Captain Sim Releases 737 Classic for P3D

CAPTAIN SIM 737 P3d (9)

Important Update 01-Apr-21: Since publication, Tom from our team pointed out to us that CaptainSim has very limited plans to actually make the EICAS retrofit promised on their product page.

To quote the actual post from Markoz on the Captain Sim team: “I’m not so sure that the EICAS retrofit will happen any time soon, if at all! So good luck with the waiting.” This is in response to a question from another user who asked about the EICAS retrofit.


This information contradicts the product page which clearly states that the EICAS option will come in the future.


== Original Article ==

We shared the news a few weeks back that Captain Sim was working on a 737 Classic series for Prepar3D and today, it has been made available to buy under the “early access” banner. The first in the collection is the 737-300 BASE PACK and features a highly detailed and accurate digital replica of the classic jet from Boeing.

The newly release aircraft features a range of functionality including a working FMC complete with LNAV and VNAV autopilot, a working weather radar and also a EGPWS. In addition, the aircraft has cockpit states, a payload manager and rain effects using Captain Sim’s very own GlaCS technology. In the future, via a service pack, a retrofit EICAS option will also come.

For the outside, Captain Sim has modelled the 737-300 in rich detail with the CFM56-3B engines and also enables simmers to customise various equipment items such as winglets, antennas and so forth. There is also a virtual cabin with complete 3D windows, interior and animated pilots and cabin crew. Captain Sim has also included various animations and volumetric lighting. Other features include an authentic TSS sound set, aircraft configuration tool and various manuals ready for you to dig into.

The Captain Sim 737-300 BASE PACK is compatible with both Prepar3D v4 and v5 and is available now through their web store for $59.37 USD. As mentioned, the “early access” banner is on the product, so remember that when making a purchase. According to another page on the Captain Sim site, there are plans for a 737-400, -500 and freighter expansion pack, but no information is currently available for those products as of yet.

Thanks to Raz for the heads up.


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PMDG Updates Boeing 777 Product Line

PMDG 777 PBR (3)
A few days ago, PMDG has issued an update for their Boeing 777 product line. The update, according to Robert Randazzo, is focussed on improving the 'quality-of-flight'. This includes updates to the pitch control mode of the C*U mode of fly-by-wire, as well as improvements to accelerations at high AOA/ANU whilst the aircraft was rolling on the main landing gear.
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PMDG Update Release Details

PMDG 777 PBR (1)
PMDG's Robert Randazzo has made a quick statement on the PMDG forums informing users of the current status of the Boeing 777 update. The first thing he addresses is the release date. Previously, PMDG was aiming for a release date mid-February, somewhere between the 17th and the 24th. However, due to some minor small adjustments that were made, this window
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SSG Annonuces Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental V2.3 Update

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Taking to their Facebook page, acclaimed X-Plane developer Supercritical Simulations Group (SSG) announces to fellow customers that the group is in the process of completing its next update for their Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental addon. The update, which brings the product up to version 2.3, has been affirmed to address numerous concerns with the current build, most prominent among which is the
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PILOT’S Releases Boeing B314 Clipper for P3D

4K PILOTS B314 The Clipper Trailer
Piston pounder and flying boat fans rejoice! Austrian developer PILOT'S has recently provided Prepar3D vintage aviation fans with its highly-accurate virtual rendition of the famous Boeing B314 Clipper flying boat. Historically speaking, the Boeing B314 Clipper was created due to Pan American Airways' dire need for an aircraft capable of supporting and relieving the airline's by then aging Martin M-130
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PMDG Development Update; Boeing 777 Family News

PMDG 777 PBR (1)

Over on the PMDG forums, PMDG’s Robert Randazzo has given us another status update regarding their development projects. It’s a big status update with a lot to take in, especially regarding the highly anticipated Boeing 777 family line products. Robert also draws some attention to the fact that PMDG released their first ever product 23 years ago this week.

MSFS Development

First things first is a status update on the ongoing development efforts to PMDG’s 737NG3. For anyone that has been keeping up to date with the progress of this project, it will come as no surprise that the news here is rather ‘there is no real news’. Development is on-going, and as Robert has previously announced, it’s not going very fast. As the team steadily makes progress, PMDG anticipates the potential release date still over a year from now.

Boeing 777 Family

More exciting news is there for the Boeing 777 family line products. After months of being teased with updates about what the team has been working on, Robert is now reporting that the 777 update will hopefully go into beta testing later today. If all the testing goes well, it can be delivered as a product update hopefully some time in December. This update would concern the PMDG 777 200 LR/F and 777-300ER products.

Following these products, PMDG hopes to finally release one of the most requested expansions for the 777: the 777-200ER – including 3 different engine options (Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce and GE) with each their own performance and sounds. The release of the 777-200ER will also see the addition of an EFB to the 777 product family, something PMDG will show us more of at a later point.

Last but not least on the 777 front, Robert announced that PMDG is ‘laying the groundwork’ for the Boeing 777X. He quickly follows this up by saying that the team does not have the data needed for it yet, but that they are working on that.

Global Flight Operations

Announced back in summer 2018, PMDG finally seems about ready to release their Global Flight Operations tool. Though the release will be gradual, and will only support Prepar3D and PMDG’s own 737NGXu, 777 and 747, it’s good to see we are finally getting closer to the point of release. The API that can be used by third parties, such as Aerosoft, to integrate GFO with their planes is still being worked on.

Prepar3D v5.1

Very brief news for Prepar3D v5.1: internal testing has not shown any reason to issue compatibility updates, indicating that you should be able to update to v5.1 and use PMDG’s supported products just fine. The team will probably make some small tweaks over time related to textures and reflections, but these are not urgent and PMDG wants to make sure that changes here will not break in a future update by Lockheed Martin.

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Captain Sim Updates 757 Captain III

Captain Sim has issued an update for their popular Boeing 757 Captain III. Version 1.7 fixes a small number of issues with the aircraft, such as the VNAV descent result in a speed drop or an autopilot warning during landing. The update is available right now through your Captain Sim account. Changelog C2 shedding: the PRESS light should be illuminated
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Military Visualizations Previews Aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Milviz Aircraft Microsoft Flight Simulator (2)
Another developer has come out of the woodwork today and shard the first previews for their upcoming product. Military Visualizations is known for their extensive library of aircraft, including fighter jets, and has today taken the time to share a handful of previews from some of their aircraft range in the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. Shown off on their Facebook page,
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New Previews for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Apps.62709.14045733564607001.b45294c0 484b 4b04 802c 26b224252054
After the reveal of the release date and pricing for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator, new pre-order pages went live alongside a range of new previews of the simulator in action. The all-new previews from the pre-order pages showcase a range of aircraft announced today, including the Boeing 787-10, as well as the first-ever previews for airports such as Heathrow
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