IXEG 737 Classic Updated To v1.21

IXEG Iberia

A short time ago, IXEG released an update to their highly acclaimed 737 Classic for X-Plane. This update brings some visual enhancements, along with improved systems and realism logic.

The X-Plane 11 model receives glass reflective surfaces, and a tweaked flight model for a new downwash effect – something they say will bring a “mild nose-down effect when close to ground, as in reality”.

Universally, across the XP10 and XP11 models, simmers can expect FMS stability bug-fixes, stick shakers sounds near/below stall AOA, improved handling of go-around situations, and possible FPS increases from an updated Gizmo plugin.
For the full change-log, see the bottom of this post.

This update is available to all existing owners of the aircraft free of charge, and can be downloaded via X-Aviation immediately.

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Flightdeck Solutions Preview their B737MAX Pro Panel Set

737max Flightdeck Solutions
It would appear that the simming world has gone crazy over the Boeing 737MAX! Whilst PMDG hinted at them developing the B737MAX and iFly Sim Soft confirming a release of theirs in 2020, people will need beautiful cockpits to fly the latest single-aisle jet. That's where the team at Flightdeck Solutions step in. They have plenty of experience in creating
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