Airfield Wasserkuppe

Aerosoft Releases Airfield Wasserkuppe for MSFS

Aerosoft Airfield Wasserkuppe (1)

If you’re looking to discover the Hessian district of Fulda in Germany, then Aerosoft has your back. They have released Airfield Wasserkuppe for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The aerodrome itself features a challenging approach and the sloped runway in the mountainous terrain makes for an exciting experience for simmers.

The airport comes with custom buildings and high-resolution orthophotography for the airport and surrounding area. In addition, there are various seasonal animations for various objects. For example, depending on the weather and season, you will see different static aircraft at the airport.

You can buy Aerosoft Airfield Wasserkuppe from their store now for €8.36 (plus VAT).

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