BAe 146

Just Flight 747 Classic and Bae 146 Previews

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Just Flight has been showing off some more previews of some of their upcoming planes. In two preview posts, the team has been showing off the progress on the British Aerospace 146, and the Boeing 747 classic.

The previews of the BAe show off previews of nearly every aspect of the plane. From the wings, engines, and the gear to the cockpit, flaps and the iconic air brake on the tail section. The plane appears to be shaping up nicely, but still has some way to go.

As for the Boeing 747 classic, it seems to have progressed rather nicely since the last time we saw it as well. The previews are specifically focussed on close-up and details, such as the doors, interior design, the landing gear and the cockpit. The previews also show off some of the wear and tear on this plane, especially in the cockpit.

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JustFlight BAe 146 Previews

The JustFlight BAe 146 Professional from Just Flight was announced several months ago, but there are a handful of screenshots to see the progress. Just Flight has stated that "release is a long way off yet". There is still quite a bit left in the development, but you can assure that this will be an astounding aircraft much like many
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