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AOA Simulations

AOA Simulations F35A Released for X-Plane 11

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AOA Simulations, developers renowned for their F35B and V22 Osprey aircraft, has released their latest project, the F35A for X-Plane. AOA Simulations announced the release via their Facebook page.

Although AOA has previously released the Short Take-Off and Vertical Landing (STOVL) F35B, the F35A is a whole new build and shares very little code from the previous model. This particular model boasts PBR textures, custom FMOD sounds and SASL plug-in avionics. Take a look at the screenshots and a full feature list below.

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AOA Simulations Releases Upcoming F35A User Guide

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Ahead of the upcoming release of the F35A for X-Plane, AOA simulations has released their user guide for the F35A. The guide compiles cockpit walkarounds and checklists along with explanations of the added features and loadouts of the upcoming aircraft. The 28-page guide also includes screenshots that give a little more insight and detail to the aircraft and describes the
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AOA Simulations Previews Smoke Effects on Upcoming RV-8

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AOA Simulations has previewed some exciting new smoke effects that have been added to their upcoming Van's Aircraft RV-8. The tandem low-wing homebuilt aircraft is commonly seen at airshows and as the post states, with airshow season around the corner, the smoke effect is an appropriate addition. While there is no timeline for release, the airplane previews indicate some marked
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New AOA Simulations F35-A Lightning II Previews

F 35A Lightning II For X Plane 11
AOA simulations, developers of the V22 Osprey and F35-B announced over a year ago that their next project was to be the F35-A. The aircraft isn't quite ready for release just yet but in true AOA Simulations fashion, we are in no shortage of previews; The latest of which was posted on their Facebook page, an in-depth video showcasing the
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AOA Simulations Announces Leonardo AW609 TiltRotor For X-Plane 11

AOA Simulations Leonardo 01

AOA Simulations has announced that they are working on a new project via their Facebook page, the Leonardo AW609 TiltRotor. The AW609 is a VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) aircraft with the purpose of serving the civil aviation market. Powered by 2 Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6 Turboprop engines, it can reach speeds up to 509 km/h and has a top range of 1,390 km.

As this is a new project, there is no news of a price just yet but this aircraft does look to be a promising addition to the X-Plane platform.

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