Watch Airline2Sim Preview the iniSimulations A300

Airline2Sim is known for their detailed (and great) tutorial video content that puts a pilot in the simulator to tackle some of the add-ons available. In the latest video from Airline2Sim, we see Ben and former Monarch Airlines Captain Eric Girardey take a look at the iniSimulations A300 for X-Plane 11.

In this series of videos, Ben is taken on a guided tour of the aircraft, it’s quirks and some of the nuances found in the aeroplane from a pilot’s perspective. This is a three-part mini series with a focus on a first look, the cockpit and also a full flight from Manchester to Dublin.

Episodes 1 and 2 are available right now, with episode 3 coming out a little later.

Episode #2 – Flight Deck Setup

It’s great to see Airline2Sim back producing content and we hope this is the start of more to come.

As for the iniSimulations A300, we are expecting a release this month. We will tell you when it’s available to buy for X-Plane 11.

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PMDG 737 NGXu Cargo Expansion Previews

737 NGXu Cargo Expansion 2
PMDG has shared new shots for their upcoming 737 NGXu Cargo expansion via a new product page today. The previews presented highlight this unique aircraft. The 737 freighter is a modified passenger 737 to carry cargo. At the moment, Boeing offers makes these changes to the -800 only, with another companies able to convert the -700 and -800 into a
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Sky Simulations MD-11 Updated

Sky Simulations has updated their MD-11 to version 2.2, which makes it compatible with Prepar3D V5. The most visible addition is the PBR modeling while the virtual cockpit has received a fair share of work with several bug corrections and a overhauled systems logic. However, the FMC remains based of the easyFMC by Eric Marciano, which uses the default simulator
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DC Designs Showcase F-14A/D Tomcat in MSFS

117188394 2729291324058516 2870921584750653437 O
DC Design has shared on Facebook a preview of an upcoming F-14A/B Tomcat in Microsoft Flight Simulator. While the pictures show an early stage of development with the F-14 flying around the Miramar and San Diego area in California, this confirms the previous hints that DC Designs were closely watching the MSFS progression. The developer added in further comments on
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Military Visualizations Previews Aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Milviz Aircraft Microsoft Flight Simulator (2)
Another developer has come out of the woodwork today and shard the first previews for their upcoming product. Military Visualizations is known for their extensive library of aircraft, including fighter jets, and has today taken the time to share a handful of previews from some of their aircraft range in the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. Shown off on their Facebook page,
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Big Tire Productions Bringing Kitfox to MSFS on Release

Bit Tire Productions Kitfox

X-Plane 11 aircraft developer Big Tire Productions has announced that their Kitfox aircraft will be coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator. Even more important to note is that the aircraft will be brought over free of charge for current owners of the aircraft in X-Plane 11.

The post on the forums is somewhat limited in information with the developer showcasing on a single shot. Big Tire Productions did say that whilst working with the platform, the simulator made his “jaw drop to floor every day”.  The sounds for the aircraft has been remastered but no other additional features are confirmed for the product.

They did also confirm that the aircraft will be released on August 18th 2020.

You can read more about other third-party developers coming to the platform in our round-up list.

Update – 7th August @ 08:00z – Removed the word ‘Denney’ from the article at the request of the aircraft producer due to a name change.

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Just Flight Shares New Previews of VC10 In XPL

Just Flight Vc10 X Plane 11 (3)
Just Flight is continuing to share previews for its upcoming VC10 for X-Plane 11. The new previews are a mix of internal and external shots of the aircraft in action from within the simulator. The product will include a range of virtual models including the Standard and Super civilian variants, along with the C1K, K3 and K4 military versions, too.
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Captain Sim Adding Wing flex to 767 Captain II v1.0

Captain Sim 767 300 Base Pack (2)
When Captain Sim brings the 767 Captain II out of early-access into a full version, they will be adding wing and engine flex to the product. It was confirmed earlier in a short video demonstrating the new addition.   Further details about what features will come to the product for the version 1.0 release are not yet clear, but we
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QualityWings Simulations Releases Ultimate 787 v1.3.1 Hotfix

98026669 10157439778634639 103725105170874368 O
Aircraft developer QualityWings Simulations has released a brand new update for its Ultimate 787 product for Prepar3D and FSX. The new update took the team a little longer than anticipated to develop due to the scope of the bug-squashing and new additional features, but users can now download it at their convenience. The new update fixes or improves nearly 30
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Just Flight 146 Professional for X-Plane 11 Previews

Justflight 146 Professional Xpl (6)
Continuing to highlight progress on their awaited aircraft, Just Flight has shared a range of new previews for their 146 Professional on X-Plane 11. Whilst these previews are still very much early in development, we're getting to see some of the finer details that the aircraft will include when the product is released. An all-new product page has also been
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