Axonos Releases Jackson Hole Airport for MSFS

After the scenery’s relatively recent announcement, highly-regarded scenery developer Axonos has released its version of Jackson Hole Airport (KJAC) for MSFS.

The airport is mainly known for being the only airport in the U.S. to be entirely located within a natural reserve, this being Grand Teton National Park. It is located 7km west of Jackson and serves as the main gateway to both the Jackson Ski Resort during winter and the Yellowstone National Park during summer. As a result of the airport being located within a U.S. national park, the airport was declared a national monument in 1943, thus allowing it to be fully merged with Grand Teton National Park in 1950. Today, the airport is the busiest in Wyoming and handles a relatively wide variety of aircraft, rangeing from smaller-sized Mitsubishi CRJ-200’s to larger Boeing 757-200’s.

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Axonos Releases Gold Coast Airport

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Developer Axonos has released their rendition of Gold Coast Airport (YBCG) for X-Plane. Gold Coast Airport serves a number of airlines in the Asian Pacific Region, and is the sixth busiest airport in Australia. Axonos has developed Gold Coast Airport alongside their soon to release Gold Coast landmark package. The airport includes the most recent layout changes, such as an
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Axonos Releases Perth Airport for MSFS

Axonos Perth Msfs (1)
Axonos' first airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator has been released. Their rendition of Perth Airport in Australia is a modern development for the fourth busiest airport in the country. Pre-pandemic, the airport served a large number of destinations including many parts of Asia, Africa and Australia. It also served as one of the longest routes in the world with travellers
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Axonos Announces Perth Airport for MSFS

It has been just a few days since scenery developer Axonos released Jackson Hole Airport for X-Plane 11. The team now announces through their Facebook page, Perth Airport (YPPH) in development for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Perth airport serves the capital of Western Australia. With four main terminals, the airport is considered the fourth busiest in Australia in terms of passenger
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Update: Axonos Announces Jackson Hole Airport

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Update: It is now confirmed on the Axonos Facebook page that Jackson Hole Airport will be coming 26th March 2021 via the Gumroad store. Notable features include high-resolution orthophotography, detailed apron and buildings (with full PBR), SAM implementation and also various hand-placed objects. We also now know that the airport will cost $22.90 upon release. We’ll let you know once the airport is available.

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Scenery developer Axonos has introduced airports in development on their Facebook page. The latest development has now been confirmed to FSElite as Jackson Hole Airport (KJAC). There is no mention to which platform this scenery will be available for, however, the developer is well known for both their X-Plane 11 and Microsoft Flight Simulator sceneries.


Jackson Hole Airport is designated as a mountainous airport in the northwest part of Wyoming. The airport sits in a valley amongst the Grand Teton Mountain range, which extends out to the west at an altitude near 14,000 ft. On an interesting note, Jackson is the only airport in the United States that is located within a national park. Special procedures for departures and arrivals as well as a short runway welcome a challenge to many pilots. As a result, a vast number of corporate turboprops and jets are seen at Jackson. In addition, the airport is well served by numerous U.S.-based airlines providing services to many destinations within the country. The largest aircraft that utilize the 6,300 ft runway is a Boeing 757.

A single image showcasing the runway with realistic-looking snow textures is seen in the preview. The developer has also added realistic shallow snowbanks that appear around taxiways. In addition, a static aircraft display of corporate jets is seen in the image. Please, stay tuned for more previews of Jackson Hole Airport as they become available.


  • Hand corrected high resolution orthophoto for VFR flights
  • Detailed apron and buildings with PBR textures
  • Custom ground vehicles specially made for Jackson Hole
  • High resolution and detailed ground textures
  • Full SAM marshallers and Seasons implemented
  • Compatible with World Traffic 3 & Justflight Traffic Global
  • Hand placed trees & houses for the surrounding area
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Axonos Releases Memphis International Airport for XPL

Axonos Releases Memphis International Airport For XPL (1)
After the announcement earlier this week, developer Axonos has released Memphis International Airport (KMEM) for X-Plane 11. The brand new airport for the simulator will give cargo lovers the perfect destination to explore. Memphis Airport is a huge hub for FedEx and is one of the busiest in the world for cargo. Not only does millions of items of cargo
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Axonos Formally Announces Memphis Airport for XPL

Axonos Memphis Airport Xpl 11 (1)
Scenery developer Axonos has formally announced they are bringing Memphis International Airport to X-Plane 11. Memphis Airport is a huge hub for FedEx and is one of the busiest in the world for cargo. Not only does millions of items of cargo pass through each year, as do passengers helping to contribute to the fact that it is one of
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Axonos Teases New Airport for X-Plane 11

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Developer Axonos has teased a brand new airport being developed for X-Plane 11. On the team's Facebook post, they shared an image of a cargo building surrounded by FedEx aircraft. This post was captioned with "cargo anyone?" suggesting that the airport teased has strong ties to cargo operations. Whilst we can't say for sure at this point, the scenery does bare
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Axonos Releases Perth International Airport

X-Plane developer Axonos, formerly known as JustAsia, released Perth International Airport (YPPH). The airport, situated in the southwest, serves the capital, and also largest city in West-Australia, making it the fourth busiest airport in the country. During the last decade, the airport went from "worst in Australia" to "best airport for overall quality", investing $1 billion over a period of
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