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Orbx Compatibility update Prepar3d V4 – Release Tomorrow

OrbX has jut announced that they will release the updated FTX Central 3.2.x.x hopefully tomorrow and when you run it you will see the Apply Update button.


Orbx have given us some more insight in what products will be compatible with Prepar3d V4 once it releases, and how to obtain said updates for our new sim.

Products that will be compatible with P3DV4 right away are:

  • Orbxlibs
  • Global Base Pack
  • openLC North America & openLC Europe
  • All Region Packs (Southern Alaska and New Zealand North make use of ObjectFlow, which won’t work yet. The regions themselves are)

To install these sceneries you will require FTX Central V3.2.x.x, which will hopefully be pushed out by Orbx tomorrow. P3DV4 won’t be compatible with older versions of FTX Central. To install your products, we recommend you follow the guide as mentioned in this article. Note that you should not be copying files yourself!

Furthermore Orbx gives us some more insight in products that are not (yet) compatible. These products mainly consist of the airport addons we have all come to love. Most of these airports don’t work because of the PeopleFlow which will simply require some more work from Orbx. These addons will become available overtime as Orbx ports over PeopleFlow to Prepar3d V4 to ensure a good experience with their airports. An exact timeline hasn’t been given.

Unfortunately there is also some stuff that won’t be compatible any time soon (though, this was to be expected). The Orbx FTX Vector and Aero tool won’t work with P3DV4: new tools will be developed in the future to ensure to make them available again. The Lancair, Victa and Vans RV4 won’t work and won’t be made available in the future because developers have since moved on to new projects.

FSFX Compatibility update Prepar3d V4


Good news for everyone using ChasePlane! FSFX Packages, the developer of this immensely popular camera addon, have stated that it will be compatible with the soon to be released Prepar3d V4. ChasePlane owners will be able to get going with this tool right away as, according to a post on their site. Some features may not be working yet, but FSFX are confident they’ll be able to fix these pretty soon. Perhaps already as soon as this week, according to their post.


PrecipitFX will be compatible with P3DV4 pretty soon after release, and FSFX is aiming for a compatible release this week. Due to Prepar3ds new weather effects, PreciptFX enabled rain- and snowparticles won’t work.

FSFX Immersion

FSFX have developed multiple immersion packages for several aircraft, but the future of these addons remains yet to be seen. They stated that they might look at compatibility but can’t say anything as of yet since all the aircraft these immersion packages are made for are not available yet.

Navigraph Charts Open Beta announcement

Navigraph Charts Open Beta

Navigraph have opened up their Charts Beta for all existing customers! We’ve been reporting on Navigraphs upcoming Charts update for a while now, and some of the details are already known. But now we can finally get our hands on it and start using it! The beta is meant to really test the product and iron out as many bugs as possible before the release and Navigraph encourage people taking part to give feedback on their forums. Furthermore, it should be noted that not all features are working yet. Such features include terminal procedures and/or terminal maps amongst others. But enough about that, lets see what we can start using.

Included features

Of course a lot of stuff is already working in the beta. The list of features is as follows:

  • Jeppesen Charts
  • Day and Night mode
  • Moving Maps both on enroute charts and airport diagrams
  • Flights accepting route strings
  • Pinboard for flexible organization of airport charts
  • Dynamic, interactive and fully searchable enroute charts
  • Decentralization of server structure for good responsiveness around the globe

How to get started?

To start using the Open Beta of Navigraph you have to be a customer of Navigraph Charts. This means you either need a Charts or the Ultimate package that provides Charts as well as NavData. After that, Navigraph recommend using a modern web browser with a reasonable screen size. Furthermore, there is additional software that needs to be installed to make Moving Maps work in FSX (Plane users won’t have to do this). Please note that at this point we’re unsure about compatibility with the soon to be released Prepar3d V4, but we doubt it will work. So keep that in mind if you want to start testing this product. Navigraph Customers have received an email with exact install instructions, so it’s best to just follow this!

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UK2000 Norwich Xtreme previews

UK2000 has unveiled their next project with a whole bunch of projects. Norwich airport (EGSH): a small airport in Norfolk originally founded as an RAF airbase to be used during WW2. Nowadays Norwich serves a number of airports within the UK as well as a few more sunnier destinations around the Mediterranean Sea. The airport also has a long history of flights to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport through KLM Cityhopper (formerly KLM UK as can still be seen on the hangars in this scenery as well).

