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Aerosoft Show First A330 Screenshots of 2017

The first Aerosoft A330 preview screenshots of 2017 have appeared over the Aerosoft forums.

A quick progress check showing off the details on the lower wing parts of the giant aircraft. Stefan was quick to inform us that work is currently focusing on flap track fairings as well as rivets. For those counting, yes the number of rivets are correct as photography of the wing was taken in extremely high detail!

More information to come for soon.

Why are we covering this after we said no more A330 until something significant?

Personally, after a long-ish break from updates, first screens of the new year were kind of exciting!

FSElite 2016 User Awards

To celebrate the start of 2017, we take a look back at some of the “Best-of” 2016. Everything from aircraft, and scenery to utility and publisher of the year.

The selection below was carefully picked by the FSElite team, and we’re looking to YOU to pick the best from the best.

All the products below have been released or updated in 2016. We’ve narrowed it down to 5 per category to make the selection easier. Of course, some names may appear more than once, and we’ve tried to make it as varied and fair as possible. Not everything and everyone’s favourite is here, but hopefully there’s a good selection to pick from.

By submitting your name and email address, and completing the form, we’ll enter you into a competition to win some free Flight Sim merchandise!

Use the Google form below.

Voting will close on January 27th 2017 at 2030zulu!

(If it doesn’t work, then follow this link):

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MilViz release T-50 Bobcat

MilViz have released their latest military aircraft, the T-50 Bobcat. This little aircraft produced in 1940 saw an incredible rise in its popularity due to its construction requirements. However, after WW2 the popularity quickly declined and were considered obsolete in 1949.

The T-50 comes with a lot of detail and features from MilViz. There is a radio range system, a fully functional simulation of the Low Frequency Radio Range system. This is an early radio navigational system beginning in the 1930’s until replaced by VHF band VOR navigation in the 1950’s. The aircraft also comes with support for MilViz’ MVAMS (Milviz Aircraft Management System) that allows you to easily change configuration settings about your aircraft. Last but not least is the support for multiple avionics packages from different parties. The aircraft is available for FSX and Prepar3d. You can get the T-50 for $39.99 from the MilViz site, although there is a limited introductory price the first week that takes $10 off this price.

Win Aerosoft Airbus A320/321

Thanks to Real Flight Shop



As part of our FSElite Christmas Giveaway, we’re offering you the chance to win some great prizes. You can win the prize below simply be signing up with your first name, last name and email. Check out our COMPETITION PAGE for more prizes that may be available.

TrophyWin Aerosoft Airbus A320/321
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Thanks to Real Flight Shop, we have a copy of Aerosoft's Airbus A320/321 to give away. This fantastic Airbus aircraft has been developed with the pilot in mind. Easy on frames and good performance means this is a must for your desktop sim.Visit the store here.Remember, the more you share, the more likely you are to win!
This contest expired.

Contest Rules & Disclaimer

- Competition closes 72 hours after it opens
- You must submit your real first name and surname. We require a real email address to inform the winner the good news
- The product will be delivered within a reasonable timeframe through FSElite
- FSElite have final say in competition winner
- We would like to thank all of our partners, developers, publishers and sponsors for allowing us to deliver the biggest Flight Simulation competition around.

Why do we want this?

Simply so we can verify that the entry is legit and ensure that the winner is selected fairly. We won’t use the information to spam you.

How to win?

Except Orbx’s Catalina, all you need to do is enter the Contest Hopper entry. Just your name and email address is all we need. A random winner will be chosen 72 hours after the contest opens, so you need to be quick!

So for example, if the contest opens at 10:00am (zulu) on Saturday 10th December 2016, the contest will CLOSE at 10:00am (zulu) on Tuesday 13th 2016.

Want more chances to win?

That’s easy. The more you share, the more you can win! For every person who signs up with their name and email address via your ‘sharing link,’ you’ll automatically gain an extra 2 entries into the contest.

So for example, if you submit your email, share and your friend signs up, you will have 3 entries for the price of 1. Your friend, will still have 1 vote so you’ll still have more chance to win! (Unless of course your friend shares, in which case you need to continue sharing!)

