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A2A Simulations & Airtech Announce Spitfire for X-Plane 11

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A2A Simulations has taken to Facebook to share a post from Airtech Simulation regarding their Spitfire simulation software.

They’re excited to announce that thanks to a renewed partnership between the two organizations, A2A is in the ‘final stages’ of developing their Spitfire simulation for Laminar Research’s X-Plane 11.

No significant details were provided, however as mentioned it was stated as being in the final stages of development so it may not be too long before this beautiful aircraft is rendered in X-Plane 11 for your enjoyment.

Airtech Simulation did share a couple of previews (which look to be from a VR-based setup) of the aircraft and it’s looking quite nice.

We invite you to stay tuned to FSElite for further developments and of course A2A’s Facebook page as linked above.

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