PMDG Status Update


DC-6 Update

PMDG has shared a new status update about their ongoing efforts with Microsoft Flight Simulator and a few other things. First off, there is a very small update for PMDG’s DC-6 for MSFS. The update fixes a few issues that have been found with the plane, that PMDG did not want to delay amidst general MSFS updates and changes. Other changes that the company has been working on are related to get the plane in a state where they feel it’s ready enough to go to the MSFS Marketplace. The full changelog (however small it is) of the DC-6 update can be found at the end of this post.

MSFS, DC-6 and 737NG3

The team has also been working on general MSFS platform changes, which of course affect the DC-6 but also the 737NG3. The recent Sim Update 5 changed some core mechanics of the sim that also affected PMDG’s planes, and the team has had to shift their focus a bit to make the DC-6 work, causing some delays on the 737NG3 side. The process of fixing, according to Robert Randazzo’s post, has been a bit slow due to the holiday season and slowed responses from Asobo. Furthermore, some of the changes on the sim have been challenged, leaving the question whether or not these things might change again in the future. However, the outlook for the 737NG3 is still good and if everything goes according to plan, Randazzo remains confident that they can start previewing the plane during this month.


The team has not only been working on their MSFS efforts. Development on the Prepar3D side of things has been going on steadily. PMDG has been working on a new LNAV module for the 747 for a while now, and beta testers will receive another update later during the week. The new module is a significant update over the “legacy LNAV model”, and once ready will be rolled out as a micro-update. However, the timeline for that is not quite clear yet.

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Captain Sim Releases Boeing 737-500 Classic Expansion

Y375 08
Captain Sim has released the Boeing 737-500 expansion for their 737 Classic Base Pack. The 737-500, despite the name, was the smallest of the Boeing 737 Classic planes. It has the lowest dimensions and was intended as a replacement of the Boeing 737-200. The expansion pack does not come with any additional features, other than an updated plane model. The
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Next Level Racing Announces Boeing Co-Branded Cockpit Product

NLR X Boeing PR Image V2
Next Level Racing, which most recently released the Flight Simulator Lite, has announced a brand new venture with aerospace company, Boeing. The new co-branding partnership will see the release of new cockpit products for fans around the world starting this year. "We are excited and proud of our new global collaboration with Boeing." Kam Khadem, Head of Brand and Strategic Growth
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PILOT’S Releases Boeing Clipper Basic Version

2021 1 19 10 26 17 714a
The Boeing Clipper by PILOT'S was originally released back in January as a 'study-level' experience for the flying boat. However, PILOT'S has now released a new 'Basic Version' that replicates the aircraft but without some of the complexities of operating the aircraft. In the press release, the team said that the Basic Version allows "the novice to startup and fly the
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Captain Sim Releases 737 Classic for P3D

CAPTAIN SIM 737 P3d (9)
Important Update 01-Apr-21: Since publication, Tom from our team pointed out to us that CaptainSim has very limited plans to actually make the EICAS retrofit promised on their product page. To quote the actual post from Markoz on the Captain Sim team: "I'm not so sure that the EICAS retrofit will happen any time soon, if at all! So good luck with
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PMDG Updates Boeing 777 Product Line

PMDG 777 PBR (3)

A few days ago, PMDG has issued an update for their Boeing 777 product line. The update, according to Robert Randazzo, is focussed on improving the ‘quality-of-flight’. This includes updates to the pitch control mode of the C*U mode of fly-by-wire, as well as improvements to accelerations at high AOA/ANU whilst the aircraft was rolling on the main landing gear. The update also brings some other changes and improvements, that can be found in the changelog below, and touch many different aspects of the plane.

The update can be acquired through the PMDG Operations Center. Robert warns that after the update, you might need to go through the livery repair process in the Ops Center. Furthermore, we noticed that several liveries have disappeared from the Ops Center, so you might want to back these up first. This apparently has to do with some liveries being Global Flight Ops exclusive and previously being made available ‘by accident‘.


