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New Previews for Orbx Rijeka International Airport

Orbx Rijeka Airport LDRI (9)

Announced around two weeks ago, Orbx’s Rijeka International Airport for Prepar3D v4+ is almost upon us. As described in a new forum post by Misha Cajic, the airport is on the “home stretch.” In this particular post, Misha goes into further detail highlighting some of the key aspects of the airport product, along with additional previews. In a separate thread, but combined down below, is numerous new screenshots from Iain Emms.

Starting with Misha’s previews, he takes the time to give you a bit of a tour around the airport, the nearby facilities and even the famous Krk Bridge. Other details highlighted in this post is the fact that runways and taxiways being covered in puddles and a layer of water when the rain arrives.

As for Iain’s screenshots, they take a more overview approach of the airport and some of the surrounding area. A selection of them are below, with the rest viewable over on the forums.

Previously mentioned is the fact that the airport will feature static aircraft, ground service equipment and landside vehicles have been created just for this product. Also throughout you will see the detailed ground poly mapping, custom environment texturing and of course various PBR materials used for a scenic view of the airport.

You can read more about the airport in our previous post.

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Drzewiecki Design Previews Static Aircraft for Tokyo Airports

Prepar3d Tokyo Airport Planes (3)
Drzewiecki Design has taken to Facebook to share some new previews for their upcoming Tokyo Airports. Both Narita International Airport and Haneda Airport will feature some of the most detailed static aircraft created yet by Drzewiecki Design. In total, 32 different aircraft types, liveries and models have been created specifically for the upcoming scenery package. Expect to find the airports littered with static
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Skyline Simulations Previews Gibraltar Renders

Skyline Simulations Gib X Plane 11 Previews (3)
We shared that developer Skyline Simulations would be bringing the challenging Gibraltar Airport to X-Plane 11 and Prepar3D a while ago and the team has been working hard on it ever since. Today, on their Facebook page, they shared a bunch of new renders for the product in progress. The renders depict parts around the airport infrastructure such as car parks,
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UK2000 Scenery Previews Glasgow 2020HD

UK2000 Scenery Glasgow2020hd (5)
Developer UK2000 Scenery has shared some new previews for their upcoming Glasgow 2020HD. As mentioned on their Facebook page, these screenshots do not represent the finished product as the team is still beta testing the airport. Glasgow Airport is the second largest in Scotland and serves a wide range of worldwide destinations. easyJet, British Airways and Loganair all serve destinations
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Digital Designs Releases Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport (LFLL)

Digital Design LYON
Only announced about a week ago, Digital Designs has released their Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport (LFLL) airport scenery for both Prepar3D v4 and v5. Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport (LFLL), located just east of the city of Lyon, the airport handles over 11 million passengers per year. Airlines such as Air France Hop, easyJet and many more frequent the airport and reach destinations around
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Sierrasim Simulation Releases José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport (SEGU)

Sierrasim Simulation has released José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport (SEGU) for Prepar3D v4 and v5. This is the second biggest airport in Ecuador and handles over 3.7 million passengers per year. Destinations to Madrid, New York and Amsterdam frequent the airport regularly.

The airport features photo-realistic ground textures, PBR textures and various autogen updates around the airport. It also functions with SODE jetways and objects, 3D grass and also dynamic lighting.

You can buy José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport for €17.00 on simMarket.


  • Photo-realistic ground textures based on aerial images
  • Emblematic buildings of the Guayaquil City
  • PBR texture
  • Real Autogen Update
  • Airport Objects
  • Optimized for good performance
  • SODE Jetways and objects
  • Compatibility with: Orbx, GSX, Vector, Open LC South America, FreemeshX
  • 3D grass
  • Taxi 3D ligths
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Military and Cargo buildings
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FSimStudos Kelowna International Airport (CYLW) X-Plane Released

Kelowna International Airport X Plane 11 (3)
FSimStudios, in conjunction with Canada4XPlane4XPLANE, has released Kelowna International Airport (CYLW) for X-Plane 11. This is a conversion of the original Prepar3D release. The airport product features a detailed representation of the whole airport, along with areas beyond the airport fence. In total, over 330 square KM of seasonal orthoimagery has been included, which also covers the whole city of Kelowna.
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MK-Studios Shares Details of Tenerife South (GCTS) Update

Scenery developer MK-Studios has shared more details and a changelog for their Tenerife Vol.1 V2.30 scenery update. The update, made over on the company's Facebook page, included a few screenshots and went into detail on what we can expect from the latest renditon of this popular tourist airport. The scenery is said to include an all new 2m/pixel resoloution mesh
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Single New Preview for WF Scenery Studio Hong Kong (VHHH)

101604284 1455659911279603 8083972433620500480 O
Announced a few weeks ago, WF Scenery Studio will be bringing Hong Kong Airport (VHHH) to Prepar3D soon. Despite competition from Taxi2Gate, WF Scenery continues to showcase the airport with the latest coming from Facebook. This is just a single new preview of the airport. The screenshots we've seen previously from WF Scenery Studio highlights various aspects of the modelling
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