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Captain Sim

Captain Sim Updates 757 Captain III


Captain Sim has issued an update for their popular Boeing 757 Captain III. Version 1.7 fixes a small number of issues with the aircraft, such as the VNAV descent result in a speed drop or an autopilot warning during landing. The update is available right now through your Captain Sim account.


  • C2 shedding: the PRESS light should be illuminated when no engines are on once all 4 ELEC pumps are on.
  • Flaps inop as soon as the engines are OFF.
  • ALTN Flaps elec motor doesn’t work.
  • It would be great so see the control columns move when on autopilot.
  • VNAV descent above FL100 always results in speed dropping over 15 knots from commanded speed and THRUST REQUIRED message.
  • Attempting to disconnect Auto Throttle during cruise using the thrust lever button. Autothrottle remains engaged, and SPD mode re-annunciates on the FMA.
  • Autopilot warning and yellow line through GS FMA in last 20 feet of landing.


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Captain Sim Updates 757 Captain III to v1.6

Captain Sim 757 300 (7)
Captain Sim has released a new update for its 757 Captain III for Prepar3D. Version 1.6 of the aircraft adds Prepar3D v5 support, new glass rain effects, a range of fixes and much more. This is the first update to the aircraft since December 2019. Posted over on the update history/changelog, Captain Sim has shared an extensive list of changes
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Captain Sim 767 Captain II Now Version 1.0

767 Captain II 767 300ER Base Pack Prepar3D V4.5
Developer Captain Sim has today announced that the 767 Captain II is no longer in early access and has reached full release status. Version 1.0 of the aircraft brings with it a large number of fixes and changes, as well as some new features including wing-flex. The changelog below from Captain Sim seems to be a mix of customer comments,
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Captain Sim Adding Wing flex to 767 Captain II v1.0

Captain Sim 767 300 Base Pack (2)
When Captain Sim brings the 767 Captain II out of early-access into a full version, they will be adding wing and engine flex to the product. It was confirmed earlier in a short video demonstrating the new addition.   Further details about what features will come to the product for the version 1.0 release are not yet clear, but we
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Captain Sim Updates 767 Captain II to Version 0.99

2020 5 22 11 19 2 565
Captain Sim has released a brand new update for their 767 Captain II. The new version, version 0.99, adds a few new features, along with numerous fixes which have been reported by the community. The new additions with version 0.99 include support for Prepar3D v5 DirectX 12 support for Captain Sim's GlaCS rain effect, new yoke checklist animations and also
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Captain Sim 767 Captain II Updated to v0.97

2020 5 22 11 19 2 565

Captain Sim has updated its 767 Captain II to version 0.97, which addresses numerous problems reported by the community. This latest version was released earlier today and includes over 15 fixes and additions over the previous version of the early-access aircraft product.

Listed in the changelog, is only a single new feature compared to the previous version. This new feature is the fact that the throttle quadrant box has been remade from scratch. As for fixes, users can expect to find improvements for the VNAV descent, fixes to the lighting effects on both P3Dv4 and v5, as well as a minor fix to how the VREF speeds are added to the FMC on the approach page. The full list of changes is down below.

To update your Captain Sim 767 Captain II, you will need to download the installer, run it and then select to update/change the product from the installation process. You may need to reinstall your liveries again.

You can buy the early-access aircraft product from the Captain Sim store for $99.76. It includes the 767-300ER aircraft.

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Captain Sim Updates 767 Captain II to Version 0.96

2020 5 22 11 19 2 565
Captain Sim has pushed a new update for their Boeing 767-300ER which contains a few changes and fixes to the aircraft. The update also includes support for Prepar3D V5. A new installer has been added to accomplish the task of installing the 767II into P3Dv5. Included in this, is new PBR textures, and light effects for P3Dv5. A handful of
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Captain Sim Updates 767 Captain II to Version 0.95

A week has since passed since Captain Sim last updated their Boeing 767 Captain II Base Product for Prepar3D v4. This new update brings it to version 0.95 and brings a couple of new features and a range of bug fixes and improvements. The new features include a much-requested feature from the community. That feature is the ability to easily
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Captain Sim Updates 767 Captain II to v0.94

Captain Sim 767 300 Base Pack (7)
The Captain Sim team has released version 0.94 for their 767 Captain II Base Package. The aircraft which was released recently on Prepar3D v4 has been updated inline with various fixes and changes. Do note that the aircraft is still considered an early-release product. This update includes new features such as the outboard high-speed aileron and spoilers now having lockout
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Captain Sim Announces 767 Expansion Plans, Confirms MSFS Plans

95402148 3489172951098471 7734007292772745216 O
Update 30-April-2020 @ 1945z: Captain Sim has edited their original Facebook post removing all of the information regarding the expansion packs. Here is the screenshot from the original post. == Original Article 30th April 2020 @ 17:05z == A few days ago, Captain Sim released their 767 Captain II add-on for Prepar3D v4.5 as an early-access product. Since then, the team
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