Grand Island Sim GBYD Banjul: The FSElite Review

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Banjul International airport lies in Northern Africa and serves as the gateway to The Gambia. Built during World War II, and rebuilt in the 1960s to accommodate increased tourism, Banjul has flowered into a popular tourist destination for Europeans, with many airlines (such as Thomas Cook, TUI fly, Brussels Airline, Arik air, as well as others) flying to Banjul during the holiday season. The airport continues to grow and come May 2018 it will serve as an intermediate stopover for the first Atlantic Airlines service between St. Helena and London. Africa has been a gaping black hole in terms of quality scenery in flight sim for years now, and it is exciting to see a new developer take up the challenge.


The download from SimMarket was quick and easy, with the file size coming in at around 147 mb. There was no extraction of any files necessary, and the installer could be run immediately upon completion of the download. License authentication is a bit different from what I’ve seen in past addon installs, with an external authorization code from SimMarket required along with the other standard information like your name, email, and serial. The scenery itself is installed into a folder in your root sim directory titled ‘SimMarket’ with the documentation and an uninstaller being found there as well. It is a bit disappointing to see it not being installed outside of the sim folder, via an addon.xml in this day and age, but I can live with it so long as it doesn’t touch anything it’s not supposed to.

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Grand Island Sim Banjul Released For FSX

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Only a few weeks after its release for Prepar3D, Grand Island Sim has released Banjul for FSX. You can purchase this scenery from SimMarket for €18,59. The FSX version will obviously lack some of the Prepar3D native features. Regardless, you can still look forward to the following features in this addon: 50cm per pixel ground imagery Seasonal ground textures (Summer/Winter)
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Grand Island Sim Banjul Airport Released

193599 GBYD GISSBanner
A relative newcomer to the flightsim development community, Grand Island Sim only recently announced that they were brining Banjul Airport, ICAO: GBYD, to our sims in short order, and they weren't kidding; Today is the day their scenery of Banjul airport has been released for P3D v4! Grand Island Sim's Banjul scenery features 50cm ground imagery, native P3D v4 ground
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FSElite Exclusive: Grand Island Sim Banjul Coming Soon

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Grand Island Sim recently reached out to us to share that their newest scenery, Banjul Airport, is coming soon! A Facebook post was also shared containing some preview shots of the upcoming airport as well as some information on the project! Banjul Airport is located in The Gambia, and lies at the heart of one of Africa's most popular tourist
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