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Pilot Plus KBID – Block Island State Airport Released

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Pilot Plus recently released their latest scenery: KBID – Block Island State Airport that can be purchased at Store for 19.95 USD. Also head over to Pilot Plus Facebook page for more about this release as well as other releases. The airport is compatible with both X Plane 10 and 11.

KBID is a public use airport located on Block Island in Washington County, Rhode Island, United States. Airport is only a few miles east of Long Island, New York.

Pilot Plus has not only reached the possible limits of X Plane but also gone beyond it. From the incredibly detailed ortho-imagery to the luscious 3D vegetation surrounding the airfield, all aspects has been replicated to make sure you can enjoy the most realistic experience when flying.

Features built in to this scenery of KBID

  • Whole island Ortho coverage at 30cm/pixel
  • over 25,000 hand placed objects
  • Baked ambient occlusion
  • Dense foliage and forestry
  • Comprehensive building coverage
  • Abundant custom vegetation including grass and bushes
  • Marine Traffic with detailed Yacht model
  • Ground Traffic routes in airfield
  • Custom 3D South Lighthouse

Many more photos can be found on this Google Photos link. Also make sure you check-out FSElite website for very latest info.

Trailer can be seen here below as well as screenshots below.

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Orbx Releases Block Island State Airport (KIBD)

Block Island State 5
Orbx and their developers are really pushing to ensure that they close 2016 with a bang! Within days of announcing airports, they then release them! Continuing with this theme, they have just released Block Island State Airport (KIBD), located in the state of Rhode Island. Thanks to it's heavy use of general aviation air taxi traffic it is the second busiest
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Orbx Announces Block Island (KBID)

Having personally just returned from a short, but sweet trip to the Big Apple, this is some rather pleasant news. Orbx have announced that they will be developing 'Silver Tier' product, Block Island States (KBID). This small airport off of Rhose and Long Island is sure to give you the chance to do some interessting hops in the Twin Otter.
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