P3D V4 Aerosoft CRJ 700900 X ORBX Bilbao Airport Simware Valencia X Performance Test

ProAviation Simulation: [P3D v4] Aerosoft CRJ 700/900 X | ORBX Bilbao Airport | Simware Valencia X | Performance Test (FYC)

In this video I'm testing the performance of the Aerosoft CRJ 700/900 X with ORBX Bilbao Airport LEBB and Simware / Aerosoft Valencia X. You will see a flight from LEBB to LEVC. The takeoff is a Dusk and the landing will be at night. This is a Dynamic Lighting test as well, because we will be flying at night.
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Orbx Bilbao (LEBB): The FSElite Review

Bilbao Review Image
Bilbao Airport is located 9 KM outside of the Spanish city of Bilbao. It is the largest airport serving Northern Spain and the Basque country, with recent annual passenger numbers reaching 4.6 million. Known for its iconic design by Santiago Calatrava in 2000, it has one of the most iconic terminals to be seen across the globe - its unique
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Orbx Bilbao (LEBB) – Final Shots Appear

Orbx Lebb Bilbao P3dv4 11
Orbx are on another roll as Iain has posted his final shots for Bilbao (LEBB) - all from P3Dv4. We are super excited for the Spanish scenery, which boosts an impressive feature list. I've posted what I wrote in a previous post below: The scenery itself will include the whole city of Bilbao, with around 300,000 – 400,000 hand placed
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ORBX Bilbao 4

Orbx Bilbao – A Few More Previews

The developer behind Orbx Bilbao, Marcus, took some time in March to talk to us about his latest project. At the time, there weren't very many previews of his upcoming Spanish project, but he was excited to share more. Today, he has done just that and previewed even more stunning images of the upcoming Summer destination! You can head over
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