FSimStudios Development Update


Whilst real-world aviation is suffering, the simulator community is blooming. After the announcement of two new airports for P3Dv4, FSimStudios has stated in a Facebook post that they are in collaboration with Canada4XPlane to bring three of their Canadian products to the X-Plane 11 platform. That being Kelowna Edmonton and Vancouver. These airports will be released by Canada4XPlane. These sceneries are being completely rebuilt from the ground up especially for X-Plane 11. Kelowna (CYLW) Is scheduled to release for XP11 within the first week of June, followed by Edmonton and Vancouver.

Speaking of Vancouver, progress is moving quickly and FSimStudios are quite a ways into the development. Plans for release is expected in the month of July for both P3Dv4 and v5.

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Canada4XPlane Announces Vancouver

Over the weekend on the X-Plane forums, Canada4XPlane announced the development of Vancouver International Airport for X-Plane 11. Vancouver International Airport is 7.5 miles from downtown Vancouver and is the second busiest airport in Canada. In 2018, Vancouver served over 25.9 million passengers and was a hub for Air Canada, Air Canada Express, Pacific Coastal Airlines, and WestJet. Vancouver hosts
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Canada4XPlane Releases Quebec City Jean Lesage International (CYQB)

1629457587 1(3).png.9ca6ec3b106444545fed83e136948715
Scenery developer Canada4XPlane has released CYQB Quebec City Jean Lesage International airport for X-Plane 11. The airport itself is located in the city of Quebec 6 miles southwest of the city itself. Whilst not the larget in airports, Jean Lesage International airport sees over 300 flights per week to destinations such as Calgary, Philadelphia and many more including Europe and the Caribbean. The
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Canada4XPlane Previews Quebec City Jean Lesage Airport

876747558 1(1).png.9088e9f7e3584da0432b8ff1650378bd
Canada4XPlane has previewed on the X-Plane forums their rendition of the Quebec City International Airport for X-Plane 11. The previews show general overviews of the airport and surrroundings and texture and modelling details of the airport. The scenery is a representation of the airport only, since there is already a freeware Quebec scenery that includes Quebec City for X-Plane (available
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Canada4XPlane Edmonton Released

1888566107 CYEG(20).png.60246c03ea2d0dc15668c282a855a314
On the X-plane forums, freeware scenery developer Canada4XPlane released Edmonton, the "Gateway to Canada's North", for X-Plane 10 and 11. Edmonton is the capital city of the Canadian province Alberta. In 2018 Edmonton airport hosted 8.3 million passengers travelling to one of their 55 destinations. Edmonton has been reconstructed with attention to detail including over 100+ custom buildings, buildings in downtown
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