JARDesign A330 v3 Public Beta 1 now available

JDA330 N291AY

If you’re an X-Plane user, you’ll surely agree that 2018 has started off with a bang, and now you can add the release of the JARDesign A330 v3 Beta 1 to that list of reasons.

In a post on their forum, JAR spruik new features of their aircraft, and listing improvements such as a new FMGS which moves away from the SASL system that is common across most payware airliners for their gauges and FMS. The new system is a C++ implementation, along with some basic X-Plane features.
The new features that are included, they say, are a new MCDU function allowing interaction with aircraft doors, loads, tow and ground handling, pop-out MCDU and ND, the ability to set a takeoff with heading, saving of coRoute flight plans, smoother following of speed constraints, and re-worked ND & MCDU indications and functions.
Sadly though, there are no new engine types for this bird just yet despite the community hoping for it, but it is an early beta, leaving some time for this still to happen.

As with anything in beta, JAR expect this aircraft to ruin your day if you encounter any bugs, so they do not recommend installing this plane for your flying enjoyment just yet – stick with the stable v2.x. Though if you’re like me, and love to play with something new, you can head to this JARDesign Forum thread and follow the instructions for installation.
Please note that you must already own a previous version of the JARDesign A330 to be able to use this new beta.

Are you planning on checking out this new refresh of an old favourite? Join the FSElite Discord and share your screenshots and thoughts!

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PSA: FlightFactor A320 Ultimate Beta Available Again Soon

A320 17
  For those X-Plane pilots who may not be aware, FlightFactor are planning to release another small batch of beta copies for purchase through the store later today. The now veteran developers have been teasing the general X-Plane user-base with limited release betas of their A320 Ultimate for sale through the store over the course of the last
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FSElite Exclusive: FlythemaddogX MD80 Beta Footage – Part 1

FSElite Preview FlythemaddogX MD80 Beta Preview
The team at Leonardo Soft House has given FSElite the opportunity to have hands-on access to their upcoming FlythemaddogX MD80. Having such unrestricted access to a product prior to release enables us to really dig deep into the aircraft and provide you with lots of footage, screenshots and impressions whilst building up to the release of the product. Today, I present
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Captain Sim 757 Captain III Misses 2017 Target – Would You Buy the Beta?

Captainsim 757 P3dv4

In a brief post from the Captain Sim team on Facebook today, they confirmed that whilst they were aiming for a 2017 release for the 757 Captain III base product, a few things ‘didn’t work’ how it was supposed to and as a result, they’ll be releasing the aircraft in 2018. They said that beta 3 testing is now complete, which means they’re moving on to beta 4. For them, this means that the inhouse team will begin flying it to ensure it’s ready. They further went onto say that it means they’d “technically start selling it as well”.

With this in mind, Captain Sim then posed a question to the community: would you buy beta 4 of the 757 Captain III? You can let them know on their forums or via their Facebook page.

You can watch the beta trailer down below (Facebook player) to help make your decision.

What do you think about buying the beta?

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[UPDATED – Real Light Footage] Aerosoft Airbus A318-A321 Professional Series Update: November 2017

Aerosoft Airbus P3dv4 A318 02
This is the Aerosoft Airbus A318-A321 Professional Series Update for November 2017. November 29th 2017 It's not even a Friday and another snippet of the Aerosoft Airbus A318-321 Professional Series has been released. After the announcement that the team would be looking into the use of TFDi Design's Real Light and TrueGlass technology, the video below shows how this is
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TFDi Design Community Beta Update – Available

Prepar3D V4 True Glass Is Here TFDI Design 717 200
TFDi Designs has been busy integrating their new TrueGlass and Real Light technology into their flagship aircraft: the 717. Further to that, they've continued to listen to the community and have implemented more fixes, changes and additions to their jet. The latest update in the 'Community Beta' program brings the version up to, which has been described as "the most
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New FlythemaddogX MD-80 Beta Screenshots Showcasing True Glass and Real Light

2017 11 19 23 16 34 920
The hotly anticipated FlythemaddogX MD-80 has been in beta for some time and with plenty of previews coming out frequently, it's hard to not get excited. The most recent announcement of the aircraft using TFDi Design's incredible True Glass and Real Light gave fans yet another reason to want to invest in the aircraft. The latest round of previews have
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Aerosoft are Looking for Airbus Beta Testers

Aerosoft Airbus P3dv4 A318 02
As the year comes closer than ever to an end, Aerosoft are pushing hard to try and get their 64-bit compatible Airbus simulations out the door to the community. In a post on the Aerosoft forums, Mathijs has listed that he's requiring help to test the aircraft extensively. Before you open a new tab to reply to Mathijs, you should
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