Carenado Release the C340 II for X-Plane 11

Carenado C340 Ii (4)

Known to release aircraft at a speedy rate, Carenado are back with yet another release. The Cessna C340 II, a business twin piston engine aircraft, is capable of travelling medium distances and reach a maximum altitude of 29,000ft. It’s relatively popular with over 1,300 built since it was introduced back in the 1970s.

Carenado has taken on the task of bringing it to X-Plane and brought with it a wealth of features for the community. They have designed the aircraft to take advantage of the X-Plane engine including PBR on the material surfaces, ground handling and flight handling based on the X-Plane 11 standards and high frame rates.

The aircraft comes complete with 4HD liveries, normal and emergencey procedure manuals and detailed PDF documents highlighting the fuel systems and a quick reference table.

You can buy it now from Carenado for $32.95.

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Carenado Release New S360 Previews

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Carenado has posted a couple of screenshots over on their Facebook page of their upcoming S360. If they follow the pattern of their recent releases, the textures on this new aircraft will be 4K giving you a great deal of immersion both inside and out of the aircraft. This product will include at least four outstanding liveries. It’s clear that
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Carenado Previews Short 360

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In a recent post on their facebook page, Carenado treated us to more preview screenshots of their upcoming Short 360 aircraft for FSX/P3D. The aircraft was made by the British Manufacturer 'Short Brothers' in the 1980s and saw 165 models built, with 6 models of the S360 available. The previews come after 7 months of silence about the project after
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Carenado Releases D18S

Carenado has just released their Beechcraft D18S product, which is a rendition of the 8-seater post-WW2 variant of the Beechcraft Model 18 aircraft. The aircraft has been released with all the trinkets we have come to expect from Carenado: 8 HD Liveries Emergency and Normal procedures PDF Performance tables and Reference PDF 4k Textures Original autopilot Real D18S sounds Configuration
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Test Drive | 690B Carenado TURBO COMMANDER | Xplane 11 (FYC)

Join Aus Flight Simmer as we Test Drive Carenado 690B TURBO COMMANDER for Xplane 11 and put it through its paces around Orbx Broome.

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Carenado Release 690B Turbo Commander For X-Plane 11

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Carenado has released yet another P3D conversion to X-Plane 11, this time it is the 690B Turbo Commander, which was previewed just a week prior. This product covers the 690B Turbo Commander - A small, twin-engine G/A Aircraft with retractable gear, and Carenado's rendition of the craft has an extensive feature list: Specially designed engine dynamics for X-Plane 11 Flight
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Carenado Preview Dassault Falcon 50

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Carenado, probably one of the most active developers as of late, have just previewed their latest work-in-progress product: A Dassault Falcon 50. They posted 18 screenshots on their Facebook page with a caption explaining that it will be FSX/P3D on release (Carenado have been known to port over to X-Plane within a few months of release, however). Carenado have not announced
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Carenado F33A Bonanza Released For X-Plane 11

Carenado has released the latest of their X-Plane aircraft portfolio, the Beechcraft F33A Bonanza, for X-Plane 11. This single-prop aircraft began production in 1970, and was built right up until 1994 with 821 examples being built in this time, making it the most popular of the three F33 models available. Up front, it was powered by a 285hp flat-six, fuel injected Continental
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