AviationLads Releases Ground Service Sound Pack v3 Freeware

GroundServicesSoundPack V3 Thumbnail 1920×1080 1

Developed by Nick Kidd and published by AviationLads, the latest version of the Ground Service Sound Pack has been released.

The freeware GSX add-on adds new voice sets for a variety of parts of the original product. Replacing elements such as the boarding audio, truck sounds and catering equipment. Version 3 is compatible with GSX’s regional voice settings and also includes sounds for de-icing and pushback. You can also change the sounds mid-flight to add even more immersion depending on the region you’re flying to.

The soundpack is freely available to anyone who owns a copy of FSDreamTeam’s GSX software for Prepar3D. You can download it now directly from AviationLads’ website.

You can also listen to a sample of the voice files on the AviationLads website.

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Gaya Simulations St. Johann Airport Trailer

Official Trailer Gaya St. Johann Airport MSFS2020
AviationLads has released its latest flight simulation trailer, this time covering Gaya Simulations' St. Johann Airport. The airport itself is a small GA airfield deep within the Alps and serves various flight schools and private pilots looking to adventure around the scenic area. The new previews shared by Gaya Simulations highlight the attention to detail going into the buildings, nearby
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Gaya Simulations Official Florence Airport Trailer, Releasing Oct 16th

Official Trailer Gaya Florence Airport MSFS2020
A new trailer for the upcoming Gaya Simulations Florence Airport has surfaced online. Made by AviationLads, the new trailer shows us an in-depth look that upcoming airport scenery in Microsoft Flight Simulator. As we mentioned before, Gaya Simulations' Florence Airport will feature a detailed rendition of Florence Airport (LIRQ) including high-quality PBR texturing. Included also will be a number of custom-made points
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Win €100 simMarket Gift Card

Win 100 Euro Simmarket
To celebrate the upcoming release of our third issue of the FSElite Magazine, we wanted to give back to the community with an easy way to win a fantastic prize. In partnership with AviationLads and simMarket, we’re proud to be able to offer the community a chance to win a 100 gift card to spend on anything within the simMarket store! To
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ChasePlane New ‘Cinematics’ Mode Feature Trailer

We shared with you a few weeks ago a sneak peek of a new Cinematics mode coming soon to ChasePlane. The concept behind this name change is to signify the more streamlined approach Parallel 42 is taking with the next build of ChasePlane. All your settings and controls for the Cinematics can be controlled in one place.

When previewing the new mode back in May, Edson said that the new features included will enable creators to have the empowerment for content creators to manage their camera settings and create fresh new takes on views for viewers and other producers.

With that in mind, Edson considered “what if we made a video using only ChasePlane logic and no human input on the shots.”

Reaching out to the team at AviationLads, they produced a new trailer made purely from ChasePlane Cinematics and no input from a human. The result of that project is above.

No mention of when this update will be made available, but we’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, Parallel 42 did reach out to the community asking for real-world and virtual A320 pilots to reach out about beta testing the upcoming Aerosoft Airbus Immersion Pack.

Be sure to give AviationLads a follow on Facebook or a sub on YouTube. We’ll be announcing a joint contest very soon – you won’t want to miss this.

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MK-Studios Palma de Mallorca Prepar3D v4 / v5 Previews

Palma De Mallorca LEPA MK Studios 3
In partnership with MK-Studios and AviationLads, we have numerous new screenshots to share with the community for the upcoming Palma de Mallorca coming to both Prepar3D v4 and Prepar3D v5. The new screenshots highlight various areas of the scenery including the main terminal building, detailed ground texture work and various objects, building and hotels beyond the airport fence. Further to
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Win Flight Sim Prizes This Easter with AviationLads

Grand Easter Raffle Header
Our partners at AviationLads has worked with a wide range of developers to offer a huge number of prizes for flight simmers to win during this Easter period. Simply entering their free raffle means you could win anything from the latest airports from MK-Studios and Orbx, to brand new aircraft from Just Flight or utilities from Parallel 42. There's nearly
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AviationLads Releases Ground Services Soundpack V2.0 for GSX

GroundService SoundPack
In an announcement on their website, AviationLads has released the latest version of the popular freeware Ground Services Soundpack for FSDreamTeam's GSX Ground Services addon. Developed by Nick Kidd and published through the AviationLads website, Ground Services Soundpack V2.0 is a major update including more realistic voices and sounds to improve the immersion with ground operations. Users will get the
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Latinwings and PILOT’S Updating Almeria to version v1.1

Latinwings Almeria Version11 (5)
Whilst we loved Almeria by Latinwings / PILOT'S, it would appear that the team weren't done with updating the product with even more features. Thanks to AviationLads, we can also share with you what the new update will add to the product. Not content with making a scenery that looks great, the team wanted to add other elements that further
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