AUscene 2 Releases Adelaide Intl X V2.1


Scenery developer AUscene 2 has released Adelaide International Airport (YPAD) for FSX and P3D.

Adelaide is located along the southern coast of Australia and is considered to be the fifth busiest airport in Australia. The airport not only serves domestic flights operated by Qantas, it also is a destination for long-haul carriers from Asia and the Middle East.

The developer has redesigned the terminal and jetways with high resolution textures. In addition, enhanced and rendered night lighting enlightens the airport environment. This airport comes alive with AI ground traffic along with animated traffic surrounding the airport. It is mentioned that although the airport is designed using highly detailed ground layer and texture details, the P3D versions somewhat have a blur in the apron areas.

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Orbx Updates Australia V2 to SP1

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An extensive update for Orbx's Australia V2 has been released. SP1 not only features a range of bug fixes, but also a range of new features including over 70 airports and airfields not included in the default FSX/P3D base simulator. The post, shared by Ed Correia, talks about some of the new features amongst the changes. The city of Melbourne
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Overtorque Studios Announce YMMB Moorabbin for X-Plane

Over on the forum, a new group of developers named Overtorque Studios has announced their first freeware airport scenery, YMMB Moorabbin for X-Plane.  Moorabbin is a large General Aviation airport to the southeast of Melbourne. The airport has around 250,000 aircraft movements a year which makes the airport the second busiest throughout the whole of Australia. The airport is
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FSExpo 2019: Orbx Releases Australia v2

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Renowned scenery developer Orbx has unleashed their long-awaited v2 update for their Australia region scenery during their presentation at FSExpo 2019. First previewed in May, the mammoth overhaul of the region sees 8 million km² painstakingly recreated using the latest region-based technologies in both FSX and Prepar3D, covering everywhere from Cape York to Hobart, and Sydney to Perth, plus all of the coastlines, bodies of
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Orbx Shares Massive Update on Australia V2

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Orbx’s first ever regions covering Australia was some of the most incredible scenery when it was released at the time. Still, even today it is an impressive feat and still holds the record for being the most popular of all of Orbx’s regions. However, whilst FTX Australia was a stunning product at the time, technology and data has since improved and as such, Orbx has spent countless hours updating Australia to a brand new version. Back in December 2018 John Vennema briefly shared some previews of Australia V2 along with some minor details during the 2019 roadmap stream. Today, we have been treated with a huge update post on progression, along with a range of stunning previews in a variety of formats.

Australia V2 is without a doubt the largest Orbx region ever created. With over 8 million square kilometres covered, it will give you hours of enjoyment of exploring the cities, outbacks and beaches that Australia is famous for. Along your journey, you will be able to explore any of the 370+ upgraded airports as well as the 280+ brand new airport. All of this as you overfly some of the 50 large-scale photoreal scenery areas, which include details such as salt lakes, mining sites and tidal areas.

Throughout the sprawling region, the new data made available to Orbx has meant that rivers, lakes and shorelines are now much more accurate and has seen a huge improvement. In addition, road and railways have been improved too. Thanks to the new cityscene technology, a detailed Melbourne Cityscape will also be included and general autogen buildings will see a huge improvement in terms of size and placement.

To better visually represent the significant changes with the all new AU Australia V2 from Orbx, a series of images have been released giving you the ability to compare before and after shots. In addition, a 360-degree view image has been taken from within Melbourne City to give you the chance to really explore what’s on offer.

When Orbx AU Australia V2 releases, it is going to be on sale for AUD $54.95 (approx. USD $38.50). It will be available for FSX, FSX:SE and P3Dv1-4. A 40% discount will be offered to V1 owners and is expected to be roughly 21GB in size.

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Orbx Previews Next Version of FTX Australian AI Traffic Pack

In a post on their website, developer Orbx has offered a preview of their next major update for the FTX AU Traffic Pack. The updated package includes rewritten flight plans for all Australian airlines that are in line with real-world schedules from July/August 2018. The update also includes fly in/fly out schedules for the winning operations that take place in
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Orbx Announces Tyabb Airport

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On roughly 15 minutes of flying from the city of Melbourne, you can find Tyabb Airport (YTYA), and Orbx's next scenery. Home airport to its developer Jordan, this airport will soon see it's debut in our simulators. Tyabb is a relatively small airport, but Orbx wouldn't be Orbx if they didn't pay a lot of attention to the region surrounding
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MegaSceneryEarth Australia Release

The teams over at MegaSceneryEarth/PCAviator have released their very first addon package focussing on the land down under. MegaSceneryEarth is an addon that adds high-resolution photo scenery to entire areas, improving the visuals and making the environment more realistic and immersive. MegaSceneryEarth Australia uses the latest MegaSceneryEarth v3 technologies, which includes accurate water masking, texture colour correction, 1m source imagery
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