PILOT’S Releases Boeing B314 Clipper for P3D

Piston pounder and flying boat fans rejoice! German developer PILOT’S has recently provided Prepar3D vintage aviation fans with its highly-accurate virtual rendition of the famous Boeing B314 Clipper flying boat.

Historically speaking, the Boeing B314 Clipper was created due to Pan American Airways’ dire need for an aircraft capable of supporting and relieving the airline’s by then aging Martin M-130 flying boat fleet on their Trans-Pacific crossings. The first Boeing B314 Clipper began construction on Boeing’s famous Plant 1 and, after numerous months of development, took off from Elliott Bay on June 7th, 1938, piloted by Edmund T. “Eddie” Allen.

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DC Designs Releases F-15 Eagles for MSFS

Dc Designs F15 Eagles Msfs (4)
As expected by the previous announcement, DC Designs has released its awaited F-15 Eagles series for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The fully-native aircraft by DC Designs includes four detailed aircraft based on the F-15, including the F-15C, D, E and I 'Ra'am' Eagles. All of the models have been built with the latest technology and built to withstand any future product
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Toliss A321 Updated

A320 Neo Xp 02
The Toliss A321 has received a minor update bringing it to version 1.2.2. This simple update is mostly oriented towards the A321NEO. It corrects minor bugs, mostly in the navigation system and introduces new error messages and better predictions across discontinuities. You can purchase the ToLiss A321 for X-Plane on the X-Plane Store for $79.00 USD, and the A321NEO add-on
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Just Flight PA-28R Arrow III in Microsoft Flight Simulator Preview Video

PA 28R Arrow III In Microsoft Flight Simulator From Just Flight First Look Preview Video
After a series of image previews for the Just Flight PA-28R Arrow III for Microsoft Flight Simulator, a brand new 2-minute first look video has been shared highlighting the GA aircraft in the new simulator. The video showcases the aircraft's exterior modelling. The detailed modelling and impressive animations highlight how Just Flight has brought the aircraft to life in the
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Further Details Shared for Just Flight’s A300 for P3D

JUST Flight A300 P3d (1)
Whilst Just Flight has been sharing plenty of previews for their BAe 146 Professional on X-Plane and the PA-28R Arrow for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Prepar3D owners are keenly awaiting the A300B4-200. On Facebook today, Just Flight shared key new information on the product and confirmed a new weather radar which is compatible with Active Sky for Prepar3D. The post on
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Whiskey Jet Simulations A220 Night Previews and Animation Video

Whiskey Jet Simulations A220 Msfs (3)

The team at Whiskey Jet Simulations has continued to share their A220 developemtn progress with the most recent previews showcasing the aircraft at night. In addition, the team shared an animation video highlighting the engine spool up and spool down, along with wing flex.

The most recent previews from the development studio highlight the night lighting that the team has so far added to the aircraft. There are some missing details on the nose wheel lights, but things will continue to be developed.

As mentioned, the team at Whiskey Jet Simulations shared a recent video highlighting the animations of the engine spool up and down, along with wing flex. The five minute displays the range of engine animations and how the wings react to turbulence and changes to the flight profile. There are still plenty of elements that need refining, but again, WJS says they are aware and will continue to work on the A220 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

You can see even more previews for the Whiskey Jet Simulations A220 In Microsoft Flight Simulator here.

We know this is a hotly anticipated aircraft for the community so we’ll keep a close eye on development.

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IRIS Simulations Announces Hornet FA-18C for MSFS

IRIS Simulations Fa18
Fighter jets continue to be developed for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Developer IRIS Simulations, following on from the announcement of their FA-39 Vampire, has confirmed they are working on the Classic Hornet FA-18C for the simulator. This appears to be Announced in a post on Facebook, IRIS Simulations said that this is one of "my favourite fast jets" and this will
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AIG AI Manager VATSIM Support Statement

AIGTech has issued a brand new statement regarding their AIG AI Manager (AIM) and how model matching works with VATSIM. The statement issued confirms that the current AIG AI Manager, with the included One-Click-Installer (OCI) works with the current configuration for model matching when used with vPilot. The statement was confirmed by other AIG members, along with other users. However,
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FlyByWire Simulations A32NX Installer, Virtual Printer and More

FlyByWire Installer 2021 01 15 10 55 31
The team at FlyByWire Simulations has continued to make headway with their A32NX modification and has been updating their Facebook page with some of the new features currently in development. This includes a brand new virtual printer, reworked radios, a new dynamic sound pack, improvements to the engine modelling and also a brand new installer to make it even easier
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Carenado Releases WYMF5 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Carenado Wymf5 Msfs (5)
Carenado has released the WYMF5 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Based on the design of the 1934 Weaver Aircraft Company YMF model, the biplane features a seven-cylinder, air-cooled engine which can deliver 300 horsepower to the wooden propeller. The aircraft can cruise at a speed of 114mph with a range up to 432nm for 2 passengers. The aircraft is responsive to
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