MK-Studios Announces Sevilla Airport (LEZL)

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In a brief Facebook statement, MK-Studios has announced they were working on a rendition of the Sevilla Airport (LEZL). This surprising move comes only a couple of weeks after the released of their 2020 roadmap. Sevilla Airport will be developed "at the same time as Ponta Delgada ", which is scheduled for release in Q3 2020. The same time frame
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FlyTampa Announces Copenhagen-Rebooted

Cph V2
With a single screenshot, Emilios from FlyTampa has announced Copenhagen-Rebooted over on their forums. The screenshot features a very close up shot of Terminal A of FlyTampa's first airport, Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup (EKCH), complete with PBR textures. The image also seems to be taken in the simulator due to the presence of weather. Back in August, FlyTampa announced that Copenhagen
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Ezdok Announces MFS Plans, Development Partly Suspended

EZCA V3 Pro Overview ENG 10 10 Screenshot
The developers of Ezdok have made some statements regarding the current situation and development of EZCA. The statement was made after a user on their forums inquired about a previously announced update that was to drop sometime mid October. This update was to bring some interesting new features. The developer, going by the name of Nickbe, in response, stated that
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Navigraph Reverts Subscription Changes

Navigraph Logotype
Navigraph has reverted the changes to their subscription models that took place over the last few days. Yesterday we shared how Navigraph was dropping their monthly and annual separate FMS Data and Charts subscriptions in favour of one 'Ultimate' subscription, combining both services. Today, the Navigraph team has let us know this change will no longer take place and customers
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PKSIM Announces Lima Airport and More In Roadmap Post

Pksim Lima Peru P3dv4 2

Developers PKSIM has announced a few new airport products in the works following on from the release of Bogota earlier this month. In a post on Facebook, the team shared what the current roadmap for the team looks like.

Starting off, the team shared the news that they will be working on Jorge Chavez International Airport (SPJC). The airport, also known as Lima Airport in Peru is an important hub in the area with a large number of airlines from across the Globe visiting the airport. The team said that this will be the first airport outside of Colombia for the team. No anticipated release date but some renders were shared.

In addition, the team confirmed that work is on-going for a new version (V2) of Rionegro. The plan is to make it native to Prepar3D V4 and also include SODE jetways along with airport expansion. With all the learnings and new technology found in Bogota also being applied to this new version of Rionegro airport.

Finally, the team also confirmed that there are plans to update Barranquilla with new features such as the all-new jetways coming to the airport. However, this won’t be done until the actual airport is updated in real-life.

That wraps up their small roadmap shared on Facebook. Be sure to follow them to stay updated with their news.

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A_A Sceneries Announces Phuket Update

VTSP 2019 21
Followed closely in the tracks of the recent release of Bdo Aviation's Phuket scenery, developer A_A Sceneries has announced to be working on an update for their version of the airport. A_A Sceneries currently has a version of Phuket (VTSP) available on SimMarket, but this version dates back to 2012 and is rather outdated, though it still works in our
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FlyingIron Simulations Announces Grob G 109B for X-Plane

Grob G 109B 10
As we begin to edge closer to the holiday season, we now begin to see announcements for products that will be the subject of holiday season spending. One of such is the newly-announced Grob G 109B from FlyingIron Simulations. The Grob G 109B is a German, 2 seat, self-launching motor glider with a 95HP flat-four engine to propel it into the sky.
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RFscenerybuilding Teases Next Project

4 Fs
Over on Facebook, RFscenerybuilding has teased their next project. Located in Italy, like most RFscenerybuildings projects, the team announced to be working on Brindisi Airport (LIBR). The announcement goes paired with only a single screenshots, so we can't say too much about the scenery yet. But the modelling in the screenshot looks of a high quality, with a detailed terminal
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