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Asobo Studio Releases Top Rudder 103 Solo for MSFS

Msfs Dev Update Atr Nordic 16

After announcing the aircraft on the Developer Q&A earlier this month, the Top Rudder 103 Solo is now available to buy on Microsoft Flight Simulator. This is the first aircraft developed by Asobo Studio and Microsoft and made available as paid downloadable content since the release of the simulator back in August 2020.

The ultralight aircraft is “like no other” in that the super-lightweight design offers pilots the ability to take off and land almost anywhere in the world. It also means that the aircraft has the ability to travel very slow and low enabling you to take in the views as you fly around. Not only are you able to fly slow, but the aircraft also features true panoramic views and the ability to look right beneath your feet at the ground below. The aircraft is also extremely responsive and has an exhilarating sporty-like feeling that gives you the opportunity to try some truly unique flying. It’s worth also noting that the aircraft itself features¬†a specific engine, which is small and comes with a clutch. This means that if your RPM drops, the prop itself will stop. If you’re in somewhat windy conditions, you will see the propeller windmill.

The ultralight aircraft is packed with features to give you a great flying experience. You will experience high-quality sound recordings directly from the aircraft with 3D audio effects, along with detailed pilot animations and PBR materials throughout. The team has given the aircraft impeccable details throughout the modelling and texture work.

The Top Rudder 103 Solo for Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available to buy through the in-sim Marketplace for $9.99 USD.

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You Could Own this Flight Simulator Monster PC

Microsoft Flight Simulator Pc
Whilst the image looks a little silly and not something that would be practical for many, it actually is something that you could potentially have as part of your own setup. Xbox France is doing a competition where the primary winner could win a completely custom PC that is encased with a cross-section of an aircraft jet engine. The contest
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Performance Patch Released

UnkemptTeacher9 1024×557
A new hotfix was released by the Microsoft Flight Simulator team that comes with performance optimisations to enhance the experience whilst in flight. The new patch, which can be downloaded already, sees performance optimisations when flying close to large airports. One of the examples given was Dallas-Ft Worth (KDFW), but we imagine this has similar effects at other airports of
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Microsoft and Working Title Simulations Announces Partnership

20201025080726 1
It has been confirmed that the developers behind the CJ4 and G3000 mods for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Working Title Simulations, has officially partnered with Microsoft to support development within the simulator. The news was confirmed on the Twitch stream hosted by Microsoft and Asobo Studio last night and was then accompanied by a press release from Working Title Simulations. The
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Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update IV Details and More

Msfs World Update 4 France (1)
Microsoft and Asobo Studio took to Twitch to take part in the regular live stream where the community can ask the development team burning questions. The 1.5 hour stream is full of information related to how specific decisions are made, upcoming changes and normally features a sneak peek at what is to come next. World Update IV: France and the
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Sim Update III Now Available


Microsoft Flight Simulator’s third Sim Update has just been released and is now available to download. The all-new Sim Update III adds new content and features, including changes to aircraft, ATC and virtual reality.

Within the world map menu, a new way to adjust aircraft to match specific real-world aircraft has been added. The update adds a new Empty CG Position and also the ability to increase the wear of the fuselage to get a higher parasitic drag found commonly on older and dirty aircraft. In addition, there is now a control surface limit where maximum angle limits for elevators, rudders and aileron control surfaces can be added which may exist between different aircraft. It’s worth noting that the changes are only applicable on your next flight and not persistent.

Those feeling nostalgic for FSX will be pleased to see that some of the old legacy liveries are now available for specific aircraft. The likes of World Travel, Orbit Global Freightways and Pacifica make a resurgence. We can’t wait to see those livery screenshots over the coming days on various groups online. These are available for appropriate aircraft. Another change to the aircraft is the introduction of contrails on the user’s aircraft. However, they are not yet supported yet for multiplayer or AI aircraft yet.

Virtual Reality, which was introduced in Sim Update II, has also seen a comprehensive update. Users can now access the control menu directly from the VR mode page and labels now display correctly in the VFR map. There have also been some fixes to how various aircraft are interacted with in VR mode. As for ATC, leading zeros for runway numbers are now communicated where appropriate and some fixes to how the system handles pronunciation and cruise altitudes have been implemented.

In addition, various updates to multiple aircraft have also been applied in this new update. The changelog breaks things down into sections. Under displays, the HUD in the 787-10 has been enhanced and you can adjust the brightness level in the G3000 and the G3X. The autopilot has also seen some corrections for aircraft such as the Airbus A320neo and the 747-8. There is a huge range of fixes in the changelog which are all designed to add new features and fix bugs reported by the community.

Other notable fixes include:

  • Wind panel UI for the wind and gust settings
  • Fix to the outline of clouds and objects which was introduced in the previous update
  • Taxi sign light size tweaked

The SDK has also seen various changes and improvements, including a sample of AirportServices and the ability to load and save flight using the FlowFlightManager.

You can get the update now by running the simulator and downloading the update file. You can read more on this update via the official blog.

Whilst you wait for the download to install, why not check out more on our hands-on with Virtual Reality, or read more about the World Update that dropped recently that added the UK and Ireland to the sim in high detail.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Hotfix Released

Vdhepkvf7lj51 1024×576
The latest World Update for Microsft Flight Simulator sadly introduced a bug that doubled the lift effect in flap configurations that produced a lot of lift. This bug has now been fixed in a small hotfix just released by Microsoft for the simulator. The hotfix has been tested by the developers and confirms that the issue with the flaps is
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Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update III Delayed Until February 16th 2021

Chrome 2021 01 28 15 09 40
A short post from the Microsoft Flight Simulator team has confirmed that the upcoming World Update III: United Kingdom has been delayed again until February 16th 2021. This delay follows various other delays which have been attributed to the new technology and tools being used to incorporate the new photogrammetry cities into the simulator. On the social media post shared
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