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FSElite Exclusive: Navigraph En-Route Charts Android (Beta)

The team over at Navigraph have been working hard on providing their next update to their incredible charts system for desktop, iOS and Android. They’ve provided plenty of details so far and have advanced to their next stage of inviting people to join their beta team.

I was lucky enough to be selected to join the beta team to test out the Android version and I can tell you that this is already a vast improvement from their current app. It’s clearly been built from the ground up supporting the same look and feel as the rest of their product line. It’s already slick, fast and enables you to view your aircraft flying along routes in real time.

I’ve taken some screenshots below and added some annotations explaining what each is doing.


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First PMDG DC-6 FSX/P3D Beta Video Appears

We have known for a little while that PMDG’s DC-6 has been in beta testing for FSX/P3D. After the release of the experimental product on X-Plane, fans have been eager to get their hands on their preferred sim version.

One of the beta testers has uploaded the first video for the DC-6 on YouTube and talks us through some of the features we can expect.

The 30 minute tour shows us the external view as well as an in depth look at the virtual cockpit and some of the in-sim menus.

We’ll continue to keep an eye out for further information and get back to you in due course.

PMDG DC-6 Cloudmaster enters Beta for FSX & P3D

Over on the AVSIM forums Robert Randazzo from PMDG did an interesting announcement. In a detailed and extensive posts he announced that PMDG have moved the DC-6 Cloudmaster over to Beta phase. According to his post they’re not finished yet but they are getting close and most of the issues right now come down to fine-tuning. He also mentions there will be additional functionality over its XPlane counterpart, and the team is hard at work to bring some of the best features of the 747 into the DC-6 as well. To wrap it up he talks about the Virtual Flight Engineer that will eventually join your cockpit and the ability to take great care of your aircraft through an aircraft maintenance tool.

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TFDi announce Community Beta

A lot of news over from the guys at TFDi design on their recently released Boeing 717. In a post on their blog they announce that they are working on a new update for this product. This update, named, will bring introduce many requested features such as pop-up 2D displays and panels and the ability to hide the yoke. This update will also bring new tools with it that TFDi will use to analyse some of the edge-cases and issues that people have been reporting. It is yet unknown when this update will go live.

Wanna get access to this update already though? TFDi also announced to be working with a new way of distribution that just so happens to allow you to! Their Community Opt-In Beta project has gone live and will allow you to download Keep in mind that this is a beta and everything is subject to change. This will allow TFDi to work on perfecting the next update for everyone while being able to get some test-results directly from you.

Interested in the TFDi Boeing 717 and want to know more? Recently we took our time to make a great review on it which you can read here. Or head over to our YouTube to check out our video on it!

Pac Sim Salt Lake City Enters Beta

The developers at Pac Sim have announced that their Salt Lake City (KSLC) scenery will be entering beta later this week, by showing off their “final” dev pics on FaceBook.

The scenery is expected to have the usual range of custom night lighting, vegetation and volumetric grass, season textures, SODE jetways (T and full animation types), airside ground equipment (tugs, trucks containers, etc). But most unique is the inclusion of the surrounding area and suburban region around Salt Lake!

Head over to the PacSim FaceBook page to check out the full gamut of images.

(Is anyone else as excited for TFDi Delta 717 flights out of SLC as I am?)

First PMDG 747 Queen of the Skies 2 Beta Prepar3d Shots

The PMDG 747v3 has been in beta for some time now, with many shots showing off how glorious she looks in FSX. Like most of you, we’ve been dying to see her in Prepar3d and today, beta tester, Jorge, was kind enough to show some amazing shots of her on the PMDG official forums.

As you can tell, it looks breathtaking in the more modern Sim. Showing off the advance lighting and shadow work.

With the livery list coming along nicely and now this, we can only hope we’re moving very close to a release date!


PMDG 747 Queen of the Skies II – Official Livery List

Courtesy of Kyle Rogers over on the PMDG support forums has listed what is currently the working list of liveries available for the PMDG 747 Queen of the Skies II.

There are currently a whopping 20 different liveries available for the Boeing 747-400, 13 for the Boeing 747-400F as well as a handful of others for the Boeing 747-400BCF and the Boeing 747-400M.

