JARDesign Show First Renders Of A340 Work In Progress

JD340 2

The A340 is an aircraft that the X-Plane community has been screaming about for some time now, with no good quality simulations available.
In 2017, JARDesign confirmed that this was an aircraft on their to-do list, but aside from this confirmation, there has been no more from JAR until this point.

Today though, in a post to a closed Facebook group JARDesign has released the first renders of the exterior model for an A340 work in progress.
The renders, seen below, appear to show an A340-500 complete with modelled landing gear and engines prior to the texturing stage of the development. Further to this, close up shots of the landing gear are provided, showing the intricate detail that has been achieved on the model.

While there was no accompanying text suggesting how far along other aspects of the development were coming along, we should hopefully see further updates more often now that the cat is out of the bag.

[UPDATE]: Shortly after publishing, a member of the JAR team confirmed that the texturing stage is about to begin, and aircraft systems are approximately two-thirds completed. Perhaps this aircraft is closer than we think?

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New Exterior Previews Shown of HotStart TBM-900

TBM 900 2104.png.1c1fd935aa679a1bc12bf228d075c48f
A few weeks ago we reported on the announcement of a new TBM-900 by a fresh name to the X-Plane development world, HotStart. Since then, the first official previews of the exterior model have been shown off over on the X-Pilot forums. These previews came from Goran of Leading Edge Simulations, who is working on the modelling in this project. With a proven
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Aerosoft Douglas DC-8 Released

Douglas Dc8 (9)
Aerosoft has released their latest aircraft for Prepar3D; the Douglas DC-8. This is an aircraft that is credited with bringing long-distance air travel to the average Joe Public, and so it holds firmly a place in the history books. The DC-8 takes our modern flight simming back to the days of pure piloting skill, and as such you won't find
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Flight Factor Supporting VR In the Future

757 200 12
A few days back, Flight Factor announced that they will be bringing their aircraft realism to a whole new level by incorporating virtual reality into their fleet. The first aircraft to take advantage of virtual reality will be the Flight Factor SteptoSky 757. When the update is released, the technology will incorporate a 'unique cockpit' experience that will be quite
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A Round-Up of April Fools Announcements from TFDi Designs, FlightBeam and More

Flightbeam Nature

Today has been full of huge announcements from some of our favourite developers. It’s been a day full of fun and a good chance for developers to have a relief from the usual stress of developing and support. We’ve made a brief round-up of their announcements for your convenience.

FSFX Packages

FSFX Packages announced their April Fools joke of actually something that can benefit the community! ‘go fishing’ is a small game contained within ChasePlane experimental version Each time you click on the fish, you will gain points. If you misclick, then it’s game over. The scores are then transmitted to FSFX Packages and the top 3 scoring people will then win a product of their choice. The winner will be announced on May 4th 2018.

From April 2nd, you will need to click on the version number of ChasePlane to enable the game. If you have a phobia of fish, you can disable the game from the preferences menu if you desire.

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QualityWings Simulations Q12018 Update

Fse Qw787 Lite
The QualityWings team have been awfully quiet the past few months as they work towards releasing the Ultimate 787 in P3D and porting over their 757 and 146 to a 64-bit environment. On Facebook, they dropped a brief update on what they're working on. Whilst today may be full of pranks and jokes, we believe this to be the real
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