  • 0009518: [General – Ground Operations] Ground Objects – Simulation Options Stairs selection wrong (hvanrensburg)
  • 0009533: [General – Flight Model] Engine Failure and Rudder useage causes stagnated or decreasing speed on take off (emvaos)
  • 0009536: [General – Flight Model] Aircraft experiences acceleration while on ground with AOA greater than 2.8 or ANU appx 5.2deg. (rsrandazzo)
  • 0009579: [EFB – Performance and Computational] Copy FMC OAT may lead to OAT being 1°C less than actual OAT (emvaos)
  • 0009567: [FMS – Setup/Options Pages] Aircraft Equipment Options – Max Ramp Weight Entry (emvaos)
  • 0009578: [External Model – Geometry] 200ER RR Exhaust cone is not solid (jbrown)
  • 0009360: [Systems – Flight Controls] FBW exhibits pitch instability when aircraft is hand-flown while speed-unstable or trim-balance-unstable. (emvaos)
  • 0009355: [General – Flight Model] FBW pitch behavior unstable when hand-flying approaches. (emvaos)
  • 0009572: [External Model – Geometry] 200ER GE N1 blades are clipping the inner compressor disk (jbrown)
  • 0009565: [General – Unsure] 777-200ER Cabin Lighting texture issue (jbrown)
  • 0009557: [General – Suggested/Missing Features] PVD should be available for landing operation, unlike 747 (rsrandazzo)
  • 0009564: [General – Flight Model] 200ER : Max landing weight and Max Takeoff Weight Options in OPTIONS/EQUIPMENT (emvaos)
  • 0009558: [Systems – Fuel] AUX fuel fails to transfer. (rsrandazzo)
  • 0009549: [General – Flight Model] Ground Effect for 200LR/F and 300ER revisited (emvaos)
  • 0009560: [Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] VC gap near the EFB area on both Captain and F/O sides (vscimone)
  • 0009554: [Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] P3Dv4 Landing Light switches much darker than in previous release (vscimone)
  • 0009555: [EFB – Performance and Computational] EFB Landig performance OAT error message when Anti Ice OFF is selected logic (emvaos)
  • 0009544: [External Model – Geometry] P3Dv5 300ER small gaps at the fuselage at the Cargo hold (jbrown)
  • 0009526: [External Model – Geometry] 300ER TailSkid see through texture and piston length (jbrown)
  • 0009458: [External Model – Geometry] Engine Animation issues with engine shudown on air (jbrown)
  • 0009548: [FMS – Setup/Options Pages] Captain/FO Sync Baro option does not sync the EFIS switch Position (abashkatov)
  • 0009538: [Main Panel – Aural/Visual Warning Systems] Low speed buffet smoothing in turbulence (emvaos)
  • 0009537: [AFDS – Thrust Modes] A/T thrust reduction rate during flare [30′ or below] (emvaos)
  • 0009545: [EFB – Performance and Computational] EFB : Printout rounding provision for limit weights in OPT (emvaos)
  • 0009513: [Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] Small VC gap at captains window, hook area (vscimone)
  • 0009524: [Sounds – External] Specific engine sounds not playing (acholakian)
  • 0009577: [Main Panel – ND] Deceleration markers for speed restricted waypoints should not be shown (emvaos)
  • 0009494: [External Model – Liveries] Request: Add engine type to aircraft thumbnail (psterling)
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PMDG Update Release Details

PMDG 777 PBR (1)
PMDG's Robert Randazzo has made a quick statement on the PMDG forums informing users of the current status of the Boeing 777 update. The first thing he addresses is the release date. Previously, PMDG was aiming for a release date mid-February, somewhere between the 17th and the 24th. However, due to some minor small adjustments that were made, this window
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SSG Annonuces Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental V2.3 Update

146036444 1851056148386597 2004222606268306492 O
Taking to their Facebook page, acclaimed X-Plane developer Supercritical Simulations Group (SSG) announces to fellow customers that the group is in the process of completing its next update for their Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental addon. The update, which brings the product up to version 2.3, has been affirmed to address numerous concerns with the current build, most prominent among which is the
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PILOT’S Releases Boeing B314 Clipper for P3D

4K PILOTS B314 The Clipper Trailer
Piston pounder and flying boat fans rejoice! Austrian developer PILOT'S has recently provided Prepar3D vintage aviation fans with its highly-accurate virtual rendition of the famous Boeing B314 Clipper flying boat. Historically speaking, the Boeing B314 Clipper was created due to Pan American Airways' dire need for an aircraft capable of supporting and relieving the airline's by then aging Martin M-130
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PMDG Development Update; Boeing 777 Family News

PMDG 777 PBR (1)
Over on the PMDG forums, PMDG's Robert Randazzo has given us another status update regarding their development projects. It's a big status update with a lot to take in, especially regarding the highly anticipated Boeing 777 family line products. Robert also draws some attention to the fact that PMDG released their first ever product 23 years ago this week. MSFS
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