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Business Jet

Carenado Announces Dassault Falcon 50 for X-Plane

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Developer Carenado has announced over on their Facebook page that their next project for X-Plane will be the French executive jet, the Dassault Falcon 50.

Carenado has previously released the executive jet for P3D, Carenado is now in the process of porting the aircraft over to X-Plane.

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Torquesim Announces Cessna Citation C525 for X-Plane

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Torquesim has announced that their next project will be the Cessna Citation C525 for X-Plane 11. The six-seat business jet first flew in 1991 in Witchita, Kansas. Cessna went on to sell over 2,000 of the type. The C525 has four variants, the latest of which is the model 525C. The model C carries up to ten passengers at a top
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Eaglesoft Flight Simulation Preview Challenger 605

Eaglesoft Flight Simulation Challenger 605 (1)
On Facebook, developer Eaglesoft Flight Simulation has previewed new external shots of their upcoming Bombardier Challenger 605. The business jet can fit up to 19 people and is fitted out with modern avionics and other tools to help the pilot during the flight. From the Facebook page. The previews from the team demonstrate the external modelling and the detail the team
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Carenado Previews S550 Citation II For X-Plane

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In a recent Facebook post, Carenado announced the imminent release of their S550 for X-Plane 11. The S550 Citation II from Carenado has been a product for FSX/P3D for quite some time, now and depicts Cessna's 10-seater, 2,000nmi range business jet. Whilst Carenado have not confirmed any specific features, the screenshots seem to demonstrate 4k textures with PBR throughout and the inclusion
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