SLAVX Tabletop Avionics Panels Add RSG G1000 Compatibility

As 2019 kicks off, Stay Level Avionix have swiftly introduced 2 new models to their product lineup. The SLAVX Models 7 and 8.  Based on the SLAVX Model 1 and 2, the 7 and 8 add support for the RealSimGear G1000 suite of Avionics.  This G1000 suite includes the PFD, Audio Controller, and MFD.

John Albers, President of Stay Level Avionix mentioned, We continue our journey of bringing high-quality cockpit and tabletop avionics panels to pilot and simulation enthusiasts alike. Enabling non-logbook rated proficiency for private pilots while at home gives customers flexibility with their flight training related to Avionics. Expanding into the RSG G1000 suite was a natural progression and enables us to offer the most amount of tabletop avionics panel configurations to customers world-wide in the marketplace today.

Be sure to check out the SLAVX Shop if you haven’t.  If you can’t find what you are looking for in the SLAVX shop, Stay Level Avionix have the ability to create custom panels for customers as well.

FSElite will be completing a review of an upcoming SLAVX panel that will be released to the market soon. In the meantime, you can watch John in the video above demonstrating the product.

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Just Flight Continue To Preview Duchess Model 76

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Just a day after previewing the IFR-capable avionics options on the Duchess Model 76, Just Flight has released in-sim previews of the Duchess' cockpit and exterior in action over on their Facebook page. In these previews, we can see that a lot of attention has been paid to detail when it came to modeling and texturing inside and out of the aircraft. The
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Just Flight Previews Duchess Model 76 Avionics

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Just Flight's Duchess Model 76 has progressed tremendously since our last set of development previews. In a Facebook post, Just Flight has previewed the aircraft featuring some third-party avionics along with some of their own custom avionics. The Duchess 76 will feature integration for the Flight1 GNS 430/530 and GTN 750/650, providing alternatives to the default GNS 430 avionics fit. It
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Sim Innovations Show Video Preview Of 737 MAX Avionics

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Sim Innovations has continued to make mouths water following their recent announcement of a 737 MAX avionics suite for X-Plane, this time showing a working video preview of the Captain's PFD in a Facebook video. The video shows the take-off stage of flight, with a few abnormal events thrown in to show what the system is currently capable of -
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Sim Innovations Preview 737 MAX Avionics For Zibo

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In a recent Facebook post, Sim Innovations announced a new project that they are working on... The team provided us with a single screenshot showcasing the PFD for the 737 MAX avionics suite. Along with the screenshot came a caption stating that they are planning on making the complete avionics suite for the MAX and that it is based upon the
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