Bush Flying

REMEX Demonstrates Deadstick Damage Model

Deadstick Pre-Release Image

In their usual Friday ‘something day’ announcement, REMEX Studio has shown early footage of the damage model of their upcoming title¬†Deadstick – Bush Flight Simulator.

In the video, a placeholder character model appears to cause damage to the fictional Deadstick aircraft. It can be seen on Deadstick’s twitter here. Or below.

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Thranda Design Releases Quest Kodiak v2.0 with G1000 for X-Plane

Quest Kodiak LR G1000 2019 11 19 17.33.03
Aircraft developer Thranda Design has released their Quest Kodiak 2.0 equipped with G1000 suite for X-Plane 11. The Quest Kodiak is a high wing, single-engine turboprop aircraft capable of landing in short, uneven runways which makes this aircraft perfect for bush flying. The aircraft is able to carry 10 passengers and cargo over distances greater than 1000nm at a service
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PropStrike Studio Releases Quatam River For X-Plane 11

Quatam20 2048x
PropStrike Studio, a developer of high quality sceneries for X-Plane 11, has released Quatam River Airport. Located in the mountains of British Columbia, the Quatam River Airport is located just meters from its namesake on the fjords of the Quatam River. A hub for forest workers brought in to clear the valley, the 35-year-old airport features a 762-metre long dirt
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