Just Flight 747 Classic Previews

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Just Flight has been showing off some new in-development screenshots of their highly anticipated 747 Classic. Though the team wasn’t quite ready to share with us when this magnificent plane will release, they did assure that it’s high on their priority list in 2020. They also shared that an X-Plane version of this plane is ‘very much part of the plan, going forward’. But for now we’ll need to do with some screenshots of this 747 featuring the 100, 200 and 200F models.

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New Cockpit Previews of PILOT’S Boeing Clipper B314

B314 Clipper VC 17 Dec 2019 01
PILOT'S has shared with us a range of new images for their upcoming Boeing Clipper B314. The all-new previews highlight the virtual cockpit, including many small details such as radio stacks, scratch and dirt marks and much more. The first Clipper was built in 1938 and began service with PanAm that same year. PanAm operated 9 of the 12 Clippers
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AOA Simulations Announces V-22 Osprey Update

The AOA Simulations team has announced a big update for their V-22 Osprey. The new update under development on X-Plane 11 includes all-new FMOD sounds, improvements to the cockpit and instruments and more. The new improvements to the cockpit will include improved reflections, a working autopilot and many other bug fixes. This new version will be v1.7. Whilst no concrete
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FlightFactor Shares More Previews of the Boeing C-32

Over on Twitter, FlightFactor posted more previews showcasing the interior of the Boeing C-32. The Boeing C-32 is planned as a free expansion for their popular Boeing 757 package available for X-Plane. There are only a handful of Boeing C-32 aircraft in operation, all of which are flown by the United States Air Force. As shown by the pictures, the
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QualityWings Ultimate 787 Hotfix 1.2.1

Qualitywings Simulations 787 10 (1)
QualityWings has released a hotfix for their Ultimate 787 Collection. The hotfix follows on the Service Pack 2 update, which was released just a few days ago, and brought us the long awaited Boeing 787-10. The hotfix comes with a few fixes for some issues, such as a fix for the 'flaps 20 take-off flap- and gear config warnings', some
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FlightFactor Previews Boeing C-32

Ff 757 Update

FlightFactor has shared some new 3D renders on their Twitter page of an upcoming expansion to their popular Boeing 757 package. The renders show the interior of the Boeing C-32, complete with luxurious chairs, folding tables and even a work table that seems to feature some equipment (phone, headsets). The team stated that the C-32 won’t be pay-ware.

Boeing has only built a limited number of C-32 planes, which are all in use by the United States Air Force. The aircraft is often used to transport high ranking United States government members, as well as the First Lady of the United States.

The announcement by FlightFactor on Twitter was met with mixed reactions. Though the developer stated that this C-32 was being developed due to customer demand, some commenters would have rather seen the developer focus on other projects, such as the Boeing 777 and the Airbus A350.

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AOA T-X Cockpit Previews

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AOA Simulations has been providing us with a steady stream of previews of their upcoming Boeing/Saab T-X. This time, AOA wants to share some more of the cockpit with us, which is shaping up nicely with high quality modelling and textures. Though the textures aren't finished yet, according to the post, the first PBR textures have been applied and are
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AOA Simulations Boeing/Saab T-X Previews

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Over on Facebook, AOA Simulations shared a few more previews of their upcoming Boeing/Saab T-X. According to the description with the previews, the team has been trying out the famous Mach Loop in their plane. The previews also show the airplane's exterior in a more finished state than last time, with PBR textures and an entire arrangement of weaponry. The
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SSG Releases Boeing 747-8 Version 1.9.2

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Supercritical Simulations Group, or SSG, as we know them, has announced the released of version 1.9.2 of their Boeing 747-8. With the new release out of the way, development of their Boeing 747-8 Version 2 for X-Plane will become their primary focus. The announcement also sheds a bit of light on the history of SSG, and how the group got
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AOA Simulations Announces Boeing/Saab T-X Advanced Jet Trainer for X-Plane 11

AOA Simulations Boeing Saab T X Advanced Jet Trainer (5)
In a very short Facebook post, AOA Simulations formally announced that they are developing the Boeing/Saab T-X Advanced Jet Training for X-Plane 11. The post follows on from their brief development post from the previous day. In their brief statement regarding their other projects, they said that the RV-8 is current in beta testing and various bugs have been fixed. Very
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