Carenado Releases the CT206H Stationair on X-Plane 11

CT206H 19×11

Aircraft developer Carenado has released their CT206H Stationair on X-Plane 11. The aircraft based on the Cessna 206 features capability to transport 6 people with an average cruise speed of around 140knts. The aircraft can also travel approximately 730 nautical miles, with still reserves in the tanks.

Carenado says that the aircraft features fully PBR exterior and interior, along with many details included in the 3D modelling. The aircraft also features FMOD sounds for a fully immersive experience. The CT206H Stationair has also been desgiend to meet the X-Plane 11 standards for aerodynamics and has been tested by various pilots for testing authenticity. VR users will be pleased to hear that the aircraft is fully compatible with the technology.

You can buy it now from Carenado’s website for $34.95.

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Carenado Updates Embraer B120 to Version 1.3

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Over on Facebook, Carenado has just announced their update to the Embraer EMB120 Brasilia. The Embraer B120 is a twin engine turboprop passenger and cargo aircraft mainly used in North America. Most Embraer B120 aircraft flown today are used as freighter aircraft most notably by Ameriflight and recently as a passenger variant with Great Lakes Airlines. Version 1.3 of the
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Carenado 182T Skylane G1000 Released for X-Plane 11

CT182 10X11
The Cessna 182T Skylane G1000 from Carenado has been released for X-Plane 11. Carenado's Cessna 182T includes a G1000 cockpit built around Laminar's fully functional G1000 avionics suite. The 182T boasts a fully modeled interior with PBR material, exquisite exterior model with lots of attention to detail, and customized FMOD sounds.  Accompanying the beautiful model, the 182T includes optimized flight
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Carenado Updates B120 To V1.1

EMB120 30
Carenado has updated their latest Embraer 120 to version 1.1. It is usual for Carenado to update their products shortly after release, based on customers feedback. Whilst the update is minor, it does include all-new United Express and Skipper liveries. Further changes include fixing the Flight 1 GTN integration, manual engine shutdown fixes and also other minor issues. Finally, the
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Carenado Releases B120 For FSX/P3D

EMB120 9
Developer Carenado has released the B120 for FSX and P3D. Known officially as the Embraer EMB 120 Brasilia, the twin-turboprop commuter airliner is used by airlines around the world as both a freighter and a passenger airliner. As with most Carenado offerings, the plane is FSX, FSX Steam, and P3D 4.4 (and above) compatible. Users can rest assured that the
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Carenado Announces CT182T Skylane For X-Plane

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Developer Carenado has announced their next X-Plane 11 project in a post on their Facebook page: the CT182T Skylane G1000.

The popular Cessna 182 is featured in full high definition glory in a series of teaser pictures in the post, with the Garmin G1000 front and centre in a few of the images.

If the X-Plane version stays true to the FSX/P3D version that is already available from Carenado, the plane will feature a host of goodies. No doubt built around Laminar’s version of the G1000, the plane will be easy on the eyes and have a bunch of functional systems.

While the developer was short on details, including the release date, which was only listed as ‘coming soon’, the screenshots indicate the plane is most likely just over the horizon.

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Carenado Releases More EMB-120 Previews

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Carenado has released in-game screenshots of their upcoming Embraer EMB-120 aircraft on their Facebook page. The released shots show the plane sporting United Express "Battleship" livery and KLM Exel. The preview also includes images from the cockpit and the cabin, where the textures are showing fair amount of wear and tear. As expected from Carenado, the modelling and texturing seem
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Carenado Releases Fokker 50 Update 1.1

Carenado has released an update to their Fokker 50 on X-Plane 11 to version 1.1. The new update comes not long after the plane had been released with fixes to the Master Warning logic, corrections to the FMA and also implemented a Gust Lock handle. The new update can be downloaded from the Carenado store (or where you purchased the
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New Previews of Carenado’s EMB120

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In a Facebook post, Carenado has released new previews along with a small progress update of their in-development Embraer 120 aircraft. In the shots below, we see the vibrant PBR materials react with the environment within the simulator. There's also a cockpit shot included with no visible systems or gauges active. In their post, Carenado mentioned that the exterior model,
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Carenado Releases Fokker 50 for X-Plane 11

Carenado has taken to Facebook and YouTube to announce the release of their Fokker 50 (F50) aircraft for X-Plane 11. Already a release for FSX and Prepar3D, Carenado announced back in July that the X-Plane version of the Fokker 50 was in the works. A month later and it's available to buy right now. The Fokker 50 is a turboprop
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