FSExpo Streaming Woes and Remediation


For those who have been tuning in to our livestreams on Twitch throughout FSExpo today,  you may have noticed that the stream will occasionally drop out, stutter, or just go offline entirely at seemingly random times. We’re aware and have come up with a plan to fix it!

With PMDG’s big announcement taking place in less than an hour, we’d be silly to try and stream such an event with our current, unreliable setup. We think most of our connection issues are due to the shoddy WiFi at the Expo itself, so we’ll be switching to LTE to ensure greater stability and quality, as well to make sure that we won’t be taken offline if there’s a bunch of devices all streaming at once (which there’ll probably will be, given the caliber of the announcement).

That’s all for now, and we apologize for the inconvenience. We’ll be back streaming PMDG’s product reveal over on our Twitch channel when Robert Randazzo takes the stage here at 2200z, so see you then and enjoy the Expo!


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Turbulent Designs Back At Orbx

Turbulent Designs Mbs International P3dv4 22
Orbx and Turbulent Designs are back together! A little bit over 1,5 year ago, Turbulent Designs made the announcement to be continuing independently. Now they are back with the big publisher and developer and announcing a renewed partnership. The announcement was made by both Orbx and Turbulent Designs. TD co-founder and director, Greg Jones, stated that being back with Orbx
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Orbx Broome International X-Plane Announcement

Australia comes to X-Plane! In a post made on their forums, Orbx has made the announcement for Broome International airport (YBRM) for the popular platform. As you know, Orbx has been expanding quite a bit into this simulator. The scenery, which was originally created for FSX and Prepar3D, has been ported over to X-Plane meticulously to make sure all the
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Felis Announces 747-200 Classic In Development

B747 013.thumb.jpg.85414c536ea6be366d78b7b13e311835
Felis, the developer behind popular vintage airliners for X-Plane such as the TU-154M and AN-24RV, has announced the start of development on the next addition to the stable - the Boeing 747-200 Classic. In the post on the forums, Felis says that he wanted to make a classic variant of the 747 without the modern equipment such as digital
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Ilumium Simulation Slovenia X Previews

SLOVENIAX Previews19

Ilumium Simulation has shared a preview of their upcoming Slovenia X scenery with us. This addon is a complete rendition of the entire country and will be available for both FSX and Prepar3D. This scenery combines custom landclass and vector data, custom landclass textures, custom autogen and landmark models, photo-real inserts and default objects, with the aim of creating an identifiable and unique region, that ‘looks and feels’ Slovenian – and judging by the previews, does an excellent job of this. The team has paid special attention to geographical regions and major cities which have been covered in high detail. Furthermore, the addon provides highly accurate vector data, custom autogen and landmark models, some photo-real areas and custom (landclass) textures for all four seasons. There will be roads, bridges, overpasses, train tracks, viaducts, highway tunnels and much, much more. A full feature list can be found at the end of this post.

Slovenia X is still under development, but early access should come out in the following days for the Slovenian virtual flying community according to the developer post. Public release is scheduled for later this year. If you’re really curious about this scenery (we know we are) and don’t quite want to wait for its public release, you can try out the Croatia X Drvenik Islands Demo or give Divaca Airport (LJDI) a try – both sceneries are freeware. Or you can purchase Slovenia West Autogen for €19,50. This last addon is said to give you a small glimpse of what you can expect when Slovenia X releases and customers will only have to pay the price difference between the two sceneries.

You can find a small selection of the previews below, but make sure to check out the entire post for all screenshots as there are a lot of them.

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HotStart Socata TBM900 Announced

It's always exciting to see new developers enter the market, bringing new skills and technologies to simulator add-ons. It's even more exciting when a developer branches out from what they're already known for and gives us something totally different. Such is the case here, with the announcement of the Socata TBM900 for X-Plane by a "new" developer going under the
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FSDT Chicago O’Hare v2 Preview

FSDT Chicago OHARE V2 Preview 1
FSDreamTeam has released a stunning video showcasing the upcoming Chicago O'Hare (KORD) v2 update! In the video they display a number of interesting new features, as well as the updated terminal buildings. One of the notable features that they show off in the video are the info panels at the gate. These will display realtime info on your weather, gate coordinates
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Orbx Perth International Airport Planned (YPPH)

Orbx YPPH Perth
John Venema, CEO of Orbx, has given some hints that Orbx will be bringing YPPH, or Perth, to our sims in the coming future. He stated that "YPPH is planned". He continued to explain how Orbx has wanted to make this airport for over a decade but only recently met all of the requirements to make it happen. No word on
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