Axonos Announces 2021 Roadmap for XPL and MSFS Product Development

Developer Axonos has been releasing scenery products at a rapid rate as of late for X-Plane 11. That success has meant that the team can continue expanding their team to now support multiple projects at the same time, including new airports for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The team has now taken to the Orbx forums, as a partner of theirs, to confirm the roadmap for the rest of 2021.

The current roadmap shared by Axono highlights all the products they think they will be able to bring out before the end of the year, but wanted to highlight that development issues may arise and that may push some releases back. That said, the team kicked off confirming a large range of airports for X-Plane 11 coming by the end of the year. The team said that big airports such as Palm Springs International Airport, Gold Coast, Melbourne Airport and Hamad International Airport are all in development for the simulator. Furthermore, Joao Paulo II Airport, LaGuardia and Glasgow Airports are also in development. This will give simmers a wide range of destinations to visit if they enjoy Axonos airports.

That highly ambitious list of X-Plane 11 airports is joined by a range of products destined for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Axonos will be releasing a number of US destinations including Memphis Airport, Jackson Hole and Palm Spring Airport. Finally, the team confirmed that both Perth International Airport and Gold Coast Airport will also be developed by the team for MSFS.

In addition to airport products, Axonos has confirmed they will be “experimenting” with landmark packages for both X-Plane 11 and Microsoft Flight Simulator. The team confirmed they will be looking to make Gold Coast City Landmarks for XPL and MSFS, along with Casablanca and Paris Landmark packs coming to XPL. To develop these airports, the team will be partnering with Prealsoft.

Whilst all these announcements are certainly exciting, Axonos were not able to share previews at this point in time, and won’t be able to do so until 2-3 weeks prior to the release of any product. As always, stay tuned to FSElite so we can share the details as soon as we learn of them.

[27-APR-2021: This is a restored version of the article following a period of site downtime on the 27th of April 2021. Sorry if this story appeared in your social media or Discord feeds multiple times.]

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Axonos Announces Perth Airport for MSFS

It has been just a few days since scenery developer Axonos released Jackson Hole Airport for X-Plane 11. The team now announces through their Facebook page, Perth Airport (YPPH) in development for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Perth airport serves the capital of Western Australia. With four main terminals, the airport is considered the fourth busiest in Australia in terms of passenger
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Update: Axonos Announces Jackson Hole Airport

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Update: It is now confirmed on the Axonos Facebook page that Jackson Hole Airport will be coming 26th March 2021 via the Gumroad store. Notable features include high-resolution orthophotography, detailed apron and buildings (with full PBR), SAM implementation and also various hand-placed objects. We also now know that the airport will cost $22.90 upon release. We'll let you know once the
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Axonos Releases Memphis International Airport for XPL

Axonos Releases Memphis International Airport For XPL (1)
After the announcement earlier this week, developer Axonos has released Memphis International Airport (KMEM) for X-Plane 11. The brand new airport for the simulator will give cargo lovers the perfect destination to explore. Memphis Airport is a huge hub for FedEx and is one of the busiest in the world for cargo. Not only does millions of items of cargo
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Axonos Formally Announces Memphis Airport for XPL

Axonos Memphis Airport Xpl 11 (1)
Scenery developer Axonos has formally announced they are bringing Memphis International Airport to X-Plane 11. Memphis Airport is a huge hub for FedEx and is one of the busiest in the world for cargo. Not only does millions of items of cargo pass through each year, as do passengers helping to contribute to the fact that it is one of
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Axonos Teases New Airport for X-Plane 11

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Developer Axonos has teased a brand new airport being developed for X-Plane 11. On the team’s Facebook post, they shared an image of a cargo building surrounded by FedEx aircraft. This post was captioned with “cargo anyone?” suggesting that the airport teased has strong ties to cargo operations.

Whilst we can’t say for sure at this point, the scenery does bare some resemblance to the FedEx cargo hub at Memphis International Airport. This was also suggested by a user on Facebook who guesses it may be Memphis Airport (KMEM). We know that FedEx has strong ties with Memphis Airport so the hint of the aircraft parked at the cargo apron would indeed suggest this is Axonos’ next airport for X-Plane 11.

No confirmation on what the airport has been shared yet. FSElite will, of course, keep you updated. In related news, we know that future Axonos airports will be released via the iniBuilds store.

Update: We have been informed despite the Facebook statement highlighting product releases on the iniBuilds store, this particular airport will not be sold on iniBuilds.

Which airport do you think Axonos is developing next for X-Plane 11?

Article update 14 Feb 2021 @ 18:45z.

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Axonos Releases Perth International Airport

X-Plane developer Axonos, formerly known as JustAsia, released Perth International Airport (YPPH). The airport, situated in the southwest, serves the capital, and also largest city in West-Australia, making it the fourth busiest airport in the country. During the last decade, the airport went from "worst in Australia" to "best airport for overall quality", investing $1 billion over a period of
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Axonos Releases Casablanca Airport for X-Plane 11

Formally known as Justasia, X-Plane developer Axonos has released their Casablanca Airport for X-Plane 11. The African airport sees eight million passengers a year with various airlines such as Air Arabia Maroc and Royal Air Maroc serving various destinations across the world. This airport is developed from the original Prealsoft ESP scenery and converted for X-Plane 11. It features various
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