Please give your support

A HUGE thank you to Real Flight Shop for sponsoring this fantastic opportunity, as well as ALL of the developers and publishers.

Orbx, JustSim, UK2000 Scenery, TOGA Projects, FSFX Packages, TFDi Designs, HiFi, ImagineSim, Turbulent Designs, JustFlight and MORE.

We honestly couldn’t do it without all of their hardwork and dedication so we really urge you to check out their work.

Aerosoft A330 Preview 25 Nov 2016

Aerosoft have kept their tradition of revealing preview screenshots of their up and coming A330.

Extremely similar to what we’ve seen before, we can see that the Dragonair livery is getting lots of use. This time, we can see some detail in the tail.

Posted by Stefan, he explains that the details have now been completed for the A330-300. Despite the challenges of creating a complex part of the aircraft, he is now happy with the tail and will be moving onto the last section – the wings. Because the area is so large and he has to complete the research, it will take longer than the usual 5 days. This may mean no screenshot update next week.

Finally, he said that there will be a detailed paintkit manual come release, which we’re expecting to take place in 2017.

Until we see something new from Aerosoft, these will be the last shots FSElite post.

Keep an eye on the Aerosoft forums for more details.

Rumour: QualityWings Beta Testing Starts Early December

With the announcement of QualityWings now working on the manual of their highly anticipated 787, we have managed to source from one of the testers that final beta testing will begin early in December. Although December 4th 2016 was given as a date, no further details were given. With the QW787 development being quite lengthy, this date may jump around, but we’re confident that this information is true and accurate.

We’re anticipating final beta testing to start December 4th or so. That date can change, but fingers crossed.

Quality Wings 787 Tester

Given the environment in, we’re unable to disclose exact details publicly. Within FSElite, we have confirmed the details and verified their credentials.

We look forward to announcing early in December the beta announcement!

Just Flight Socata TB-10 & TB-20: The FSElite Review

DEVELOPERInnovative Design Studios, Turbine Sound Studios, Various IndividualPRICE$41.99
PUBLISHERJustFlightBUY FROM Just Flight Store

As part of our Community Charter, we provide full disclosure at FSElite.

Just Flight Socata TB-10 & TB-20 was provided free of charge to FSElite for the purpose of reviewing for the community.

Scoring System

I want to summarize my Scoring system. Everything is carefully calculated. ) means the product did So bad it can only be described as unfinished. 1-3 is Low Quality, 4-6 is Average Quality. Average is not bad. Its just average, run of the mill, normal, nothing special. 7-8 is High Quality. 9 and 10 are reserved for Not only High quality, but new and innovative things. Things that have not been done before. However all that only applies to Performance, Avionics Modeling, Visuals, Sound, Flight Model, and Options. Overall quality and value are more subjective, and I already explained above. I personally would put this addon in the Low budget AAA range of $20-$40. And on the lower end of that. However I’m attaching a caveat to this. If the main problems I have mentioned get fixed. The problems like GPS position, and HSI Drift. And add an Option to swap the Altimeter out for one that lets us set it by inHG; I could see this addon being on the higher end of that range. However Just Flight charges $41.99 for this plane. And it ships with the issues I mentioned. That puts it on the lower side of the High AAA price range.

Justflight recently released a small airplane named the Socata Tobaga. A small single engine airplan that if I had to compare it to another airplane, it seems to want to fill the role of a Cessna 172. It even uses the same engine as the early C172 the O-360. Unlike the C172 however it has a constant speed prop. Just Flight was kind enough to include the TB10’s more complex cousin the TB-20 Trinidad. Which continuing the Cessna comparison, is most like the C182. In fact these planes are so much like the C172/C182 that honestly with the exception of the bigger engine in the TB-20; Everything I say about one essentially carries over to the other. They fly roughly the same, and are operated roughly the same. So while I did test flights in both airplanes, I’m only going to focus on the TB-10 in this review. Rest assured however they are mostly the same and any differences I will point out.

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