The list is pretty extensive covering old favourites like British Airways, Qantas, United and Cathay Pacific. The list is current as of 22 DEC 2016 and is subject to change in the future. So if your favourite isn’t on there (*cough Virgin cough*), then don’t worry as the team possibly are working on it.

…and if not, then we’re sure your favourite painter will do you a favour!

With the liveries now available to beta testers, hopefully things are begining to wrap up on beta builds and testing will soon start on possible RTM (release to market) installers!

Boeing 747-400:

  • Air New Zealand – ZK-NBS – Classic
  • Air New Zealand – ZK-SUH – Historic
  • British Airways – G-CIVX
  • British Airways – G-CIVI – oneworld
  • Cathay Pacific – B-HUI
  • China Airlines – B-18208
  • Delta Air Lines – N661US
  • Japan Airlines – JA8075
  • KLM Royal Dutch Airlines – PH-BFA – City of Atlanta
  • KLM Royal Dutch Airlines – PH-BFN – City of Nairobi
  • Korean Air Lines – HL7495
  • Lufthansa – D-ABVM
  • Malaysia Airlines – 9M-MPI
  • Qantas – VH-OJM
  • Singapore Airlines – 9V-SPQ
  • Thai Airways International – HS-TGP – Retro
  • United Airlines – N127UA
  • United Airlines – N197UA – Saul Bass
  • United Airlines – N175UA – Battleship Gray
  • United Airlines – N177UA – Blue Tulip

Boeing 747-400M:

  • KLM Royal Dutch Airlines – PH-BFT – City of Tokyo

Boeing 747-400BCF:

  • EVA Airways – B-16462

Boeing 747-400F:

  • Atlas Air – N475MC
  • Cargolux Airlines International – LX-VCV
  • Cathay Pacific – B-HUO – Metal
  • China Airlines – B-18708
  • EVA Airways – B-16483
  • Japan Airlines Cargo – JA401J – Metal
  • Korean Air Lines – HL7462
  • Malaysia Airlines – 9M-MPR
  • Nippon Cargo Airlines – JA04KZ – NCA Pegasus
  • Nippon Cargo Airlines – JA05KZ – NCA Apollo
  • Polar Air Cargo – N451PA – DHL
  • Polar Air Cargo – N452PA
  • United Parcel Service (UPS) – N581UP

FSLabs A320X P3D In Final Stages of Testing

In a very short and sweet post on Facebook, FSLabs have confirmed that the P3D version of their upcoming A320X is in the final stages of development! After the extremely detailed update for FSX, we’re pleased to hear development is almost over.

Thanks to the dreadful UK weather, they’re able to show off the lighting effects which have been designed for Prepar3d specifically.

Alongside the post was a short video showing off these new lights, which you can watch on Facebook now.

We’re in the final stages of testing for P3D – the foggy weather today in the UK provides a perfect opportunity to show off some of our new lighting effects, specifically designed for use in P3D.

We are so excited to finally have this available on all platforms in the near future.

Stay tuned to FSElite for more information.

GSX enters Public Beta

It’s been a while since we reported on GSX upcoming update that would see a major overhaul of the refuelling system. Today FSDreamTeam announced on their forum that they are entering an open beta with GSX. Users that are interested can start playing around with the new refuelling system which will adapt to both the default Fuel Page and to planes that run with their own custom refuelling system. There will also be an updated manual to explain the new feature. If you are interested you can check out the original announcement as well as download the beta over here.

Are PMDG 747 BETA Shots Emerging? UPDATED 1620z – Verified and Confirmed

Browsing through Facebook today, I stumbled upon some 747 shots clearly taken from the Sim. At first I didn’t really take much attention, but on closer inspection, they appeared to be shots taken from PMDG’s upcoming 747 v3 (Queen of the Skies 2).

We already know that the product has been moving over to beta testing so this could possibly be some of the first shots.

Taken by Chris Makris and posted in a private Facebook group, it shows him taking off from LGAV to WSSS.






Whilst we can’t verify the authenticity of the shots, they do look genuine and his comments certainly suggest he’s

part of the beta team. Whether NDA has been lifted or not, we don’t know either.

We are currently trying to verify and will update this post if and when that happens.

Update: Chris has confirmed that these shots. We have also had confirmation from someone from the development team from PMDG.

In addition to these shots, there’s some great ones from beta tester Mark Adeane over at Avsim.