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Microsoft Flight Simulator Sim Update V Will Bring Huge Performance and Visual Improvements

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It is no secret that simulators demand an awful lot from systems in order to render at a smooth and visually pleasing rate. Whilst Microsoft Flight Simulator has always been performance-intensive, the visual quality and fidelity were always commented on for being gorgeous. Since the release of the simulator, last August, Asobo and Microsoft have worked to optimise the sim further. Whilst those improvements were welcome, it looks as though Sim Update V will be the most significant leap. Previewed on the Live Developer Q&A this week, the teams showcased just how much more optimised the sim will be by the end of the month.

Jorg, Sebastian and Martial took to Twitch to discuss with the community just how far they’ve come to improve the performance of the simulator ahead of the Xbox Series X|S release on July 27th. To make these performance improvements, the team has rewritten and improved many parts of the sim’s engine and architecture. This has lead to dramatic improvements across the whole simulator. These improvements are now only for smaller areas, but intensive and resource-heavy areas such as New York. In fact, Seb previewed these changes and the results are staggering.

During the stream, Seb shared that he is using an i7-9700k and NVIDIA Geforce RTX 2060 SUPER on ultra settings in 4K as his test system. The first test showed him flying a Cessna 152 over New York where he was using the current publically available simulator update (sim update IV). In this test, Seb was achieving around 35-40 frames per second along with noticeable stuttering throughout. After a few minutes, we then saw the exact same settings, PC and scenario, but with the upcoming Sim Update V. His frame rate then jumped significantly to a near-stable 60fps. Not only that, but the simulator was silky smooth. This highlights just how huge the performance increase will be with the new sim update. The new update will make better use of system resources, with the GPU being used to the fullest extent, whilst CPU and ram will usage will be lighter in use.

Sim Update V will not only bring significant improvements to performance, but also to the visuals. As we saw in the Xbox Series X|S E3 trailer, new effects will be coming to the simulator. Furthermore, the teams have found and fixed an issue with the tree level of detail problem, meaning that you’ll see a lot more vegetation in your simulator moving forward.


All of these visual and performance improvements are not due to the implementation of DirectX 12. The team are still working on the implementation of the new API engine for the simulator and will be coming in the future. The use of the new DX12 engine will enable additional features such as ray-tracing and other effects. [edited]

Beyond the Sim Update, a few extra tidbits of information were shared in the stream.

It was confirmed the Xbox Series X version of the simulator will run in 4K with a locked frame rate of 30 frames per second. However, as we previously reported, if you own a variable refresh rate TV, then you can achieve up to 60fps in specific areas. Those who own Xbox Series S will enjoy the simulator at 1080p. If you’re looking to snap up the physical release on Xbox, Microsoft confirmed that the Standard Edition of the simulator will be a physical disc. You can find out a little more about the Xbox editions in our previous post, including how third-party content will be handled.

Other updates are also on their way over the next few months and years for the simulator. The team confirmed that they are working with MetroBlue to improve the live weather in the simulator. In fact, Jorg said that it will “blow people away” when people see what will happen in the future. Gliders were also teased as they have found a new partner to create some, with more details coming in the next developer Q&A. Finally, the US will get another World Update next year as better and newer data has been sourced by the team.

There’s a lot of new information here to digest, but everything is certainly welcome. To see performance gains of nearly 60% for the simulator is outstanding and will certainly help simmers with all systems get more from the experience.


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Next Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update Will Focus on Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Chongqing China Screenshot By Reinier044
A new development blog post was shared by Microsoft overnight and whilst the post itself was quite short, the development roadmap shared revealed quite a lot about what is coming up next. Perhaps most significantly is the confirmation that World Update VI will focus on Germany, Austria and Switzerland. As with previous World Updates, we imagine that Germany, Austria and
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World Update V: Nordics Now Available for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator – Nordics World Update Trailer
Microsoft Flight Simulator has been updated to version and launches alongside World Update V: Nordics. The long-awaited World Update sees Europe’s Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden updated with new airports, imagery and points of interest to discover. In total 77 new points of interest have been added across Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. These new
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Nordic World Update Releasing Next Week

Msfs Development Update 9 1600×892
The next World Update for Microsoft Flight Simulator will focus on Nordic countries and provide new hand-crafted airports and points of interest to overfly. However, up until today, it was unknown when the new World Update would be released for the simulator. Through the Microsoft Flight Simulator blog, we have learned that the Asobo Studio and Microsoft plan on releasing
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Live Q&A Recap: World Update V Info, New Partners and New Aircraft Announced

As it common lately with the Microsoft Flight Simulator Developer Live Q&A sessions, a lot of information was shared by the three headliner guests. As usual, Jorg from Microsoft was joined by Seb and Martial from Asobo Studio to talk about what’s coming up in the next few months for the simulator.

