FlightFactor Releases Airport Visual System V2

FF AVS 2 01

FlightFactor has announced the release of version 2 of their Airport Visual System for X-Plane on Facebook.

Airbus first developed the Onboard Airport Navigation System, or OANS, for the A380, and started to make the navigation system available on their A330 and A320 families in 2014. This system inspired FlightFactor to create a plugin that helps X-Plane users find their way around the sometimes complicated airports or changing ground layouts.

This OANS light system gives the user basic functionalities with an easy to use interface and interactive map. The plugin has the ability to build and optimize taxi routes interactively, as well as show all ground movements on an accurate moving map of the current airport including holding points, aprons, runways and other helpful airfield data. Multi-monitor support is built-in which allows you to use AVS in a pop-out window.

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Flight Factor Announces Update for Airport Visual System – Coming Soon

Flight Factor has announced that a new update for their Airport Visual System (AVS) will be released soon. On Twitter, the team confirmed that the update will feature additional functionality to enhance the user's experience. The Airport Visual System will feature new integration with Navigraph along with multi-monitor support. In addition, users will be able to pop-out the window for
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FlightFactor release Airport Visual System for X Plane 11

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FlightFactor has today released their Airport Visual System (AVS) for X Plane 11. AVS "provides basic functional of a real OANS system with many custom  enhancements, modern user interface and interactive map. Among other features there is an ability to interactively build taxi routes and show the traffic situation in the current airport". You can purchase AVS over on the
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