DC Designs Announces Concorde

DC Designs Concorde (7)

Its certainly been a very exciting fortnight for Concorde enthusiasts. Hot on the heels of Aeroplanes Heaven’s announcement on 8th May and cockpit renders today, DC Designs have announced that they too will be bringing the iconic supersonic bird to some our favourite simulators.

DC Designs, known for their fighter aircraft add-ons made the announcement on their Facebook page. The company also took the opportunity to share a little more about the project and what we can expect.

Of particular interest to the more ‘hardcore’ Concorde enthusiasts was the paragraph in which DC Designs outlined the complexity of the aircrafts systems. DC Designs were very open in saying that the product will still be aimed at the entertainment market but stated that the depth will be such that users will still require use of the engineers panel to complete a flight. It was also pointed out that the complexity of Concorde is so great anyway that there will still be “plenty to do for those who take on the challenge”.

As well as the announcement itself, a range of external screenshots were also shared.

The images really do portray the beauty of the Concorde itself with some focusing on the undercarriage detail and couple also demonstrating the famous ‘droop snoot’ that the aircraft was known for.

DC Designs announced that the Concorde will be its next release for FSX, FSX: Steam, all versions of P3D and the upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator. While no concrete date was given for this, it was stated that the project is well on its way to completion and we shall be able to “race across the Atlantic quite soon”.

This is certainly one we will be watching closely and we will be sure to keep you updated with developments when they come.

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Aeroplane Heaven Concorde Cockpit Renders

Aeroplane Heaven Concorde P3d (1)
Aeroplane Heaven announced that they were on their way to create a brand new Concorde for Prepar3D and Microsoft Flight Simulator just recently by showcasing a few external renders. Now the team has shown off all-new renders from within the cockpit. The new renders show off the cockpit from within Concorde at a range of angles. We can see here
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TorqueSim SR22 Development Update May 2020

TS SR 30Mar 5 1024×598
Developer TorqueSim announced the SR22 before the release of their BN-2 Islander. With the release of that aircraft now firmly in the hands of X-Plane 11 users, TorqueSim has now turned their attention back to their SR22. In their latest development blog, the team has discussed RealSimGear integration, an update on the 3D modelling and texturing and more. As mentioned,
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Captain Sim Updates 767 Captain II to Version 0.95

A week has since passed since Captain Sim last updated their Boeing 767 Captain II Base Product for Prepar3D v4. This new update brings it to version 0.95 and brings a couple of new features and a range of bug fixes and improvements. The new features include a much-requested feature from the community. That feature is the ability to easily
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iniSimulations A300-600F On the Line Cargo Previews

A300 Tma Cargo 4k

Developer iniSimulations has shared a couple of new previews for their upcoming A300-600F On The Line. On the forums, two new previews of the TMA Cargo livery was shared. The original screenshots are in 4K so head over there to see them in their full resolution.

The new previews remind us that the aircraft will first be released as a freighter version, with a free passenger variant expansion following on soon after the initial release.

As we mentioned in a post a few weeks ago, the team are working on the key systems of the aircraft, but are still working towards ensuring this a high fidelity aircraft. In their statement from last time, they also shared previews for the custom Electronic Flight Bag and Flight Management Computer.

This livery is one of the first of many to be created by the iniBuilds team, who will be taking requests from users through their Discord channel.

We’ll continue to track the progress of the iniSimulations A300 as we get new information. A number of previews for the externals can also be found here.

To keep up with further developments of both the iniSimulations A300-600R and A380 projects, head on over to their forum or Discord.

As a reminder, we do publish weekly updates from iniBuilds from their library of freeware.

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Honeycomb Aeronautical Announces Throttle Pack for Airbus A319 – A380

Honeycomb Aeronautical Throttle Pack For Airbus™ A319 – A380
Honeycomb Aeronautical has announced that they will be releasing a new extension for their upcoming Bravo Throttle Quadrant. Named the Throttle Pack for Airbus™ A319 – A380, the new extension will feature additional configuration controls for the Bravo Throttle Quadrant which adds Airbus compatibility. Included in the extension pack will be both two and four-engine aircraft throttle configuration with autothrottle disconnect.
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Carenado Releases PA46 500TP Malibu G1000 Edition for X-Plane

Carenado has released their PA46 500TP Malibu G1000 Edition for X-Plane 11. The aircraft product, based on the Piper PA-46, is a single-engine prop aircraft which was first introduced in November 1979. It is still in production today and serves as one of the most popular single-engine aircraft in the world. Thanks to its pressurisation system, it can safely reach altitudes
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