Head Tracking Phone App for Microsoft Flight Simulator

A brand new application, now available on Android, enables users to use their mobile phone as a head tracking tool in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Called SmoothTrack, it will enable anyone with a mobile device to implement a head-tracking tool for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Developed by John Goering, the application will work on most mobile devices providing it has a front-ended camera and a supported OS. You download the application, follow a few basic instructions and shortly after you will have a fully-fledged head-tracking tool that is compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator. You will also need to download open source project opentrack. You can find those details here on a git repository.

If you’re unsure what a head-tracking tool will do, it will enable you to move your head around and the camera within the simulator will move accordingly. Move closer to the screen to see the panel closer, move your head left and see the views out to your left. It’s not quite virtual-reality, but does give you extra precision on looking at specific areas of your cockpit.

Currently, the SmoothTrack application is available for iOS for $9.99 and is in final beta testing for Android for $4.99. Note that once the beta testing period has ended on the Android version, the price will rise to match the iOS version.

You can find out more about SmoothTrack on the website here.

SmoothTrack is also compatible with:

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X
  • Elite: Dangerous
  • IL2: Sturmovik
  • Euro Truck Simulator 2
  • Kerbal Space Program
  • …and many, many others!
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Captain Sim Wireless CDU Now Available for the 777 Captain II

Cdu Top 1
Captain Sim released the 777 Captain II for Prepar3D a few weeks back, and more recently released the -300 expansion pack. To make life easier for PC pilots, Captain Sim has now released their Wireless CDU for the product. By downloading and connecting the Wireless CDU app to your mobile device (iOS or Android), you can then connect it to
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Flightsim Apps Remote Server 5.1 Released

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As already teased and previewed in the QualityWings 787 Update post, Flightsim Apps has updated their Remote Server with support for the plane. The update adds support for the lower MFK (CDU), as well as the EFB that comes with the plane. Because of this, and how the 787 MFK's work, you can now stream your ND to your tablet
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CaptainSim 777 Service Pack 1.8 released


CaptainSim have released version 1.8 for their Boeing 777 package. This update contains all previous updates. A lot of updates are included in this package (changelog down below). One of the most notable features is support for the CaptainSim 777 Wireless CDU app. This is a brand new app, available for both iOS and Android, that will allow you to get a virtual CDU screen on your device of choice. The app is available completely free too, so that makes the CaptainSim 777 in general even more attractive.

You can obtain the 1.8 service pack through your profile on the CaptainSim website. Make sure to check out the update page as there are a few steps involved in installing it.

Full changelog:

  • Compatibility for iPhone/iPad application added
  • ADIRU reworked
  • FAST ALIGN function on the FMC’s Setup page added
  • FMC pages added:


  • Barometric reference selector and BARO altitude settings fixed
  • ENTER INERTIAL POS message fixed
  • Landing Altitude (LDG ALT) Selector fixed
  • TCAS warning problem fixed
  • SPEEDBRAKE EXTENDED message fixed
  • EFIS POS button fixed
  • PFD and ND minor fixes
  • Minor graphic issues fixed
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