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Carenado Previews 690B Aero Commander For X-Plane 11

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In a post on their facebook page, Carenado showed several preview screenshots of their latest aircraft conversion to X-Plane 11: The 690B Aero Commander – A small twin-engine G/A aircraft.

Carenado has not announced a price or release date, yet, but have announced that the aircraft is coming ‘very soon’.

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Carenado Preview Dassault Falcon 50

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Carenado, probably one of the most active developers as of late, have just previewed their latest work-in-progress product: A Dassault Falcon 50. They posted 18 screenshots on their Facebook page with a caption explaining that it will be FSX/P3D on release (Carenado have been known to port over to X-Plane within a few months of release, however). Carenado have not announced
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Carenado F33A Bonanza Released For X-Plane 11

Carenado has released the latest of their X-Plane aircraft portfolio, the Beechcraft F33A Bonanza, for X-Plane 11. This single-prop aircraft began production in 1970, and was built right up until 1994 with 821 examples being built in this time, making it the most popular of the three F33 models available. Up front, it was powered by a 285hp flat-six, fuel injected Continental
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Carenado Saab 340 Update

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A little over a week ago Carenado released their much anticipated Saab 340. Now, they have issued an update that fixes some issues that some users may have been running in to. Update 1.2 is available right now from Carenado's own website. Carenado has increased the number of downloads so you won't reach your download limit yet. It should be
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Carenado Saab S340 Released

After months of teasing and hyping, Carenado has released their Saab S340 package. A long awaited product, the Saab S340 comes as a solid addition to the already comprehensive product line at Carenado. This aircraft serves as the perfect addition to anyone who enjoys a challenge whilst flying short distances. For a price of $44.95 from the Carenado store, this aircraft
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Reality Expansion Pack for Carenado Centurion 210 II Released

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The Carenado Centurion 210 II was released for X-Plane just a few days ago, but Simcoders, the team behind the Reality Expansion Packs, has released an add-on to the aircraft bringing even more realism and immersion into the product.

For those that don’t know, the Reality Expansion Packs build on the current world of X-Plane and include specific features to improve the way you interact with the aircraft and the world around you. Some of these changes include more accurate engine modelling, more realistic aircraft handling, panel state saving and much more. It also comes packed with additional information screens such as weight and balance, fuel and checklists to improve your interaction with the aircraft pre-flight.

Some of the other features that caught my attention is the inclusion of accurate landing gear damage during hard landings, a complex damage system which is triggered by pilot actions and also the fact that hypoxia is simulated.

You must own the Carenado Centurion 210 II for X-Plane already to use the Reality Expansion Pack. You can buy the Simcoders Reality Expansion Pack from the Org store for $19.99. If you don’t own the Carenado plane, then you can pick that up for $29.95.

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Carenado CT210M Centurion II For X-Plane 11 Released

Carenado has announced on their Facebook page that their CT210M Centurion II has been released for X-Plane 11! Features include specially designed flight dynamics for X-Plane 11, ground physics adapted for X-Plane 11, PBR materials and textures throughout,  support for RealityXP's GTN750, and more. The aircraft is listed at Carenado's store for a price of $29.99 and is compatible with
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Carenado M20R Ovation for X-Plane 11 Released

Carenado has recently released their M20R Ovation for X-Plane 11. Features include custom sounds, RealityXP GTN750 compatibility, GoodWay compatibility volumetric side view prop effect and more. This aircraft can be yours from Carenado's store for a price of $32.95 and is compatible with X-Plane 11 only. Features Custom sounds (FMOD) Full Xplane 11 compatible RealityXP GTN750 compatible. GoodWay Compatible Superb
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Carenado Fokker 50 Updated

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After their recent release of the Fokker 50, Carenado has updated the product to version 1.1. This update brings a number of fixes and tweaks including an improved IAS algorithm, improved GTN installation, graphics adjustments in the avionics and more. A full changelog can be found below. Version 1.1 can be downloaded from Carenado's website and it is recommended that
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