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Carenado 390 Premier 1A Coming Soon – More Previews

Over on Facebook, Carenado showcased a few more screenshots of their upcoming Premier 1A.

A short teaser video was recently published, but today on Facebook, the screenshots show off a few new details of the aircraft. According to the same post, it will be “coming soon”. The business jet itself can reach speeds of 530mph and has a range of 1645 miles.

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Flight Factor A320 Ultimate for X-Plane Video Landing

Just a few days ago, Flight Factor announced they’re working on a highly detailed version of the A320 for X-Plane. This got fans excited to see what the 64-bit platform could do for the airline type. With advance features and different simulator parameters, X-Plane fans were excited to see what could be done. Luckily, we didn’t have to hold our breath long as a video showcasing the aircraft landing into Madeira was released onto Youtube.

The video not only shows the RNV approach, but also the incredible rain effects splashing against the windshield.

I’m personally not convinced by all the texturing and modelling work, but it is worth remember this is still work in progress.

You can view it above. More news when we get it.

Aerosoft A330 Previews and Fuel System Information

Aerosoft continue to work on their upcoming A330 with modelling progressing with the cargo bays. As usual, Stefan’s work continues to impress and the level of detail is some of the best we’ve seen from Aerosoft. You can see his progress below, which he describes as the “forward hold is so far complete”. Work continues on the aft section, with walls covered and details in place.

Further to the update, Mathijs stepped in to provide information regarding a new feature for the Aerosoft line of products. In particular, he was asking the community what “temperature you would want the fuel to be when it’s loaded into the aircraft”.

He admitted the question sounded “silly”, but his logic is sound. Basically, the fuel temperature of the A330 will change during the flight depending on a host of features and calculations. Examples include the initial temperature, mass of the fuel, the ambient temp and the speed you’re moving. Even the inner tanks will cool down slower than the outer ones. It sounds complex and adds a degree of realism to their upcoming project.

As for why the question what temperature of the fuel when loaded, it matters as the world is a massive place with huge variation in conditions. Not only that, but the fuel storage will also impact the overall temperature of the magic aeroplane juice. Right now, Mathijs is suggesting that they should use ambient temperature -10 degrees for the initial temperature of the fuel. If you feel different head over to the Aerosoft forums to give them your opinion on what you believe would be best.

They’re willing to listen, so be sure to give them your opinion.


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PMDG DC-6 Cold and Dark to Engine Start Up Beta Video

As we all know, PMDG are working hard to bring their DC-6 beta to a close for the aircraft in FSX and P3D. After the success of the X-Plane version, fans are eager to get their hands on the plane.

In this new video from beta tester Chris Makris, it shows the cold and dark stage up until engine start.

As always the videos are insightful and provide a good glimpse into the next PMDG product.

Aerosoft A330 Cabin Night Lighting Previews

Aerosoft are back again today with some new shots of their upcoming A330 for FSX and P3D.

Today, we’ve been shown some of the night lighting for the cabin in external view. Work is still to be completed on the lighting for the passenger windows, but as you can see, the galley sections are coming along nicely.

We won’t have any updates next week as the developer is working on some other stuff for the time being.

In the mean time, read Mathijs’ interview with us.

Updated – TFDi Developer Working on Embraer as Side Project

Update @ 21:00z – An update from TFDi:

Before this becomes more than it is – Joshua C has been working on collecting research on his own. We have NOT made this an official TFDi Design project – although the Embraer is/was one of the many things on the table, it’s just a discussion/research point. Our primary focus at the moment is getting the 717 to where it needs to be – then, and only then, we will begin pressing onward fully with whatever our next project may be. Thank you for the support and feedback on the project, though – it’s been noted.
-President, TFDi Design

User JoshChe, known for his involvement with the TFDi 717, was spotted asking for real life Embraer pilots over on Reddit. His particular question was about someone being able to take a picture of the cockpit of an Embraer 17x/19x. Usually TFDi developers go by a flair to recognise them on Reddit, though said flair was missing this time.

This image was also released with it.

Though we are not sure what this means, it would be very good news to see someone develop an Embraer for the FSX/P3D platform. A high-quality alternative is rather lacking for this popular jet.

We have reached out to Josh (the other one!) from the TFDi team and he confirmed that this is a side project from JoshChe and not associated with TFDi at all. So before you start to panic, the new update for the 717 is still coming (and quite nicely so I hear).

If we hear any more from the project, we’ll keep you guys posted.

Thanks to FSElite reader Ben for pointing this out to us.

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New Aerosoft CRJ Video and Information

It’s been a bit quiet lately on the Aerosoft CRJ front lately, but some of the beta testers have revealed a little more information about the product.

Firstly, you can check out the video above which shows off some of the new sounds, FPS improvements and more. The team have been working hard on fixing things for LNAV and double ADFs. Of course, there’s still some bugs to iron out.

Something else that was raised was the ability to optimise to run as close smooth as possible. With that feedback, Hans then quickly added some further options to give more flexibility to the user.

No release estimates were made (probably for the best), but good to see some new looks at this interesting bird! However, Navigraph seemed to point to May, but with that a month away, we’ll soon find out.


Not Sure on the Just Flight PA-28R Arrow III? Free Demo Available

Just Flight recently released their PA-28R Arrow III for FSX and Prepar3d and since release, it has been receiving some great feedback. We’ve just reviewed it a score of 9/10, provided our first part of our video review and finally, given you all a first look.

If this wasn’t enough to convince you to go out and buy it, then Just Flight have offered a free demo for everyone to try it out. The aircraft is there in full. Everything from systems, checklists and more is available to try before you buy. Of course there are some restrictions, which include 10 minutes of flying time and a maximum height of 1,500ft above ground level.

If afterwards you’re happy, you will need to uninstall and reinstall the full version to enjoy it fully.

This is a great idea by Just Flight. As helpful (hopefully) our reviews are, the real test comes to how it performs on an individual PC and the demo is the perfect way to try it out.