BlackBox Simulation Raises Prices for All Addons

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Developer BlackBox Simulations has announced it will raise the prices across their entire product line. The reason for this increase is the additional time and costs that have gone into developing their products across two sims and the recent Prepar3d V4 release. The price changes will take effect during mid-August according to the developers. An overview of the current prices and increases can be found below. The increases will not affect existing customers in in any way.

None of the products apart from the GA products (Bulldog and Birddog) are currently compatible with Prepar3d V4. The developer has been teasing that the A320 family will get a Prepar3d V4 update soon with the Widebody series to follow after that.

Want to know if BlackBox is worth your money, now or later? Our writers spent some time in the plane, so make sure to read our “Should you buy it“!

Current Price New Price
GA products ( Bulldog , Birddog ) 15.99 19.99
 Airbus 318/319 x-treme 24.99 29.99
 Airbus 320/321 x-xtreme 24.99 29.99
 Airbus 330 x-treme 24.99 34.99
 Airbus 340 x-treme 24.99 29.99
 Airbus x-treme 34.99 42.99
 Airbus Widebody x-treme 34.99 42.99
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Blackbox Simulation Support Centre Now Open!

After the recent V0.85 update A LOT of you headed over to the BlackBox Simulation Facebook page to get technical support with certain aspects of the product, but unfortunately it appeared Facebook wasn't an effective way of handling so Blackbox have made a Customer Support Centre. It takes the layout of a forum where questions can be answered, or problems can
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BlackBox Widebody update v0.85.1

BlackBox Simulation has informed us that they have released v0.85.1 of their WideBody package. This update aims to fix issues some users were reporting related to registration. Good to see that BlackBox is so quick with pushing out an update to make sure everyone can enjoy their latest update. Users that have purchased this product will receive their update through
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New Black Box Simulations Wide Body Screenshots – Your Chance to Win a Copy

With numerous teases of the upcoming update, Black Box Simulations have re-confirmed that an October release is still very much happening. In the mean time, they have really been pumping out some impressive screenshots. As we already know, it's not just the A330 and A340 packages included, but also the A330F and the A330-200 MRTT, of which you can see some screenshots
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BlackBox Simulations A330 v0.85 Beta Trailer

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UPDATE: Video has been taken down and this statement provided.

With the release of BlackBox Simulation’s A330 coming this October, we’ve been treated to a quick Beta overview of the upcoming v0.85 update that will soon be freely available to anyone who currently owns the product.

With news of Aerosoft’s likely to be delayed until 2017, this should prove a helpful alternative to anyone looking to do some longhaul Airbus-ing.

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