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Captain Sim 757 1.1 Update Progress

Captain Sim 757 Iii P3dv4 38

Captain Sim is working on a big update for their Boeing 757. Over on their forum they have given us a lot more insight in what to exactly expect for this upcoming 1.1 update. They are looking at fixing some bugs and issues that have been reported, as well as working to implementing some brand new features that have been in high request. At least one of the most notable features they are looking in to including in the 1.1 update is the management of cockpit states. There will also be a brand new ACE tool and a new 4 door configuration for the aircraft. You can find the full changelog at the end of this post.

Want to know what we thought of the Captain Sim 757? We recently published our review on this aircraft, which you can read here.

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Captain Sim 757 III: The FSElite Review

757 Review P3dv4 Fselite
The Boeing 757: an iconic aircraft for many different reasons. Designed for both short and medium haul flights, while remaining perfectly capable of crossing the Atlantic, there just isn’t anything else quite like this beautiful narrow-body twin-engine jet. With a limited amount of planes built compared to other Boeings, and only a handful of operators still using it, the plane
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Captain Sim 757 Captain III Hotfix 1 Released

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The release of the Captain Sim 757 Captain III was eagerly anticipated by many upon release earlier this year and has since been the primary aircraft for many. However some users reported a couple of issues that prevented them from fully enjoying it. Over the past few weeks, the Captain Sim team has been works on a new update to
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[UPDATE] Captain Sim 757 Captain III Released for P3D v4

Update 02 Jan 18 @ 21:45z: Captain Sim has clarified that the release of the 757 Captain III is version 1. This is not a beta product. As clarified in this forum post, despite the Facebook poll asking if people would buy a beta, this is not the same build. Beta 4 was released to an in-house team to test. After that, version 0.9 was tested by the team. Version 1 is the first version to be available to the public.

They’re aware of some the bugs reported and are working on some fixes to resolve them.

Original article:

Although only announced a few short weeks back, the team at Captainsim has released their anticipated 757 Captain III. The narrow-body airline from Boeing has proven to be a versatile aircraft with both power and range. The 757 is something sorely missed from the current catalogue of aircraft so to have it available in a modern era is most welcome.

As previously announced, the first member of the 757 family joining the pack will be the 757-2PW. Described as a ‘highly detailed and accurate digital replica’ of the Boeing 757-200 with PW2037 and PW2040 engines. It will feature a fully functional flight deck with advance systems, custom night lighting and ‘top-notch’ exterior modelling with 3D windows. There’s also high resolution textures, authentic sound sets, a repaint kit and all-new customer night lighting.

At this stage in time only one variant of the 757 is available however more are set to come. This will include the -200F and the -300 with both engine types.

You can buy the Captain Sim 757 Captain III direct from the Captain Sim website for $75.70; a steep price however hopefully it will show its value in the time to come. It is compatible with at this stage  P3DV4.

Will you be buying it? Let us know in the comments below.

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[Flightsimguy] Flight Simulation’s Most Popular Approaches: Kai Tak Heart Attack Feat CS 767 (FYC)

FSX Boxed Flight Simulations Most Popular Approaches Kai Tak Heart Attack Feat CS 767
This time around, I'm doing a series on the most popular Flight Sim approaches. First up, is the now defunct Hong Kong International Airport most commonly known as Kai Tak. The approach is called the Kai Tak Heart Attack for good reason. It takes some practice to master, and requires a beefy rig to prevent it from looking like a
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