Just Flight Releases Hawk T1/A Advance Trainer for Aerofly FS 2

Hawk T1a Advanced Trainer Aerofly Fs 2 13 Ss M 201027110729

Just Flight’s latest product release for Aerofly FS 2 is the Hawk T1/A Advance Trainer. Developed in partnership with Propair Flight, the Hawk T1/A Advance Trainer builds on the experience from past developments to bring the single-engine jet trainer to the simulator with plenty of detail.

The aircraft has been modelled to a high standard featuring PBR materials, real-time environment reflections and 4K texturing throughout. The aircraft’s cockpit features wear and tear you would expect from an aircraft of this age, along with various configurations to choose between cold and dark or a ready for take-off state. For those interested in the systems, the development teams have used a custom-coded electrical system with realistic landing gear and lighting system throughout. Its flight model has been based off of real-world data and figures, and the aircraft also features an authentic sound-scape.

Buying the Hawk T1/A Advance Trainer for Aerofly FS 2 will also give you access to a range of liveries for a variety of Air Forces from around the world.

The Just Flight Hawk T1/A Advance Trainer for Aerofly FS 2 can be purchased from Just Flight’s store for £27.99.

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Infinite Flight 20.2 Released

Blog 1
Mobile flight simulator users who fly on Infinite Flight will be pleased to know that the platform has been updated to version 20.2. Whilst the numbering may only be incremental, the update itself is significant and adds a host of new features, quality of life improvements and completely reworked aircraft. Starting with aircraft, the new update brings a major rework
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PILOT’S Boeing B314 Releasing This Week

Official Trailer PILOTS Boeing B314
For what has seemed like an eternity in development, the PILOT'S Boeing B314 will be releasing sometime this week. Described as a study-level aircraft, the aircraft will enable you to fly this historic aircraft in Prepar3D v4 and v5. This is the first aircraft release from PILOT'S in a long while but will include an array of features based on
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iniSimulations Showcases A300 Passenger Edition

Inisimulations A300 Passenger X Plane 11 (1)
The upcoming free update to the iniSimulations A300-600R(F) ON THE LINE product on X-Plane 11 will include the passenger model. Whilst this in itself is not news, the all-new previews shared by the team are fresh and highlight the virtual cabin users can expect from the product when it releases. The new post on the private iniBuilds Facebook post shared new previews
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Thranda Releases Pilatus PC-6 Adventure Pack for XPL

Pc 6 Porter 2020 10 23 1.35.08 Pm
If you're looking to add even more adventure to your experience with the Thranda Pilatus PC-6, then you're in luck as the development team has released an Adventure Pack for the aircraft. The new expansion pack adds brand new variations of the aircraft and the ability to control skydivers from within the simulator itself. The new package includes amphibian floats
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First Glimpse of the QualityWings Simulations 787 in MSFS


QualityWings Simulations has shared its first screenshots and information for the 787 Ultimate in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new screenshots are still very much work in progress but, highlights both the external modelling and also how the cockpit looks for the plane in the simulator.

The developers said on their Facebook page that they have been testing the pre-release versions of the simulator for some time, but only “with the last few iterations of the SDK that things have started to take shape”. Despite that, there is still plenty of work to be done by QualityWings to bring the bird to life in the new simulator. The previews are an initial glimpse of the current work, but there are still many unknowns and dependencies before more detailed information can be shared.

That said, QualityWings Simulations are continuing to develop the aircraft with an estimated release of Q2 2021.

Whilst this is exciting news for those on Microsoft Flight Simulator, the team reaffirmed their commitment to the FSX and P3D version of the Ultimate 787 as they continue to work on improvements and fixes for that product.

That’s all was said right now from the team, but you can follow them on Facebook to stay up-to-date.

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Indiafoxtecho Shares Roadmap, Announces New Aircraft

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Indiafoxtecho has brought to Facebook their Microsoft Flight Simulator vision and product roadmap for the upcoming months. The team starts by reminding the community that they have a team of contractors they helps them spread their work between projects. Indiafoxtecho emphasizes that all of the MSFS projects are not ports from their pre-existing FSX and P3D assets but are whole
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IRIS Simulations Releases Jabiru J160/J170 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Aircraft developer IRIS Simulations has released its J160/170 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Australian aircraft is mostly used for recreational flying, flight training and surveying which makes for an exciting aircraft added to the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator. The product features both the Jabiru J160 and the J170 in a single package and includes a variety of aircraft layouts.
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FlightFactor Shares New 787 Pro Cockpit Renders

FlightFactor has brought to the forums new renders of the cockpit of their upcoming Boeing 787 Pro. The renders show very detailed modeling of the entire cockpit, but have yet to be displayed with textures and in-sim. The exterior model has not been displayed yet either. The aircraft was announced only a month ago, and scarce information about it
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PMDG Previews 737NGXu BBJ, Coming Soon

PMDG 737NGXu Bbj P3d (6)
PMDG's Robert Randazzo has taken to the forums to inform the community about the upcoming release of the 737NGXu BBJ (Boeing Business Jet) expansion pack for the original 737NGXu on Prepar3D. Robert went into detail about how the BBJ/BBJ2 differs from the standard 737 configurations and some of the changes present in the aircraft product. The BBJ expansion pack will
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