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BlackBox Simulation’s Bird Dog Updated – Includes Free Models

BlackBox Simulations have updated their Cessna Bird Dog to now include both the Sea Plane and the Amphibian versions of the iconic aircraft. Not only does this update include the new models, there’s also some new fixes that improve the aircraft further.

The Cessna Bird Dog was recently updated to include Prepar3D version 4, but this update also works just fine for FSX and P3Dv3.

You can read our review on the Bird Dog here.

BlackBox Simulation Cessna L19 Bird Dog: The FSElite Review

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Let’s first address the elephant in the room: I’m not a huge fan of the BlackBox Simulations Airbus series. I’ve personally had problems with it, but I know that many people have enjoyed the simulation. It certainly caught the community by surprise when people saw that the developers behind the “prologue” series were working on other products at the same time, but rest assured that this aircraft was a side project which hasn’t impacted the Airbus series.   You can imagine then my surprise when BlackBox Simulations asked me to review their recent aircraft, the Cessna L-19C ‘Bird Dog’, and honestly, my expectations weren’t very high. You can then imagine my even greater surprise when I found myself having a relatively good time with their latest entry into the simulation world.

It’s no secret that previous projects from the team have been very much like Marmite: either love it or hate it. I of course had the same fear for the GA aircraft BBS have suddenly turned towards. However, we shouldn’t let previous perceptions impact this aircraft. So clear your head and let me explain why actually, the plane is pretty damn good.

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BlackBox Widebody update v0.85.1

BlackBox Simulation has informed us that they have released v0.85.1 of their WideBody package. This update aims to fix issues some users were reporting related to registration. Good to see that BlackBox is so quick with pushing out an update to make sure everyone can enjoy their latest update. Users that have purchased this product will receive their update through an e-mail send out by BBS or their vendor of choice. Users that have purchased this package at SimMarket will need to contact BlackBox Simulations. You can check out the full post including a complete change log over here.


BlackBox Simulations released v0.85 of their WideBody package last week and is a major update including new and updated textures, models and a brand-new pre-flight manager amongst other things.

What’s Going on With Black Box Simulations Airbus A330?

Yesterday we reported, and quite rightly so, of a brand new trailer released showing off some of the new features from the Black Box Simulation Airbus A330.

Whilst we didn’t feel the quality of the video showcased the aircraft in quite the detail the developer was hoping, it was still approved by Black Box Simulation (according to the original uploader).

Since then, it’s gained tonnes of views for people to see what had changed in their new version.

We have now been indirectly informed by BBS that this was a “rejected” version of their trailer.

At the time, it was made clear to us and the larger community that this had been formally approved.

Here’s the ‘official‘ statement:

Statement regarding the recent Unofficial Promo Video

BBS would like to make it clear that the recent “Promo video” was not intended for use as a news Item or in any way an official trailer for the Widebody V0.850 Product.
This Video was rejected by BBS Because of its poor quality and production.

The Video does not represent the Product well in any way shape or form and the poor quality and content does nothing whatsoever to promote the New Widebody Product and the Many advances made in V0.85.

Permission was given to the author for use on his personal YouTube Channel out of courtesy as he had put in so much effort.

a new OFFICIAL BBS Promo will be released as soon as its finalized


The video has now been made private and unavailable to view.

We look forward to seeing if the “real” trailer is any different in quality.