DC Designs Announces Northrop P-61B Black Widow

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P-61B Black Widow

DC Designs has announced they are bringing their first freeware product to MSFS: the Northtop P-61B Black Widow. The P-61B was the first U.S. warplane that was designed as a night fighter, and the first aircraft to include radar. Dubbed the ‘Black Widow’, the plane saw its first flight in 1942, and its introduction two years later, in 1944. The plane has an iconic look due to it’s ‘twin-boom’ design.

DC Designs has recreated both the interior and the exterior model for MSFS, including PBR textures and 3D gauges. Furthermore, developer OzWookie from Big Radials will be working on a custom, high quality WWise sound set.

F-14 and F-15

The F-14 and F-15 are now available on the Marketplace, and have both received an update. The F-15 now has a more in-depth autopilot, more functional controls, special effects and new LOD models. The F-14 on the other hand has received some minor bug fixes and better LOD models.

DC Designs is also working on further improving these two planes, with texture improvements for the F-15 and effects for both planes. However, this process is lengthy and there is a learning curve involved.

PT-17 Stearman

An update for DC Designs PT-17 Stearman is imminent. It will include a working smoke system alongside a new faired-version model. This model is based on Stephen Coonts’ famous “Cannibal Queen” Stearman. No new engine modelling or sounds are included, but the plane will have a little bit more power to simulate the larger Pratt & Whitney Wasp radial engine. DC Designs also announced that a 3D model of the Wasp Junior will eventually come to the sim, but it will require a lot more work and is not essential right now.


Last but not least, the conversion work on DC Designs’ most complex project will begin soon. There is a lot of work involved in bringing the plane to MSFS, such as remodelling and retexturing of the interior. However, DC Designs hopes that the plane will make it before Christmas.

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FlyingIron Simulations Announces P-38L for MSFS

Flyingron P38 Lightning 4
FlyingIron Simulations has announced they will be bringing the P-38L Lightning to Microsoft Flight Simulator later this month. Having been in development for the past 6 months, FlyingIron Simulations are now ready to share a little more of this exciting bird. The P-38L Lightning will come packed with features making it highly realistic and detailed. From the use of Wwise
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Top Gun: Maverick Expansion Delayed

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Sad news for those looking forward to the Microsoft Flight Simulator Top Gun: Maverick Expansion. Due to Paramount delaying the movie until May 27th, 2022, the anticipated expansion pack will see the same fate. Microsoft intends to release the Top Gun: Maverick Expansion alongside the release of the movie.
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ORBX Announces Van Nuys Airport for MSFS

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Taking to their official forums, ORBX announced that they are in the process of developing the world's busiest General Aviation airport for MSFS, that being Van Nuys Airport (KVNY). Located in the Van Nuys neighborhood in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, Van Nuys Airport (KVNY) is considered one of the busiest general aviation airports in the world, averaging about 230'000 takeoffs
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Verticalsim Releases Peter O. Knight Airport for MSFS

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Taking to their official Facebook page, scenery developer Verticalsim has recently released their recreation of Peter O. Knight Airport (KTPF) for MSFS. Peter O. Knight Airport (KTPF) is a small-sized Floridian general aviation airfield located on Davis Islands, about 3NM away from the downtown Tampa area. Historically speaking, the airport served as Tampa's main airport from 1935 to 1945 when its larger
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PMDG Update Release Details

PMDG 777 PBR (1)

PMDG’s Robert Randazzo has made a quick statement on the PMDG forums informing users of the current status of the Boeing 777 update. The first thing he addresses is the release date. Previously, PMDG was aiming for a release date mid-February, somewhere between the 17th and the 24th. However, due to some minor small adjustments that were made, this window has been pushed back by a few days and PMDG is now hoping to release the Boeing 777 update between the 25th and the 27th.

Randazzo also goes into detail a bit more about these small, last minute changes resposible for the slight delay, which are mostly related to the installation and activation process.

He then proceeds to answer some of the more important questions that have come forward by the community. For one, people have been wondering of the price of the 777. Randazzo confirmed that the price of the 777-200LR/F Base Package will indeed increase and match that of PMDG’s 747 product line. This change will take place when the update is released. The pricing for the Boeing 777-200ER will be published at the time of its release.

He also addresses a change in the VNAV logic of the plane. Due to the developments over the last few years that the team has done to the flight model, the 777 may fly different that what we’ve so far been used to from it. According to PMDG, as well as its ‘technical advisors’, the plane now handles a lot more accurate compared to its real-life counterpart. An example that Randazzo makes, is that the plane will no longer “shed energy when trying to slow down in a descent”, and users may need to get a bit more involved when planning and managing their descent than was previously the case.

Some other important notes are that the update is only for Prepar3D v4 and v5, and older versions of P3D or FSX will not receive this update. Furthermore, the update will require a full re-install with a new installer downloaded from the PMDG website.

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Onfinal Studio Announces Stokmarknes Skagen Airport for MSFS

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Following recent releases, including Berlevåg Airport and Båtsfjord Airport, Nordic scenery developer Onfinal Studio has taken to Facebook, announcing the development of Stokmarknes Skagen Airport (ENSK) for MSFS. Stokmarknes Skagen Airport (ENSK) is a small regional airport located on the island of Langøya, part of Nordland county in Norway. The airport was originally opened on July 1st, 1972, as part of
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Fly The Maddog X 64bit Update, Instructor Panel Expansion, MSFS Announcement

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In the wake of the release of Prepar3D 5.1 Hotfix 1, Leonardo Softhouse has published their latest open beta update for their popular MD-80 aircraft for Prepar3D. In addition to the official compatibility with the latest iteration of the simulator, this open beta introduces several new features and bug fixes. Furthermore, the team has now confirmed a MSFS version development
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Flybywire Simulations Announces A380 for MSFS

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Flybywire Simulations, the team behind the great A320 enahncement mod for the default A320Neo of Mircrosoft Flight Simulator, has announced they had started developing an A380 from scratch for the new platform. The aircraft is currently in early stages and is being built parallel to the A320Neo project. Not much more has been shared by the team. Flybywire Simulations is
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Orbx Announces Olbia Costa Smeralda for MSFS

Orbx Olbia Airport Msfs (6)
Orbx has started the week off by announcing they will be bringing Matteo Veneziani's Olbia Costa Smeralda airport to Microsoft Flight Simulator. The popular European destination sees a mix of general aviation traffic, private charter jets and also a large number of airliner traffic to the local area. Set in the Mediterranean island of Sardina, Olbia has scenic views, huge amounts of
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