Felis Announces 747-200 Classic In Development

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Felis, the developer behind popular vintage airliners for X-Plane such as the TU-154M and AN-24RV, has announced the start of development on the next addition to the stable – the Boeing 747-200 Classic.

In the post on the forums, Felis says that he wanted to make a classic variant of the 747 without the modern equipment such as digital displays while retaining fully analogue gauges and the inclusion of LTN72 or LTN92 Inertial Navigation Systems (though those with a more modern understanding of navigation will have the choice of the X-Plane default FMC).
He also says that he intends to produce a 1970s-esque Air Force One variant, giving the capability of air-to-air refuelling.

So far the development is in very early stages, but Felis says that blueprints, FCOM and AMM documentation have all been acquired, along with plenty more documents that have been found online in order to aid the accuracy of this aircraft throughout the development phase.
As far as progress goes, he did initially show off two very early external model screenshots with windows and doors in place, mentioning that cargo doors and technical holes are on the to-do list next, and has since posted several more renderings too (seen in this post).

Later in the thread, Felis begins to answer questions from users of the forum. In doing so, he implies that there is an intention to model all engine variants, but this will depend on the availability of information relating to these.
Furthermore, the plans of a passenger cabin (much like the developer’s TU-154M product) remain up in the air with a direction for it being undecided due to development time and end-user system requirements.
Another question that many reading this may be asking too, is “what about a -300, -200SUD and/or 747SP models later on?” as user avgaskoolaid did. This writer would be overjoyed to see an SP variation, but Felis says that there are no firm plans at this point in time, however, the idea will be revisited after release and will be based on sales data.

Interestingly too, Felis says that the systems planned out for the 747 could include several NAV, VOR, ILS and DME receivers working independently of each other, a gross weight and CG computer that calculates numbers based on landing gear pressures (and not pulled from the X-Plane datarefs), the refuelling system for Air Force One, and a CIVA nav system.

This is one that the community will be following closely, without a doubt. FSElite will be too, and we’ll be sure to bring the major updates on this aircraft throughout the development process.
If you’d like to keep a closer eye on it, check out the thread on

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Captain Sim 757 III: The FSElite Review

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TFDi 717 Community Update Released

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New 787 Shots Appear on QualityWings Website

787 1

Update: We’ve noticed a few new things added the to feature list we figured you would find interesting. Specifically, some features QualityWings told us about during Flight Sim Con 2017. This includes the QualityWings JumpAhead feature and the ApproachConfig. The ‘JumpAhead’ element will allow you to literally jump to a waypoint ahead on your flight plan. This will then sync up with the simulator and then also calculate the correct fuel remaining on board. Perfect for those ultra long-hauls. ‘ApproachConfig’, as the name suggests, will place your aircraft in your selected approach and ensure you’re configured correctly to be able to practice landing the Dreamliner.

If you head over to the webpage and click on the ‘overview’ tab, you can see a whole list of features.

Original article: In what is quite a surprise, a new selection of 787 shots have appeard on QualityWing’s website. Showing off the virtual cockpit and external model. With one shot showing off what we believe to be dynamic lighting in P3Dv4. In an image teased recently, QualityWings claimed that their 787 would be releasing summer 2017. Presuming that they are basing this off of US summer. Then they have just under 4 weeks left to keep to their promise.

With these new shots being shown off, some new light is being shone and maybe QualityWings may actually meet their target.

The QualityWings 787 during dusk.

More shots after in the link.

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Captain Sim Boeing 737 P3D V4 Compatibility

X732 4
Captain Sim are happy to announce that they have updated their Boeing 737 to P3D v4 64bit compatability. CS Boeing 737 contains the 737-200 (Base Pack), then you have the expansion packs being the 737-100, 737-200ADV and 737-200C/F that you can buy individually, all updated to work smoothly in P3D v4. For those who are unsure whether to buy it
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TFDi announce Community Beta

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