The Twitch stream began with the usual focus on the most recent major update. The team took viewers over some of the key differences with Sim Update IV, which released earlier this week. However, juicer information was later shared regarding the upcoming World Update V, new partners and also a new aircraft was announced.

World Update V

We already know that World Update V will focus on the Nordics, but for the first time, we saw a number of screenshots for the upcoming update. Jorg took us on a mini-tour around some of the points of interest being developed by Gaya Simulations. Some of the points of interest shown included Egeskov Castle, Lego House, Oland Bridge, Kiruna Church, Helsinki Cathedral, the Arctic Cathedral and Hvitserkur.

As well as the new points of interest, a few screenshots of the upcoming airports were also shared.

As a reminder the full list of included airports for World Update V is as follows:

  • Bornholm Airport, Denmark (EKRN)
  • Sandskei Airport, Iceland (BISS)
  • Svalbard Airport, Norway (ENSB)
  • Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Sweden (ESSA)
  • Vaasa Airport, Finland (EFVA)

Jorg did say the team have yet to finalise a release date as there’s some debate whether it should release on June 15th or June 29th. He said there’s “lots of evidence for June 15th, but said that we’ll wait and see what happens. Either way, there’s not long to wait until World Update V is freely available for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Some debate whether the update should release on June 15th or June 29th. Jorg says “lots of evidence for June 15th”. But we shall wait and see.

FlyByWire A32NX Update

FlyByWire was also hosted on the stream to update the community on how efforts on their A32NX is progressing. The team were pleased to confirm that the FlyByWire A32NX will be available on the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace as a free standalone product later today. This has been the result of a close partnership with the team and they are pleased to have everything in place to enable this to happen for the community.

In addition, they confirmed that work is ongoing to complete the LNAV autopilot systems, along with introducing new EFB elements such as panel states.

New Partner – Perfect Flight

Known for their bush mission packs, Microsoft will be teaming up with Perfect Flight to offer mission and challenge packs for the upcoming release of World Update V. Jorg said that they hope this will be a long-term partnership between the two companies.

New Aircraft Announcement

Following on from the Top Rudder Just103Solo release, Asobo has been working hard on their next aircraft. Announced in the steam, Jorg confirmed that the Aviat Husky A-1C will be coming to the simulator very soon. Just like the Top Rudder Just103Solo, it will be a payware aircraft, but Jorg said it will be fairly priced as they want to continue providing “great value” to the community. A number of screenshots were shared, but details are limited at this time as there are features about the plane which can’t be discussed just yet.

It was confirmed that Aviat Husky A-1C is due to release August 2021.

Those were the primary announcements from the live stream, however, Jorg, Seb and Martial answered a number of questions from the community about some of the bugs and items on the wishlist. You can watch the full stream over on YouTube or Twitch.


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Microsoft Flight Simulator Development Update

Partnership Series Azure Cognitive Services Speech
A new development blog was shared by the Microsoft Flight Simulator team which gave a brief update on the upcoming Sim Update IV along with more information on Azure Cognitive Services. Firstly, the team said that Sim Update IV is currently undergoing community testing. The team have chosen to look at the community to support future releases to ensure that
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Asobo Studio Releases Top Rudder 103 Solo for MSFS

Msfs Dev Update Atr Nordic 16
After announcing the aircraft on the Developer Q&A earlier this month, the Top Rudder 103 Solo is now available to buy on Microsoft Flight Simulator. This is the first aircraft developed by Asobo Studio and Microsoft and made available as paid downloadable content since the release of the simulator back in August 2020. The ultralight aircraft is "like no other"
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You Could Own this Flight Simulator Monster PC

Microsoft Flight Simulator Pc
Whilst the image looks a little silly and not something that would be practical for many, it actually is something that you could potentially have as part of your own setup. Xbox France is doing a competition where the primary winner could win a completely custom PC that is encased with a cross-section of an aircraft jet engine. The contest
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Performance Patch Released

UnkemptTeacher9 1024×557
A new hotfix was released by the Microsoft Flight Simulator team that comes with performance optimisations to enhance the experience whilst in flight. The new patch, which can be downloaded already, sees performance optimisations when flying close to large airports. One of the examples given was Dallas-Ft Worth (KDFW), but we imagine this has similar effects at other airports of
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