated 690B release for all avid GA and Shrike 500s fans is now available. The 690B is compatible with FSX, P3D v2, v3, v4, and Steam platforms.

Among some of the features advertised by Carenado, the 690B includes five different liveries, HD quality textures & real 690B Turbo Commander sounds.


You can buy it now for $39.95. For more information, visit Carenado’s website.

Carenado Premier 1A final previews

Carenado is almost ready to release their Premier 1A! They have shared some final shots on Facebook of this iconic little jet before it releases. This little business jet saw its first flight in 1998 and until 2013 a total number of 298 have been made. It was a very popular jet especially in the US.

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Carenado 390 Premier 1A Coming Soon – More Previews

Over on Facebook, Carenado showcased a few more screenshots of their upcoming Premier 1A.

A short teaser video was recently published, but today on Facebook, the screenshots show off a few new details of the aircraft. According to the same post, it will be “coming soon”. The business jet itself can reach speeds of 530mph and has a range of 1645 miles.

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Carenado Taking on the F50 TurboProp as they “Dream Big”

Carenado are known specifically for their quick project developments on high visual quality GA aircraft. With a great eye for detail in the visuals and a lighter take on systems, Carenado have been great at creating aircraft for fun use in the Sim. Today that same team announced they are “dreaming big” and will be releasing a Fokker 50 (F50) for FSX and P3D.

Details are lacking, but the 1980s aircraft is famous for both it’s civil and military operations offering fuel reductions and improvements to the fuselage over its predecessor, the F27.

Carenado provided a handful of renders from development and already the exterior model is looking great.

As news develops, we will let you know.


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Carenado 390 Premier IA Preview Video

Carenado recently published a quick preview video on their Youtube channel showing off the Beechcraft 390 Premier IA. The IA model of the aircraft included improved cabins and systems. The business jet itself can reach speeds of 530mph and has a range of 1645 miles.

The preview video itself is short and sweet showing off the excellent external model.

When we have more information, we’ll tell you.

Carenado Reveal New Project Piper PA-42 Cheyenne III

Carenado have only just released the PA-31T Cheyenne II that they announce their newest project: the PA-42 Cheyenne III. Either the success of the PA-31T was so great that they thought well to capitalize on it and produce the PA-42, either the PA-31T provides a strong basis that they can build upon to quickly render the PA-42. Either way, the response to the announcement seems to have been very positive. Stay tuned for more information the the Cheyenne III.


Carenado PA31T Cheyenne II Released!

They call it ”the most classic turboprop ever built” and it is now ready to enter your hangar! Carenado have just released their anticipated Cheyenne II and it can be yours for $39.95.

Among some of the features advertised by Carenado, the PA31T is compatible with Flight1’s GTN 750, comes in 5 different liveries and features custom brakes sounds on taxi and landing run.

FSElite will soon be taking a closer look at the Cheyenne and share our thoughts with you.
Click here to read our Developer Month article dedicated to the team over at Carenado!

For more information, visit Carenado’s website.

Developer Month: Carenado – They aren’t All that Bad

Welcome to the FSElite Developer Month. Our theme this year is about delivering for the community and part of that is delivering great content to you all. As part of our commitment to you all, we’re pleased to announced Developer Month – a month themed solely around celebrating our great development community. Over the course of March, you’ll be treated to some behind the scene looks at some of our favourite developers, stories from the FSElite team, exclusive interviews and more.

As part of Developer Month, the FSElite team wanted to look at some of their favorite developers and write a short story celebrating why it is they are their favorite. This could be for a single reason or many, but the fact remains, these developers hold a special place in each person’s heart.

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Carenado PC12 HD Series updated to Version 2.0!

Carenado released an update to their PC12 HD Series addon yesterday bringing it up to version 2.0. Most notably, they’ve added support for P3Dv3 as well as the ever so popular Flight1 GTN. If you’ve held off on this awesome aircraft because you couldn’t use the GTN, or because you’re on P3Dv3, wait no longer! Existing customer will need to login to their Carenado accounts and re-download the aircraft.

Carenado offered the following list of changes in version 2.0

New Version (2.0)
– GTN integration added
– P3Dv3 and Steam compatible
– On ready for taxi option, all generators are now on.
– IAS mode adjusted.
– Sound improvements.
– Atittude indicator adjustments.
– Autopilot tooltips added.
– ADF tuner updated.
– Transponder updated.
– Minor bugs fixed.