Captain Sim 757 III: The FSElite Review

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The Boeing 757: an iconic aircraft for many different reasons. Designed for both short and medium haul flights, while remaining perfectly capable of crossing the Atlantic, there just isn’t anything else quite like this beautiful narrow-body twin-engine jet. With a limited amount of planes built compared to other Boeings, and only a handful of operators still using it, the plane has well-deserved its iconic status.

You can imagine how happy we were when Captain Sim announced that they were working on an update to their 757. With all the aircraft we have for our sims, it seems like this one just never quite got the love it deserved. And what was there just didn’t hold up anymore in today’s age of 64 bit simulation.

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TFDi 717 Community Update Released

Today the TFDi team has released a Community Update for their 717. It's available by opening your Addon Manager. You'll get a notification once you do that and then just follow the on screen procedure. If you don't get an update notification then you have to join the Community Beta on their site. The amount of things updated for this aircraft
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New 787 Shots Appear on QualityWings Website

787 1
Update: We've noticed a few new things added the to feature list we figured you would find interesting. Specifically, some features QualityWings told us about during Flight Sim Con 2017. This includes the QualityWings JumpAhead feature and the ApproachConfig. The 'JumpAhead' element will allow you to literally jump to a waypoint ahead on your flight plan. This will then sync up
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Captain Sim Boeing 737 P3D V4 Compatibility

X732 4
Captain Sim are happy to announce that they have updated their Boeing 737 to P3D v4 64bit compatability. CS Boeing 737 contains the 737-200 (Base Pack), then you have the expansion packs being the 737-100, 737-200ADV and 737-200C/F that you can buy individually, all updated to work smoothly in P3D v4. For those who are unsure whether to buy it
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Developer Month: FlightFactor – The Best X-Plane Airliners?

FlightFactor Template

The month of March is special for the team at FSElite, we are dedicating this month to the developers! A way of saying thanks for all the continuous development of products that really make flight simulation a truly unique and captivating experience. This article covers one of the most popular developers for X-Plane, a sim not heavily focused on here, but that’s about to change.


The Team

To the P3D/FSX community, FlightFactor might be a little shy of the limelight, but in X-Plane, they are the best in Airline simulation.

FlightFactor Aero is a team of experienced designers from across the world. It all began in 2011 when Roman, or “Ramzzess” as he is better known by in the community, and Phillip teamed up to create FlightFactor. Roman is best known for the stunning 3D modelling presented in the FlightFactor aircraft, utilizing the SASL engine to create stunning visuals and effects that bring the aircraft to life. Phillip on the other hand is better known for meticulously crafting the plugins and avionics and ultimately detailing the systems to address the hardcore sim enthusiasts.

Together, the team has over 15 years of experience creating models for X-Plane and will remain to continue creating high quality planes for X-Plane.


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CaptainSim 777 Service Pack 1.8 released

CaptainSim have released version 1.8 for their Boeing 777 package. This update contains all previous updates. A lot of updates are included in this package (changelog down below). One of the most notable features is support for the CaptainSim 777 Wireless CDU app. This is a brand new app, available for both iOS and Android, that will allow you to get a
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TFDi announce Community Beta

A lot of news over from the guys at TFDi design on their recently released Boeing 717. In a post on their blog they announce that they are working on a new update for this product. This update, named, will bring introduce many requested features such as pop-up 2D displays and panels and the ability to hide the yoke. This
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FlightFactor 757 v2 released!

FlightFactor have released a much anticipated update to their Boeing 757! Version 2 of this narrow body airliner has gone live and is available for $64.95 from the X-Plane store. It includes new 3d models, new systems, a new interface and much more. The 757 features an accurate flight model, has completely functional systems like the FMS and EFIS, an interactive cockpit,
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JustFlight Announces 787 Jetliner F-Lite

no thumb
JustFlight have announced that they will be developing the 787 Jetliner to join their series of F-Lite products. The 787 Jetliner is currently in development and already shows signs of good progress in the video above. Of course, we're still waiting for QualityWing's 787 to come out, so maybe this will be a good tie over until that is released.
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