29Palms Releases Mykonos Airport for MSFS

29palms Mykonos Airport Lgmk Msfs (2)

Whilst 29Palms has been busy working on Contrail, the development team has also found time to create Mykonos Airport (LGMK) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Released moments ago via the Contrail store, Mykonos Airport is an exciting destination for any flight simmer thanks to its short runway and interesting approach.

The airport is visited regularly by numerous European airlines bringing tourists from around the world to the island of Mykonos. Known for its luxury apartments and villas, the island is very scenic, especially when on the final approach. Despite the popularity, there are only 7 parking spaces which may mean you are going to be held whilst the airport clears to make space. The relatively short runway also means that often airlines traveling towards the UK have to make a tech-stop to refuel due to weight limitations.

As with other 29Plams products in the past, there are a number of features that make Mykonos really stand out. For example, the highly detailed apron is littered with objects found at the airport, whilst the markings are lifelike. Furthermore, there is a sloped runway based on real-world data and custom windsocks.

In addition to the smaller features, there has been an extensive amount of work on the terminal building itself.  The modeling has been completed to a high standard and comes with 4K PBR texturing. Finally, 29Palms has included custom boats and ships at the island’s ports and added three heliports for those wishing the explore in a chopper.

You can buy 29Plams’ Mykonos Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator now from the Contrail Store for €12,56 (excluding taxes). 

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Pyreegue’s Edinburgh Airport for MSFS Releasing This Week

Pyreegue Edinburgh Airport Msfs (8)
Last month, developer Pyreggue announced they would be bringing Edinburgh Airport (EGPH) to Microsoft Flight Simulator. The developer has since said that they expect to release the Scottish airport for the simulator sometime this week. Alongside the news that a release is planned for very soon, the team shared a range of images of the airport in action. The busy
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FeelThere Releases Raleigh Durham for MSFS

VfYpe11w Scaled
Developer FeelThere has released Raleigh Durham International Airport (KRDU) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Raleigh Durham International Airport is located in North Carolina within the so-called 'Research Triangle' named after the three research universities of North Carolina State, Duke University and the University of North Carolina. The airport consists of two passenger terminals that see domestic flights from around the US including
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Just Flight’s Palma Airport for MSFS Entering Final Testing

Just Flight Palma Airport Msfs (3)
Just Flight has confirmed that their upcoming Palma Airport (LEPA) scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator will soon be entering the final stages of testing. According to the development team, the airport is now built and is going through some final polish before it's tested. Right now, Just Flight is working on adding VGDE, custom air bridges and some custom coded
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MK-Studios Releases Ponta Delgada for MSFS

Mk Stuidos Lppd Ponta Delgada Msfs (8)
Following on from our post only the other day, MK-Studios has released Ponta Delgada for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Situated out in the Atlantic ocean as part of the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores, the island of Ponta Delgada is a key hub for airlines such as Azores Airlines, Ryanair and SATA. João Paulo II Airport (LPPD) is connected by various airlines
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Origami Studios Announces Gatwick Airport for MSFS

Origami Studios Gatwick Msfs (1)

Scenery developer Origami Studios has announced that they will be bringing their Gatwick Airport from X-Plane 11 to Microsoft Flight Simulator. The airport is being developed in close collaboration with iniBuilds and will include more advanced features than previously seen in the XPL version of the airport.

Gatwick Airport is the second busiest in the UK, and one of the busiest single-runway airports in the world. Situated in the southeast of the UK, the airport serves as a busy hub for low-cost carrier easyJet and also flagship carrier British Airways. Whilst in recent times it has reduced capacity, it still is a bustling hub of activity for leisure flights around the world.

Origami Studios are saying this is a “significant upgrade” from the original X-Plane 11 version. With certain areas now more optimal with better UV/Texture mapping, more ground details and also support for Microsoft Flight Simulator functionality. Furthermore, the layout will be corrected based on the 2020/2021 layout with the new A380 pier and construction work. In an FAQ, the team said there will be no static models (optional or otherwise) and safedocks will not be a feature as there needs to be further investigation on how to implement this.

No exact pricing details were shared. However, it’s unknown if there will be upgrading pricing for owners of the XP version. The team has said that as both products are “somewhat different,” and that they will be treated as separate products. It is heavily hinted, but not explicitly mentioned.

Origami Studios has confirmed that Gatwick Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator will release this summer on the iniBuilds Store and the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace.

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MK-Studios Ponta Delgada Coming Soon to MSFS

Mk Stuidos Lppd Ponta Delgada Msfs (4)
Following the release of Ponta Delgada for Prepar3D earlier this year, MK-Studios' Ponta Delgada will be coming soon to Microsoft Flight Simulator. Listed on Orbx's 'Coming Soon' page, the airport's product page has been spotted and is full of details and screenshots. Situated out in the Atlantic ocean as part of the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores, the island of
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Tailstrike Designs Announces Milan Bergamo Airport for MSFS

Tailstrike Designs Milan Bergam Airport Lime (2)
Scenery developer Tailstrike Designs has announced that they will be bringing Milano Bergamo Airport (LIME) to Microsoft Flight Simulator. The airport, also known as Orio al Serio International Airport, is one of three main airports in the Italian city of Milan. Situated north of Milan, the airport is a key hub for low-cost carrier Ryanair, but also sees plenty of traffic
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Boundless Releases Bournemouth for XPL

Boundless Bournemouth Xpl (3)
Scenery developer Boundless has released Bournemouth Airport (EGHH) for X-Plane 11. Located on the southern coast of the UK, Bournemouth has seen increasing popularity as of late due to the surge of low-cost carriers and charter services to parts of Europe. As with other Boundless Airports, there is a focus on ensuring that there is plenty of detail within the
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