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FlightFactor A320 Ultimate Beta v0.10.1 Released

A320 19

Over on the forum, FlightFactor has stated that they’ve pushed a beta v0.10.1 update for their A320 Ultimate add-on for X-Plane 10 and 11.

This update is rather minor but introduces a feature which has been long anticipated, a weather radar. You can find a full list of changes at the bottom of this article.

To obtain this update, tick ‘beta’ in the updater. If you encounter any bugs or issues, ensure you submit them here so they get dealt with as soon as possible.

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X-Plane 11.33 Open Beta 1 Released

X-Plane 11.32 has been in the hands of simmers for a short while now, but Laminar Research have continued to update the simulator. X-Plane 11.33 is now available in Open Beta format. The new update is mostly incremental based on feedback from the community. Some of the fixes and additions in this beta include separate engine temperature scale data sets
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CaptainSim Releases 777-200 Base Pack Open Beta for P3Dv4

Captain Sim 777 P3dv4 (19)
Out of the blue, CaptainSim has released a brand new product for Prepar3D V4. Building on their Captain Sim 757 Base Pack, the team has released an updated version of their 777 aircraft. The new version is a port of the original 32-bit 757 Captain II, but with new features and improved functionality. New features include the EGPWS, a complete
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New Just Flight 747 Classic Previews In-sim

747 Classic 56 Ss L 190319153941
Over on their Facebook page, Just Flight has posted some new previews of their work-in-progress 747 Classic add-on in-sim. The 747 Classic looks to be one of Just Flight’s most extensive aircraft yet with an extremely comprehensive features list that appears to bring a lot of life and real-world similarities to their rendition of the aircraft which is progressing admirably.
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Flysimware Falcon 50 Beta v1.8 Released

Flysimware F50 Beta V1.8 Fselite (3)
In a post on their forum, Flysimware has announced that they’ve released their Falcon 50 to v1.8 beta for FSX/SE and Prepar3D. The version 1.8 beta build brings along a new visual fuel truck for changing fuel payloads, new sounds, increased poly counts and more which can be found at the end of this article. Owners of this aircraft can only grab
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Flysimware Falcon F50 v1.7 Beta Released

F50 030

Flysimware has released a public beta for their upcoming v1.7 update of the Falcon F50 to the Flysimware store today for user testing. This is not the final release of version 1.7, however Flysimware released the update as a beta to ensure that the update was stable and issue-free prior to release. Version 1.7 is set to release on all other flightsim retailers within 3 days, according to a forum post by Flysimware on the Avsim Forums. Do note, the beta is currently only available to customers of the Flysimware store.

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Richer Simulations Argyle Intl. Airport (TVSA) Release Close

51289029 1511163655681644 1553419757485555712 O
Over on their Facebook page, Richer Simulations has announced that their Argyle International Airport (TVSA) scenery to come to FSX and Prepar3D has gone into its final stages of beta testing meaning a release is on the horizon. Along with the brief update, they updated their Facebook page's cover photo with a GIF of the airport transitioning gracefully from day to night
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X-Plane 11.31 RC1 Released

X Plane 11 2
The team at Laminar Research has released a small 11.31 RC1 patch to follow up with their 11.30 release which fixes minor bugs that have been reported by users. No major changes have been brought up in this release. Below, you'll find the 'Known Bugs' list which Laminar Research is aware of and are working on to fix in later builds.
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FlightFactor Statement on A320 Plans & Updates

A320 219
Many questions have been sent to the developer in late months in regards to the future of the model which has so far received more than one-hundred updates since initial release. The aircraft is still 'technically' in open beta but in fact, it is one of the most whole and complete models in X-Plane and is quite stable. The team are still fully committed to holding the objectives outlined on this webpage.
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