Aerosoft Official Digital Aviation CRJ Video

Aerosoft / Digital Aviation CRJ 700/900X V1.0.2.0 Now Available

Since it's release, Aerosoft and Digital Aviation have been listening to feedback from the community regarding the CRJ 700/900X. Despite being perhaps one of the longest development cycles in the history of flight sim, the aircraft was met with a lot of vocal people who wanted to see improvements to the aircraft. The developers have listened and have released the
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New FlythemaddogX MD-80 Beta Screenshots Showcasing True Glass and Real Light

2017 11 19 23 16 34 920
The hotly anticipated FlythemaddogX MD-80 has been in beta for some time and with plenty of previews coming out frequently, it's hard to not get excited. The most recent announcement of the aircraft using TFDi Design's incredible True Glass and Real Light gave fans yet another reason to want to invest in the aircraft. The latest round of previews have
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Aerosoft Airbus P3dv4 A318 02

Aerosoft are Looking for Airbus Beta Testers

As the year comes closer than ever to an end, Aerosoft are pushing hard to try and get their 64-bit compatible Airbus simulations out the door to the community. In a post on the Aerosoft forums, Mathijs has listed that he's requiring help to test the aircraft extensively. Before you open a new tab to reply to Mathijs, you should
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QualityWings Simulation Has Released Hotfix 2 for their Ultimate 787

787 19
Since QualityWings Simulation released their Ultimate 787, they have been listening to user feedback to help improve their aircraft. The Dreamliner aircraft is certainly one that impressed me, but there were a few teething issues I wanted to see solved. This hotfix fixes a bunch of problems, including random CTDs, ILS issues and ensuring that text fits onto the displays
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