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Microsoft Flight Simulator Sim Update 6 Now Available

Zkdos Jokulsarlon Lagoon From Die Another Day

If you’re waiting to download the latest sim update for Microsoft Flight Simulator, you won’t have to wait anymore as Sim Update 6 is now available. Version of Microsoft Flight Simulator is now ready to download and comes with a host of improvements and changes to improve the simulator.

The release notes provided by Microsoft break down all of the changes into various sections, such as stability, weather, VR and stability. Some notable changes with Sim Update 6 include the following:

  • New AIRAC cycle 2110 is now available
  • Activated gust tweaking in custom weather settings
  • Ambient pressure is now smoothly calculated across the entire air column
  • Fixed corrupted VFR & PFD 2D Terrain in some cases
  • Terrain level of detail can now be increased up to 400 (instead of 200) in Graphics options on PC
  • Fixed autogen buildings that were sometimes absent or of low quality in the UK
  • Fixed Photogrammetry low resolution in manual cache
  • Added Thrustmaster TCA Boeing support
  • Added Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight support

From the looks of the release notes, many of the changes relate to the performance and stability of the platform. Furthermore, there have been changes to the flight model, which was described during the last developer live Q&A. This has given developers new ways to interact with the sim, meaning they can now adjust ground effect, elevator limits and more. New debugging screens and menus have been made available to them to help with aircraft development. Scenery and utility developers will also benefit from a number of changes with Sim Update 6 and the improved SDK.

As mentioned, this update seems more geared to fixing a number of issues, rather than introducing a range of new features. If you’re waiting for new features, aircraft and more, check out the Game of the Year Edition launching on November 18th. Or if you’re after something a little more exhilarating, then the Reno Air Race DLC will be perfect for you.

You can download Sim Update 6 using the same method you have previously used to download updates. Remember to move things out of your community folder first before then placing them back in order to avoid potential issues.

The changelog is huge, but you can find it below.


Did you know we’re throwing an FSElite Launch Party on November 20th? We’re inviting people to take part online and at an in-person event. Interested in coming to Bath (UK) to celebrate with a limited number of people? Check out the information or complete our form to enter a raffle to win tickets.


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Microsoft Flight Simulator: GOTY Edition Announced – Replay Mode, New Aircraft, DX12 and More

Microsoft Flight Simulator – Announcing The Game Of The Year Edition
Since the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator back in August 2020, and the release on Xbox Series X|S in July 2021, the team has continuously worked on the simulator. Bringing enhancements and improvements over the course of time, as well as huge content updates with the World Updates, but the new Game of the Year (GOTY) Edition will be one of
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Reno Air Races Coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator November 18th

Reno Line L39
Microsoft teased at Gamescom earlier this year, but now they have confirmed more details about the upcoming Reno Air Race downloadable content that will be coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator later this year. Firstly, it has been confirmed that Reno Air Races will as two packages when it releases in November. Reno Air Races: Full Collection has been developed in close
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LatinVFR Releases Airport Static Aircraft for Asobo Airports

Latinvfr Airport Static=aircraft For Asobo Airports 01
Scenery developer LatinVFR has released a new add-on that strays away from their usual scenery products. The newest product, Airport Static Aircraft for Asobo Airports is LatinVFR's take on providing static aircraft to airports at various airports around the world. With the newly released package, you will be able to add real-world airlines and aircraft types to a number of
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Junkers JU-52 Now Available for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator Junkers JU 52 Available Now
Following a short delay, Microsoft has now released the Junkers JU-52 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The first of many Local Legends published by Microsoft is the iconic German aircraft. The transport aircraft was first developed in the 1930s and saw numerous countries take delivery of the 17-seat airliner. The Junker JU-52 was flown by 12 airlines and was to carry both
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Updated to Version with New Hotfix

Vdhepkvf7lj51 1024×576

A brand new hotfix for Microsoft Flight Simulator has been released, bringing the platform to version The new version fixes a number of issues, along with adding additional functionality to the sim based on user requests and feedback.

The latest hotfix addresses the broken night lighting when the render scale was not set to 100%. Furthermore, there have been fixes for the trim reset button on the Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant, terrain spikes in Innsbruck, and also other general crashes. Speaking of crashes, the hotfix means that ‘Safe Mode’ will no longer trigger when a crash occurs when closing the sim. The other notable change with the hotfix is the addition of ‘Offscreen pre caching’ added to the VR menu for those that use VR in the simulator.

Downloading the new hotfix can be done through the usual way of opening up the simulator and downloading the new update. As usual, be sure to remove everything from your ‘Community’ folder first and then replace it after the update is complete in order to ensure things work correctly.

For more on Microsoft Flight Simulator, check out our interview with Jorg Neumann on the future of the platform, or perhaps read over our review on the Xbox version of the simulator. With World Update VI now in the hands of simmers, the next big release will be the Junkers JU-52 coming at the end of the month.


  • Fixed broken night lighting when the renderscale was not set to 100%
  • Added Offscreen pre caching option in the VR menu
  • Fixed some general crashes
  • Fixed the Trim reset button on the Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant
  • Safe mode will no longer trigger when a crash occured when closing the program
  • Missing watermask at Lucerne has been added
  • Color correction for Photogrammetry in Vienna has been tweaked
  • Water crack has been fixed near Moritzburg POI
  • Fixed terrain spike around LOWI
  • Fixed crash with Resync from Aircraft Editor without any aircraft selected
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[Update: New Release Date] Junkers JU-52 for MSFS Delayed by a Few Weeks

MSFS Junker JU 52 03
Update 10-Sept-2021 @ 12:35z: From the Microsoft Flight Simulator blog, it has been confirmed that the Junkers JU-52 will now release on September 28th 2021. With World Update VI now in the hands of simmers, the next exciting release for Microsoft Flight Simulator was to be the Junkers JU-52. Initially announced at Gamescom last month, the product was originally due to release
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Watch Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update 6 Trailer

Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update 6 Official Trailer Gamescom 2021
In case you missed it, Microsoft shared a trailer for the upcoming World Update 6 which is due to release very soon for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new world update will bring with it numerous new photogrammetry cities such as Frankfurt, Basel, and Vienna along with plenty of new points of interest. Points of interest include Heligoland (Germany), Melk Abbey
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MSFS Data Streaming Issue

KittyHawk E3 WithLogo 004 1
Users of Microsoft Flight Simulator have probably already noticed that the simulator is currently experiencing some issues with the live streaming of data. A large amount of users have been reporting issues on the official MSFS forums with live streaming data from Azure. The issue causes low textures in the sim, and incorrect data (buildings, roads, etc.). Photogrammetry data is
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Gamescom 2021: Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update 6 Previews and Info

Coming straight from the Microsoft Gamescom 2021 Xbox presentation, a brand new selection of screenshots and info for World Update 6 has been released. World Update 6 will bring huge improvements to the imagery around Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The new world update will bring with it numerous new photogrammetry cities such as Frankfurt, Basel, and Vienna along with plenty
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