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Captain Sim Releases 737 Classic for P3D

CAPTAIN SIM 737 P3d (9)

Important Update 01-Apr-21: Since publication, Tom from our team pointed out to us that CaptainSim has very limited plans to actually make the EICAS retrofit promised on their product page.

To quote the actual post from Markoz on the Captain Sim team: “I’m not so sure that the EICAS retrofit will happen any time soon, if at all! So good luck with the waiting.” This is in response to a question from another user who asked about the EICAS retrofit.


This information contradicts the product page which clearly states that the EICAS option will come in the future.


== Original Article ==

We shared the news a few weeks back that Captain Sim was working on a 737 Classic series for Prepar3D and today, it has been made available to buy under the “early access” banner. The first in the collection is the 737-300 BASE PACK and features a highly detailed and accurate digital replica of the classic jet from Boeing.

The newly release aircraft features a range of functionality including a working FMC complete with LNAV and VNAV autopilot, a working weather radar and also a EGPWS. In addition, the aircraft has cockpit states, a payload manager and rain effects using Captain Sim’s very own GlaCS technology. In the future, via a service pack, a retrofit EICAS option will also come.

For the outside, Captain Sim has modelled the 737-300 in rich detail with the CFM56-3B engines and also enables simmers to customise various equipment items such as winglets, antennas and so forth. There is also a virtual cabin with complete 3D windows, interior and animated pilots and cabin crew. Captain Sim has also included various animations and volumetric lighting. Other features include an authentic TSS sound set, aircraft configuration tool and various manuals ready for you to dig into.

The Captain Sim 737-300 BASE PACK is compatible with both Prepar3D v4 and v5 and is available now through their web store for $59.37 USD. As mentioned, the “early access” banner is on the product, so remember that when making a purchase. According to another page on the Captain Sim site, there are plans for a 737-400, -500 and freighter expansion pack, but no information is currently available for those products as of yet.

Thanks to Raz for the heads up.


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Rumour: Captain Sim 737 Classic in Development for P3D

Chrome 2021 03 17 12 13 09
It is looking likely that Captain Sim is currently developing a 737 Classic series for Prepar3D v4 and Prepar3D v5. A brand new product page has been discovered on the Captain Sim website which indicates that they are bringing the 737-300 BASE Pack for the simulator. The store page indicates various features if this is indeed happening. On the product
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Captain Sim Updates 757 Captain III

Captain Sim has issued an update for their popular Boeing 757 Captain III. Version 1.7 fixes a small number of issues with the aircraft, such as the VNAV descent result in a speed drop or an autopilot warning during landing. The update is available right now through your Captain Sim account. Changelog C2 shedding: the PRESS light should be illuminated
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Captain Sim Updates 757 Captain III to v1.6

Captain Sim 757 300 (7)
Captain Sim has released a new update for its 757 Captain III for Prepar3D. Version 1.6 of the aircraft adds Prepar3D v5 support, new glass rain effects, a range of fixes and much more. This is the first update to the aircraft since December 2019. Posted over on the update history/changelog, Captain Sim has shared an extensive list of changes
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Captain Sim 767 Captain II Now Version 1.0

767 Captain II 767 300ER Base Pack Prepar3D V4.5
Developer Captain Sim has today announced that the 767 Captain II is no longer in early access and has reached full release status. Version 1.0 of the aircraft brings with it a large number of fixes and changes, as well as some new features including wing-flex. The changelog below from Captain Sim seems to be a mix of customer comments,
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Captain Sim Adding Wing flex to 767 Captain II v1.0

Captain Sim 767 300 Base Pack (2)

When Captain Sim brings the 767 Captain II out of early-access into a full version, they will be adding wing and engine flex to the product. It was confirmed earlier in a short video demonstrating the new addition.


Further details about what features will come to the product for the version 1.0 release are not yet clear, but we will keep an eye on details.

For now, you can see more details about the release in our previous article, or pick up your copy from their website for $99.76 (remember, this is still an early-access release).

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Captain Sim Updates 767 Captain II to Version 0.99

2020 5 22 11 19 2 565
Captain Sim has released a brand new update for their 767 Captain II. The new version, version 0.99, adds a few new features, along with numerous fixes which have been reported by the community. The new additions with version 0.99 include support for Prepar3D v5 DirectX 12 support for Captain Sim's GlaCS rain effect, new yoke checklist animations and also
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Captain Sim 767 Captain II Updated to v0.97

2020 5 22 11 19 2 565
Captain Sim has updated its 767 Captain II to version 0.97, which addresses numerous problems reported by the community. This latest version was released earlier today and includes over 15 fixes and additions over the previous version of the early-access aircraft product. Listed in the changelog, is only a single new feature compared to the previous version. This new feature
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Captain Sim Updates 767 Captain II to Version 0.96

2020 5 22 11 19 2 565
Captain Sim has pushed a new update for their Boeing 767-300ER which contains a few changes and fixes to the aircraft. The update also includes support for Prepar3D V5. A new installer has been added to accomplish the task of installing the 767II into P3Dv5. Included in this, is new PBR textures, and light effects for P3Dv5. A handful of
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Captain Sim Updates 767 Captain II to Version 0.95

A week has since passed since Captain Sim last updated their Boeing 767 Captain II Base Product for Prepar3D v4. This new update brings it to version 0.95 and brings a couple of new features and a range of bug fixes and improvements. The new features include a much-requested feature from the community. That feature is the ability to easily
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