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[Updated] VATSIM Sets Connections Limits For The Weekend

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Following the successful launch of the new Audio for VATSIM at the beginning of the week, VATSIM has released a statement regarding the maximum number of connections on the VATSIM network for the upcoming weekend.

Due to the lack of stability of the voice server when the amount of users exceeds a little over 1,000 users, the Board of Governors of VATSIM has decided to limit the number of connection to the network to 147 simultaneous connections per server through the weekend. This means that the maximum limit of users over the VATSIM network will be 1,036 across their 7 servers.

VATSIM expects to reach the cap a few times during the weekend. In order to minimize disturbance, a code of good practices has been put up, so that a maximum of people can enjoy the new Audio for VATSIM this weekend.

With the upcoming Cross The Pond taking place in 7 days, it is essential that the stability problems are solved in due time. The limitations will be removed as soon as the stability source has been pinned down.

Audio for VATSIM is a complete overhaul of the VATSIM transmission network. The voice servers now simulate VHF range degradation, accurate frequency blocking, realistic voice sounding, HF simulation, voice UNICOM and much more.

Update posted on 20-Oct-19 @ 07:30Z by Guillaume

VATSIM Matthew Bartels has posted a further UNICOM policy change that takes effect immediately.

“If no ATC is online in your area only tune the UNICOM frequency 122.80 from pushback to top of climb and again from top of descent until parked on stand. During cruise, tune off of the global Unicom frequency and tune a random frequency until top of descent.”

Bartels added that this issue with AFV is beeing actively worked on.

Audio for VATSIM temporary Code of Conduct

  • Upon completion of a flight, users are requested to immediately disconnect instead of staying connected while idle at a gate to listen to the traffic. In the same vein, users are requested not to connect to VATSIM until they are ready to file their flight plan and receive clearance.
  • If you are doing a longer haul flight and anticipate the need for an extended step away, please disconnect from VATSIM. Not only is this part of the Code of Conduct, but with limited connection availability it allows those actively using the network to connect. Supervisors have been advised to disconnect users who have stepped away whilst in an active Air Traffic Controller’s airspace and do not respond quickly per CoC B3.
  • Air Traffic Controllers are requested to  consider giving up their sessions to another qualified controller who wants to control the same position if the controller has been on position for 2 hours or more. Please ensure that the controller relieving you has successfully connected prior to disconnecting so your position does not go offline and is unable to get another controller online.
  • Air Traffic Controllers are also asked to not transmit and receive on multiple frequencies. Each controller may transmit and receive on only one frequency unless temporarily relieving another controller in the top down hierarchy
  • Where we reach server capacity, VATSIM may suspend voice ATIS connections and observer connections in favor of having slots available for active controller and pilot connections. Such messages will be broadcast to all users on the network. Should you receive such a broadcast, Air Traffic Controllers are requested to disconnect their ATIS messages and proceed using a text only ATIS and Observers are requested to log off and reconnect as a Pilot or Air Traffic Controller or continue their observing session at a later time.
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Audio For VATSIM Launches

2019 9 19 8 19 19 982 (1)
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Audio For VATSIM Launch Date Announced

Afv Teaser 1
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