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FSElite Original: Visiting AlphaTech (A320 Fixed-Base Sim)

Visiting Alpha Tech Fselite

Having worked extensively on the A320 family for many years in the past, it holds a very special place in my heart. Up until I worked on them, I was always a Boeing boy. However, my heart changed after getting to know the ins and outs of this European-designed aircraft. We are fortunate that after so long, we finally have a range of options to enjoy the A320 in our home simulators. Of course, all these years of learning meant I was soon ready to try a more immersive experience.

This trip has been in the making since December 2017. Paul emailed me asking if I’d be keen to come along and visit his fixed-base A320 simulator in Belfast. “Yes, when, where, how much?” I think was my immediate response (although probably a bit less excitable). I got a reply and everything was planned for February 2018. Counting down the days, I invited my friend along and everything was shaping up to be an exciting day.

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Immersive Audio 737NG CFM 1.2 Update Now Available

737NG CFM Immersion Soundpack HD V1.2 Alternative Bassy Engine Sounds Promo
The team at Immersive Audio has just released a brand new update for their 737NG CFM Immersion Soundpack. The Immersion Soundpack is a alternative solution for the engine sounds of the PMDG 737NGX. The free update includes a new sound-set for those that wanted a more 'bassier' feel to the engine sounds. It also has removed loop clicks, fixed the reverse
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Infinite Flight Version 18.6 Now Available

Infinite Flight 18.6 Feature
Popular mobile flight simulator Infinite Flight has today been updated to version 18.6. This version marks the 6th free update to the simulator since the start of the year and the new features are some of the most requested from users. The biggest changes users will enjoy is the complete rework of the A-10 and the introduction of working gauges
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Cremonasoft Airbus A310: The FSElite Review

We really are in the golden age of the classics within the X-Plane community at the moment. We’ve recently had FlyJSim update both their 732 Twinjet and 727 Series, while we have Felis working on a 747 Classic, along with Rotate’s MD-11 looking like it may make a release in 2019. We were also recently graced with the Cremonasoft A310,
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Leonardo SH Previews FlythemaddogX PBR Textures

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Stefano from Leonardo SH has today provided some beautiful screenshots of the new PBR feature in the process of being applied to their FlythemaddogX product.  They expressed their thoughts towards the feature as ‘extremely excited’ and that they ‘[couldn’t] resist to show you the progress’ – and I’m tempted to agree; take a look at the screenshots below.

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Aeroplane Heaven Announce Tallmantz Phoenix P-1

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Aeroplane Heaven have just recently posted some preview pictures of their new aircraft on the Facebook page. The only comment made with the post was "coming soon to all current and future Boxcar owners with our compliments." Just looking at the shots, you can tell the amount of detail spent on this aircraft based the visibility of every screw, bolt,
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A2A Update Both Cherokee 180 and Comanche 250

PA 28
A2A has continued to provide updates for their aircraft fleet. Today, both the Accu-Sim Cherokee 180 and the Accu-Sim Comanche 250 were updated. Both updates included the new A2A windshield rain effect, which was first introduced with the Bonanza. Other updates included additional textures within the inner surface of ailerons in the virtual cockpit of the Cherokee 180, the ability
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PMDG Statement on P3DV4.4 and Other Items

It seems it takes a update from Lockheed Martin to bring some of the biggest developers to come out of the woodwork. Earlier today, PMDG CEO Robert Randazzo gave a brief update regarding various items on their agenda. The first thing that's important to note is that all current PMDG products that work with Prepar3D V4.3 will work just fine
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