Watch Footage of the Leonardo Softhouse Fly the Maddog X in MSFS

The Leonardo Softhouse Fly The Maddog X for Prepar3D is without doubt one of the best aircraft for the platform and it was exciting to learn it is coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator. With a complex aircraft such as the MD-80 coming to the simulator, seeing any new previews is an exciting moment. So to see the team release a minute teaser of an engine startup had us chomping at the bit.

The minute video is just a short glimpse into what we can expect from the aircraft. The video has a few pans of the cockpit and interacting with various switches and knobs as the engines on the bird get started. We can see how the displays react during the transfer of power and how systems are implemented into the aircraft already. All of this in stunning 4K on YouTube.

There are already some previews of the aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator, but this is the first video we’ve seen of the aircraft in action. We’ll be following development very closely and can’t wait to share more with you in the future.

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DC Designs Announces Northrop P-61B Black Widow

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P-61B Black Widow DC Designs has announced they are bringing their first freeware product to MSFS: the Northtop P-61B Black Widow. The P-61B was the first U.S. warplane that was designed as a night fighter, and the first aircraft to include radar. Dubbed the 'Black Widow', the plane saw its first flight in 1942, and its introduction two years later,
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FlyingIron Simulations Announces P-38L for MSFS

Flyingron P38 Lightning 4
FlyingIron Simulations has announced they will be bringing the P-38L Lightning to Microsoft Flight Simulator later this month. Having been in development for the past 6 months, FlyingIron Simulations are now ready to share a little more of this exciting bird. The P-38L Lightning will come packed with features making it highly realistic and detailed. From the use of Wwise
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Watch the Latest Fenix Simulations A320 Feature Video Focusing on the Indicating/Recording System

Fenix A320 IndicatingRecording System Feature Review
The latest feature review for the upcoming Fenix Simulations A320 has been released. Development on the aircraft product continues to move along and the team are keen for the community to learn even more about what to expect in the A320 on Microsoft Flight Simulator. Before the video begins, Aamir did want to give a brief update on some behind-the-scene
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[Update: New Release Date] Junkers JU-52 for MSFS Delayed by a Few Weeks

MSFS Junker JU 52 03
Update 10-Sept-2021 @ 12:35z: From the Microsoft Flight Simulator blog, it has been confirmed that the Junkers JU-52 will now release on September 28th 2021. With World Update VI now in the hands of simmers, the next exciting release for Microsoft Flight Simulator was to be the Junkers JU-52. Initially announced at Gamescom last month, the product was originally due to release
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Flight Sim Labs Reveals its FSL Control Center

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The developers behind the popular A32X series, Flight Sim Labs, has shared the first previews for its upcoming FSL Control Center. The new application will serve as the company’s solution to providing customers with a quick and easy way to install products, updates and liveries.

The new FSLabs Control Center will allow users to manage their entire product library from one application. The primary aim has been designed to allow a one-stop update facility for the product line and improve the experience with micro-updates rather than full reinstalls for every update. You will be able to easily uninstall any products, update them and also deactivate license keys should you change hardware, without the need to contact support for any reactivation issues. Lefteris also confirmed that the platform can be used to install liveries, airline packs, and also enter details for Hoppie ACARS and Simbrief.


Perhaps most exciting is the news that Flight Sim Labs will be using this tool to open up the possibility for customers can choose to be part of an open testing channel. This ‘experimental’ channel will allow those who opt-in to try out new features or updates before they’re officially released as stable.

As the utility is reliant on client-server operations, there will be a staggered release process in order for the team to assess the platform and acquire feedback from customers. Initially, the team are looking at selecting a number of customers from those who fill out the Flight Sim Labs application from. Following that, the team will gradually open up testing to more people until the team feel the platform is stable for a wide release.

Sadly no news on Concorde (which is due in 2021) or any other aircraft from Flight Sim Labs was mentioned in the most recent post. Suffice to say, this new tool will be a play a key role and make installing whatever FSL have coming next much easier than before.

For more on Flight Sim Labs, why not watch our video on how to get the EFB set up and how to use it on an external device.

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Got Friends Releases Gee Bee R3 Special for MSFS

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Developers Jonx, Got Gravel and 270 Inc have collaborated together under a new developer name, Got Friends, to release the Gee Bee R3 Special for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The aircraft comes with a number of features that allow for thrilling, fun and competitive flying in the simulator. Described as a "real beast of an aircraft," the Gee Bee R3 Special
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FlyJSim Q4XP Coming This Fall, New Teaser Trailer

FlyJSim Q4XP Teaser 1
A new trailer for the upcoming FlyJSim Q4XP has been shared by the developers teasing what to expect from the aircraft when it releases later this year. The short teaser trailer focuses mostly on the external modelling and animations of the aircraft. From a quick push back, we can see the props starting up with silky smooth animations. From there,
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Watch the Volocopter Official Trailer for MSFS

Microsoft Flight Simulator Volocopter Official Trailer Gamescom 2021
In case you missed it, Microsoft announced they will be bringing the Volocopter to Microsoft Flight Simulator.  The Volocopter has been developed in conjunction with the aircraft manufacturer. As a result, the Volocopter will come with accurate modelling and data so you can get a realistic flight as you soar over the world. The Volocopter is a unique aircraft in
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Watch the Junkers JU-52 Official Trailer for MSFS

Microsoft Flight Simulator Junkers JU 52 Official Trailer Gamescom 2021
In case you missed it, Microsoft last week announced that they will be releasing a Junkers JU-52 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Introducing the first of many "local legends," the Junkers JU-52 is a German-designed aircraft that first flew in 1930. The trailer released during Microsoft’s Gamescom 2021 Xbox presentation showed the aircraft in action. We can see that the plane will
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