Prealsoft Algiers X3D updated to v1.1

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Prealsoft Scenery Design has released a small update to their Algiers X3D scenery for P3D/FSX.

In a post on their Facebook page, the team most notably point out the removal of a fence that was apparently blocking a taxiway in the previous version. No word on any further changes, but the team does lay out the intention to add the new terminal in a future update once the construction is completed.

If you already own this scenery, the update can be downloaded here. If you’ve been keen to grab this one and feel that now is a better time than ever, you can grab it here for 20 Euros.

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PrealSoft Algiers (DAAG) Release

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PrealSoft, known for making some absolutely gorgeous city-scape sceneries of for instance Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Barcelona and Rome have released their newest project: Houari Boumediene Airport, also known as Algiers International Airport in Algeria (DAAG). This airport serves a number of airlines with destinations in Africa, Europe, North America and the Middle-East. You can pick up this scenery now for €20,- on SimMarket.
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