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Aerosoft cancels Mega Airport Johannesburg

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In a move that surprised exactly nobody, Mathijs Kok made an announcement on the Aerosoft forums that Mega Airport Johannesburg is cancelled. According to him, Aerosoft does not have and is unable to obtain the necessary imagery to finish this airport up to their standards. Though the project is now officially done for, Mathijs keeps hoping that someone will be able to deliver the required imagery that is needed to finish this airport.

Aerosoft announced Mega Airport Johannesburg back in 2014. After some updates it became very quiet around the project. In early 2016 Mathijs made the announcement that the original developer was not able to complete the airport, but some time later he announced that the project was still ‘in progress’ and made some hints it would be coming in 2016 (which was later changed to ‘hopefully 2017’). In June this year the project was still ongoing and Mathijs made another announcement just in November stating the project was not dead.

Now let’s hope that this is not an indication of what’s going to happen with Brussels airport since we’ve been waiting on that one for quite some time as well.


Thanks to Dean for the tip!

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iBlueYonder’s The Heron’s Nest Coming to X-Plane 11

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Our good friends at iBlueYonder have confirmed that their fictional island, Heron's Nest, will be coming to the X-Plane platform. Bill from iBlueYonder has been preparing the island to gain experience for development on the platform and from the screenshots below, you can see he's had some great success. Heron's Nest is currently available via iBlueYonder's website for FSX and
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Aerosoft Announces Rotterdam The Hague Airport Professional

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Nearly 7 years after its original release, Aerosoft has announced that an updated version of Rotterdam The Hague Airport has started development. The airport will be released under Aerosofts all too familiar "Professional" tier. This includes support for Prepar3d v4 and dynamic lighting. Because the original scenery is already quite dated the scenery will include more than just compatibility updates.
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QualityWings 737 Ultimate Cancelled

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After all the silence surrounding this project and the quite royal delay on their 787 Ultimate series, it should hardly come as a surprise. However, for those that were still hopeful, QualityWings has come out with a statement officially cancelling their 737 Classic Ultimate series. Background QW states that this project was picked up in 2013 with developers from Enigma
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Aerosoft Köln/Bonn Preview Released

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Aerosoft has released more preview shots of their upcoming Köln/Bonn airport for P3DV4. Developer Jo Erlend mentions that a version for both Prepar3D V3 and FSX is in the works. The airport will make use of SODE for jetways. No release date is known but we will keep you updated here. More screenshots are available from the Aerosoft forum.
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Thopat Update and Announcement

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Thorsten Sass, one of the developers on the famous PTA preset ‘Thopat’, made an announcement today on Facebook. The post begins with the announcement of Thopat Preset v2.2. This preset can be used with the Prepar3d Tweak Assistant version 2.6 and Prepar3d v4.1. It is out right now and you can download it from their website.


Moving forward, Thorsten announces that him and Patrick, the other developer on the project, will not be bringing updates to the Thopat Preset in the future. He explains that the Thopat project started out as just a project to make Prepar3d look as realistic as possible, back with PTA v1.1. However, they have now come at a point where the community has caught up with them and what was a fun project before now comes with its share of insults, wrong assertions and other accusations. For this reason they have decided to stop with its development.

The website of for the project will stay online, and luckily you will be able to download the latest versions.

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Aerosoft A3xx family status update

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It's time for another status update from the much awaited Airbus from Aerosoft. Ever since the release of Prepar3d v4 fans have been eagerly awaiting this plane. However, it seems that this plane is seemingly further and further away on the horizon. Matthijs Kok took to the Aerosoft forums with a big status update in a brand new forum post.
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Aerosoft to charge for Prepar3D V4 scenery updates

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In a post on the forums, Mathijs Kok from Aerosoft has given us an interesting insight in the companies stance on their Mega Airports and making these compatible for Prepar3D V4. Previously the company announced to be working on free updates for P3DV4. These would become available over time, with some of them already ready and working on the updated
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FSFX Compatibility update Prepar3d V4

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ChasePlane Good news for everyone using ChasePlane! FSFX Packages, the developer of this immensely popular camera addon, have stated that it will be compatible with the soon to be released Prepar3d V4. ChasePlane owners will be able to get going with this tool right away as, according to a post on their site. Some features may not be working yet,
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