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Captain Sim 757 Captain III Hotfix 1 Released

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The release of the Captain Sim 757 Captain III was eagerly anticipated by many upon release earlier this year and has since been the primary aircraft for many. However some users reported a couple of issues that prevented them from fully enjoying it. Over the past few weeks, the Captain Sim team has been works on a new update to overcome these bugs.

In the mean time, they have released a small hotfix addressing some key issues. Some of those things fixed include an improved engine spool up sequence, CTD issues, target Machine and actual Mach discrepancy issues and some improvements to the night lighting on the overhead panel.

To download and install, first make sure that P3DV4 isn’t running and then download the update. Double clicking on the software file download will then install version 1.001. No need to uninstall.

The full change is down below.

– The engines startup spool up is improved.
– CTD at FMC STAR execution is fixed.
– The F/D TO mode pitch bar nose up position is fixed.
– ADI displays readability is improved.
– FMC target Mach and actual Mach discrepancy is addressed.
– P3D4 flight plan .pln files loading into FMC is fixed.
– Battery discharge while on APU GEN is fixed.
– The EICAS displays minor fixes.
– Night lighting of the overhead lights switches is improved.

And here’s the download link: csy572_1001.exe file

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[Flightsimguy] Flight Simulation’s Most Popular Approaches: Kai Tak Heart Attack Feat CS 767 (FYC)

This time around, I’m doing a series on the most popular Flight Sim approaches. First up, is the now defunct Hong Kong International Airport most commonly known as Kai Tak.

The approach is called the Kai Tak Heart Attack for good reason. It takes some practice to master, and requires a beefy rig to prevent it from looking like a slide show, but for my first time, I can’t complain.

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My setup is as follows:

Weather provided by: Active Sky Next 2016:
Screen Recorder: OBS Studio:
Kai Tak Scenery:
Captain Sim 767:

Hope you enjoy.

Posted as part of the FSElite Featured YouTube Community project.

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Captain Sim Boeing 737 P3D V4 Compatibility

X732 4
Captain Sim are happy to announce that they have updated their Boeing 737 to P3D v4 64bit compatability. CS Boeing 737 contains the 737-200 (Base Pack), then you have the expansion packs being the 737-100, 737-200ADV and 737-200C/F that you can buy individually, all updated to work smoothly in P3D v4. For those who are unsure whether to buy it
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Captain Sim Sale happening soon!

Captain Sim announced on facebook it is having it's traditional sale on January 11 from 0000z until 2359. All products will be $9.99 and then will return to full price at 23:59. If you're looking to try out a Captain Sim product, want to add an expansion to an existing product, or upgrade to a P3D version, now is the
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