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Black Box Simulation is Bringing Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander to MSFS Soon

Black Box Simulations Bn 2 Islander Msfs (3)

Black Box Simulation has confirmed they will be bringing their Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander to Microsoft Flight Simulator soon. The BN-2 Islander is a twin-engine aircraft that was first introduced in the 1960s and used regularly for island hopping and exploring more remote areas of the world. The British aircraft is incredibly versatile and has been in production for over 50 years.

The Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander has been built from the ground up for the new simulator with all new modelling and system depth. How detailed that will be is yet to be known as the post from BBS was fairly vague. That said, they did confirm that they are just testing the final few things and that the testers are currently working to ensure it’s ready for release. Whilst the forum post lacked details, Black Box Simulations’ Graham did share a handful of teasers highlighting features such as PBR usage, animated doors and detailed external modelling.

As mentioned, the BN-2 Islander can traverse a range of terrain and operate a number of flights. With that in mind, BBS did not give a clear indication on whether this product will include different varients or equipment options.

It is confirmed they are days away from a release, so once we learn more, we’ll let you know. Black Box Simulation confirmed that the BN-2 Islander will first release on their store and then from the Marketplace in the future.

Sadly those waiting on a new update for their Airbus series will have to continue waiting as nothing new was mentioned about it. That said, the team have been regularly updating their Cessna L-19 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Update 5th May 2021 – Minor corrections to the article to reflect the aircraft type.

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Black Box Simulation Shares More Details on L-19 Bird Dog for MSFS

Blackbox Simualtions Plane Msfs (2)
Aircraft developer Black Box Simulation has shared some new details and previews for its upcoming release of the L-19 Bird Dog aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The aircraft product is based on the Cessna L-19/O-1 Bird Dog and will be released with 3 variants included in the package. Included, according to this Facebook post, will be the standard version of
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Black Box Simulation A330 Variants and Liveries Previews

Blackbox Simulations A330 Previews P3d (10)
Black Box Simulation continues to share off previews for their A330 in version 0.90, which includes a range of new variants and changes to the external modelling. The biggest addition to the A330 range in the update will be the inclusion of the NEO type. The development team has shared a range of new previews for a variety of aircraft
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Black Box Simulation A330 Previews

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Black Box Simulations is once again back with previews of their A330. The previews, over on Facebook, show off the PBR textures on the plane. The plane is also sporting a new house livery, with the company asking users to comment on the new house livery proposal.
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Black Box Simulations Paint Kit for V0.90 Widebody Available Now

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Back in January, Black Box Simulations gave a detailed overview of what to expect in version 0.90 of their series of Airbus aircraft. Since then, there has been little further information regarding a release. However, that silence has been broken as the paint kit is now available for the new version of the aircraft.

The links were posted by Black Box Simulations’ CEO Graham in the Black Box Simulation Airbus Group on Facebook. The group is closed so you will need to request access if you would like to view the post and also the links. In total, there are 7 paint kits for the Widebody aircraft, including the A330, A340 and the A330 Neo aircraft.

However, it’s important to note that the v0.90 is not yet available to download. However, as one user pointed out that it is a great sign, but Graham replied saying “dont read too much into it” and that they are continuing to work on it. No estimated time frame was given.

You can see other previews for the update, including the news that A321 Neo would be included in the package.

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Black Box Simulation A319 Neo Preview

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It's been over a year since the last update of the Black Box Simulation Airbus family. But that hasn't stopped the team from releasing previews and teasing us with everything that's coming up in v0.9. For example, we have seen an A320 Neo and A321 Neo in the past. We've also seen a few previews of the new virtual cockpit,
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New Black Box Simulation VC Structure Previews

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The team has been hard at work remodelling the entire virtual cockpit structure and the work certainly appears to be paying off bringing the cockpit to much more accurately resemble its real-world counterpart. I'll let the previews above and below speak for themselves.
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Black Box Simulation Previews A320neo in Prepar3D v4

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Following a recent v0.90 update information announcement, over on their Facebook page, Black Box Simulation has shared a preview of their A320neo variant to be included in that update. In this single preview, BBS is showing off their A320neo variant painted in their own custom house livery in Prepar3D v4. It is to also be compatible with FSX and Prepar3D v3.
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Black Box Simulation Airbus V0.90 Update Information

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Black Box Simulation has taken to Facebook to inform the community of the current status update with their Airbus Prologue series. Version 0.90 has been in development for some time, with many curious what is going on. However, the team shared that work has been on-going, but they have been busy working on new features and modelling. The first piece
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