Airline2Sim Releases Airport2Sim Greek Islands

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After the successful release of Airport2Sim Amsterdam, Airline2Sim are back with their latest product. In line with A2S Amsterdam, Airport2Sim Greek Islands focuses on the airport, arrival and departure procedures at specific airports. These mini-series offer the same high-quality instructional videos you would come to expect from the team.

This time, taking place in some of the most challenging airports in Greece, Ben and Nick (717, 747-F and 748 pilot), take you through some of the procedures and tips to safely land your jet. Over the course of 4 episodes, 5 hours of 1080p footage, you will be given instructions on some of the unique procedures at Skiathos, Samos and Corfu. Using many visual overlays and expert advice to assist you along the way.

Also included in the package is a custom GSX file for each airport to bring those airports to ensure objects and push back sequences are as realistic as possible within the simulator.

Airport2Sim Greek Islands from Airline2Sim is available now for $11.99.

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Airline2Sim Teases New Previews of Upcoming Airport2Sim Greek Islands

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We exclusively announced that Airline2Sim would be back with a new Airport2Sim, but in the Greek Islands, after their successful Amsterdam edition. Airport2Sim Greek Islands follows on from what was built in Amsterdam, by teaching you how to tackle specific airports, approaches and departures of a selected few airports. Whereas the main series teaches you how to fly a aircraft, Airport2Sim
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Airport2Sim Amsterdam Now Available to Purchase

Airport2Sim Amsterdam Pre Release Trailer
Training video producer Airline2Sim has released their latest product line Airport2Sim Amsterdam. The 6-part video course will teach you everything you need to know about moving around one of Europe's largest and most complex airports. Thanks to FlyTampa's excellent rendition of the Dutch airport, Amsterdam can now be piloted to the same degree as the real-world counterparts. The course sees
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Airline2Sim Releases Airport2Sim Schiphol Trailer

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Airline2Sim have recently taken to Facebook to release a pre-release trailer for their upcoming inaugural Airport2Sim product, Amsterdam Schiphol. The 11 minute video summarizes what customers will be able to expect when the product releases. Users can expect six videos with the package, as well as an improved GSX configuration for 3rd party Schiphol sceneries. The package will also include SODE files and a PDF information sheet.

The six videos will cover real-world operating procedures for Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, including analysis of the taxiway layout, intersections you may expect for a short takeoff, which arrival and departure patterns are used at the airport based on the time of day, and much much more. The preview video also demonstrates the enhancements that Airline2Sim have made to FlyTampa’s Schiphol with the use of their own custom GSX profile, which ensures that your aircraft never receives conflicting marshaling instructions, or clips its wings on SODE elements such as jetways.

Airport2Sim Schiphol will cost $9.99 USD and will be made available for purchase on the Airline2Sim website, as well as all major flightsim retailers. No firm release date has been set, however we can expect the product to come out sometime within the next few days.

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Airline2Sim Announces Airport2Sim Charles De Gaulle (CDG)

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Airline2Sim, the company behind several training packages, announced a short while back a new product in their upcoming portfolio of products: Airport2Sim. The idea behind Airport2Sim was to provide a series of training videos related to real-world ops at specific airports. Furthermore, the package would also include GSX config files and PDF documentation to ensure that your airport was as
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Updates from the team at Airport2Sim

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Our good friends at Airline2Sim has had a pretty quiet few years since the release of their PMDG 777 Cadet Training Program (review). They did announce a new product line called Airport2Sim, which is designed to teach you everything you'd need to know about moving around some of the biggest airports in the world. In the update, posted on Facebook,
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Airline2Sim Announces New Product Line, Airport2Sim

Airport2Sim Schiphol FSElite 1
Best known for their advanced training programs for popular sim aircraft like the 777 and Q400 taught by real world pilots, Airline2Sim has a new product line to talk about; presenting Airport2Sim! Poised to fill the, often months-long, gaps between the releases of their full fledged training programs, Airport2Sim is a package detailing and explaing operations at complex airports taught
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