Orbx announce CAG8 Pender Harbour Seaplane Base

Orbx developer Larry Robinson has announced his third seaplane base, CAG8 Pender Harbour Seaplane Base. He has posted a bunch of screenshots of “the Venice of the North”. The scenery will come with a big area of coverage which will include John Henry’s Marina, the Sundowner Inn and more nearby buildings, over 300 docks and marinas, a lot (300 or more) static pleasure craft (half the amount for FSX), high resolution custom AI objects, custom effects, Orbx PeopleFlow and roughly 20 square km of photorealistic scenery.

Larry has previously developed two other seaplane bases, namely CAC8 Nanaimo Water Aerodome and CAX6 Ganges Water Aerodome which, like this upcoming scenery, are completely free. A selection of the previews can be found below this post. To check out all the screenshots and the full details on this upcoming scenery you can head over to the Orbx Forums.

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Dovetail Games Flight School Shutdown

In a post on Facebook, Dovetail Games have announced to be shutting down Flight School. Flight School, according to them, had two ideas in mind: create an entry level sim for people new to the hobby and implement technical functionality to build upon in the future. Though the exact reason for the decision to shutdown the sim isn’t known, they do state that they don’t want to ‘compromise the depth and complexity demanded by more experienced flyers’. The sim, together with all your saved data, will remain in your Steam Library. The game is however not available for download anymore. Flight School launched almost a year ago.

More news of Dovetails upcoming sim and something special for existing Flight School owners will come in the following weeks.

FSElite Confirm Media Partnership with FlightSimCon 2017

FSElite are proud to announce that we will be Media Partners for the upcoming flight sim event, FlightSimCon 2017.

As part of our 2017 commitment, we are continuing to deliver for the community by bringing you closer to the action like never before. FSElite launched last year during the conference and just a year later, we’ll be attending in full force. Whilst details are still under wraps, we have plenty to offer when we attend this June.

If you’re unsure what FlightSimCon is, it’s an annual convention designed to bring the whole community together. If you were following the event last year, you’ll know that developers and publishers use it as a platform to showcase and announce brand new projects yet to be revealed. Whether you’re an enthusiast, professional pilot, or casual simmer – anyone is welcome to attend. Those in attendance will get the chance to listen to key speakers and meet the developers behind your favourite products.

The 2 day event takes place at The Sheraton Hartford Hotel at Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, CT on Saturday June 10th and Sunday 11th 2017. Both days are already looking to be full of great discussions from developers such as Aerosoft, JustFlight, QualityWings, Orbx and loads more.

As the list of developers grow, we’ll be sure to update you on what to expect from FSElite and how you can get involved.


In the mean time, don’t forget you can REGISTER now to secure tickets. Once May 16th hits, prices go up so what are you waiting for. You can grab a ticket for $30 (one day) or $60 for the whole weekend. If you’re a student, they’re even cheaper!

You can buy them direct from the website here:


We’ll share more news soon. In the mean time, if you’re going, let us know and we’ll be in touch!

PMDG DC-6 Cloudmaster enters Beta for FSX & P3D

Over on the AVSIM forums Robert Randazzo from PMDG did an interesting announcement. In a detailed and extensive posts he announced that PMDG have moved the DC-6 Cloudmaster over to Beta phase. According to his post they’re not finished yet but they are getting close and most of the issues right now come down to fine-tuning. He also mentions there will be additional functionality over its XPlane counterpart, and the team is hard at work to bring some of the best features of the 747 into the DC-6 as well. To wrap it up he talks about the Virtual Flight Engineer that will eventually join your cockpit and the ability to take great care of your aircraft through an aircraft maintenance tool.

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JustSim working on Dusseldorf

Whoa, calm down there guys! Only a few days after they have released Hamburg, JustSim have announced to be working on Dusseldorf next! It looks like Aerosoft is finally gonna get some competition when it comes to the German sceneries. And that could be a good thing for us as customers with the original scenery from Aerosoft dating back to 2012! No previews have been released yet. But make sure to follow us to find out as soon as we hear and see more!

TFDi announce Community Beta

A lot of news over from the guys at TFDi design on their recently released Boeing 717. In a post on their blog they announce that they are working on a new update for this product. This update, named, will bring introduce many requested features such as pop-up 2D displays and panels and the ability to hide the yoke. This update will also bring new tools with it that TFDi will use to analyse some of the edge-cases and issues that people have been reporting. It is yet unknown when this update will go live.

Wanna get access to this update already though? TFDi also announced to be working with a new way of distribution that just so happens to allow you to! Their Community Opt-In Beta project has gone live and will allow you to download Keep in mind that this is a beta and everything is subject to change. This will allow TFDi to work on perfecting the next update for everyone while being able to get some test-results directly from you.

Interested in the TFDi Boeing 717 and want to know more? Recently we took our time to make a great review on it which you can read here. Or head over to our YouTube to check out our video on it!