Just Flight Shares Video Preview of the 146 Professional on XPL

Those of you are who are excited for the upcoming 146 Professional on X-Plane 11 will be pleased to know that a short teaser video of the aircraft in action has been released by Just Flight. The new in-development video highlights various features and elements of the upcoming aircraft.

The 2-minute video is a good tease of what you can expect from the aircraft once it does land. The video shows us the custom sounds being used for the aircraft, along with how the user can interact with the plane to adjust elements such as the autopilot and the various dials. Furthermore, the video shows a very quick engine start-up sequence, along with a take-off to give you a flavour of the plane. Engine effects are used to simulate the heat from the exhaust whilst animations are used effectively to show the engines running. You can watch the full teaser video above.

The aircraft is currently still in development as it is brought across from the already-released Prepar3D version. No release dates have since been set as to not disappoint following the delays the aircraft has seen in recent weeks. That said, stay tuned to FSElite so we can keep you updated with the latest.

The product page for Just Flight’s 146 Professional is online now with the latest information and you can also sign up to get a newsletter notification once the aircraft has been released.


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AOA Simulations Releases F-22 Raptor

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AOA Simulations, the aircraft developer known for their F-35 and V-22 aircraft, has released their latest venture, the F-22 Raptor for X-Plane. The Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor is a fourth-generation fighter aircraft with stealth capability, produced by Lockheed Martin between 1996 and 2011. The development saw nearly 200 of the type built for the USAF, only. The Raptor is famously
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FlightFactor Shares New Previews of 787 Pro

Developer FlightFactor has shared an additional number of previews for their upcoming 787 Pro for X-Plane 11. The progress comes from their 3D team and highlights improvements made over the past few previews we have seen from the team. We've seen numerous previews of the 787 Pro since the initial announcement of the aircraft back in September 2020. On Twitter,
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Airfoillabs Shares Renders for Upcoming DC-3 on XPL

Airfoillabs Dc 3 Xpl (2)
Aircraft developer Airfoillabs has shared a range of renders for their upcoming "study level" DC-3 for X-Plane 11. The developer took to both Facebook and Twitter to share the previews of various parts of the flight deck for the aircraft. We can see in the previews parts of the navigator and radio operator stations, along with other aids such as charts.
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Leading Edge Simulations Updates Take Command! Saab 340A

Saab 3
Founder of X-Aviation, Cameron, has confirmed the Leading Edge Simulations Take Command! Saab 340A has been updated. The new update brings it to version 1.6.5 and an email to customers of the product has already been sent out informing them of the update. The update is now available to download through your X-Aviation account and will simply need to be reinstalled for
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Orbx Shares 2021 Roadmap: Landmarks, Airports and Aircraft Coming

Orbx Landmarks Packs Msfs (4)

After not sharing a roadmap at the end of 2020 for the following year, Orbx has today shared a lengthy post detailing what the next few months will look like. Whilst there is the usual caveat that things may change, the team wanted to share what the global team is currently working on for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Prepar3D and X-Plane 11.

Landmark City Packs and Regions

First of all, it was confirmed there currently 12 new Landmarks City Packs in development for Microsoft Flight Simulator. In that list are locations throughout the world including New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland, Germany and India. These Landmarks packs will continue to add detailed buildings and points of interest to a range of key cities in the world enhancing the flying experience. The full list of packs in development is as follows:

  • Auckland, New Zealand
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Cairo, Egypt
  • Dubai, UAE
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Honolulu, Oahu, USA
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Mumbai, India
  • Panama Canal and Panama City
  • Yokohama, Japan
  • ….and Cityscape Sydney for P3D!
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FlyByWire Simulations Releases A32NX as Standalone Freeware

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Over the Easter weekend, FlyByWire Simulations released a new update to its popular freeware aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new update sees the team finally depart from requiring the default Asobo A320neo within the simulator and has now been packaged as a standalone product. The developers say this package separation is also known as a "fork" and will only
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FSLabs Teases A320/A321 Sharklets Update

FSL Sharklets Promo
Being one of the more anticipated releases of the year, high-fidelity aircraft developer FSLabs has recently shared a promotional video on their official YouTube channel, showing off their upcoming Airbus A320 / A321 Series Sharklet product line. In addition to the video showcasing breathtaking footage of their new Airbus A320 / A321 Sharklet product, the promo also features their soon-to-be-introduced EFB
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MilViz Releases FG-1D Corsair for MSFS

Milviz Fg 1d Corsair Msfs (7)
Aircraft developer MilViz has released its first aircraft on Microsoft Flight Simulator.  The FG-1D Corsair is described as "one of the most visually distinctive fighters developed during the Second World War." MilViz has developed the aircraft exclusively for the new simulator and takes advantage of the visual technology found in the sim to make the fighter-bomber as realistic as possible. Included
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Captain Sim Releases 737 Classic for P3D

CAPTAIN SIM 737 P3d (9)
Important Update 01-Apr-21: Since publication, Tom from our team pointed out to us that CaptainSim has very limited plans to actually make the EICAS retrofit promised on their product page. To quote the actual post from Markoz on the Captain Sim team: "I'm not so sure that the EICAS retrofit will happen any time soon, if at all! So good luck with
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