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Aerosoft A330 Cabin Night Lighting Previews

Aerosoft are back again today with some new shots of their upcoming A330 for FSX and P3D.

Today, we’ve been shown some of the night lighting for the cabin in external view. Work is still to be completed on the lighting for the passenger windows, but as you can see, the galley sections are coming along nicely.

We won’t have any updates next week as the developer is working on some other stuff for the time being.

In the mean time, read Mathijs’ interview with us.

Updated – TFDi Developer Working on Embraer as Side Project

Update @ 21:00z – An update from TFDi:

Before this becomes more than it is – Joshua C has been working on collecting research on his own. We have NOT made this an official TFDi Design project – although the Embraer is/was one of the many things on the table, it’s just a discussion/research point. Our primary focus at the moment is getting the 717 to where it needs to be – then, and only then, we will begin pressing onward fully with whatever our next project may be. Thank you for the support and feedback on the project, though – it’s been noted.
-President, TFDi Design

User JoshChe, known for his involvement with the TFDi 717, was spotted asking for real life Embraer pilots over on Reddit. His particular question was about someone being able to take a picture of the cockpit of an Embraer 17x/19x. Usually TFDi developers go by a flair to recognise them on Reddit, though said flair was missing this time.

This image was also released with it.

Though we are not sure what this means, it would be very good news to see someone develop an Embraer for the FSX/P3D platform. A high-quality alternative is rather lacking for this popular jet.

We have reached out to Josh (the other one!) from the TFDi team and he confirmed that this is a side project from JoshChe and not associated with TFDi at all. So before you start to panic, the new update for the 717 is still coming (and quite nicely so I hear).

If we hear any more from the project, we’ll keep you guys posted.

Thanks to FSElite reader Ben for pointing this out to us.

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New Aerosoft CRJ Video and Information

It’s been a bit quiet lately on the Aerosoft CRJ front lately, but some of the beta testers have revealed a little more information about the product.

Firstly, you can check out the video above which shows off some of the new sounds, FPS improvements and more. The team have been working hard on fixing things for LNAV and double ADFs. Of course, there’s still some bugs to iron out.

Something else that was raised was the ability to optimise to run as close smooth as possible. With that feedback, Hans then quickly added some further options to give more flexibility to the user.

No release estimates were made (probably for the best), but good to see some new looks at this interesting bird! However, Navigraph seemed to point to May, but with that a month away, we’ll soon find out.


Not Sure on the Just Flight PA-28R Arrow III? Free Demo Available

Just Flight recently released their PA-28R Arrow III for FSX and Prepar3d and since release, it has been receiving some great feedback. We’ve just reviewed it a score of 9/10, provided our first part of our video review and finally, given you all a first look.

If this wasn’t enough to convince you to go out and buy it, then Just Flight have offered a free demo for everyone to try it out. The aircraft is there in full. Everything from systems, checklists and more is available to try before you buy. Of course there are some restrictions, which include 10 minutes of flying time and a maximum height of 1,500ft above ground level.

If afterwards you’re happy, you will need to uninstall and reinstall the full version to enjoy it fully.

This is a great idea by Just Flight. As helpful (hopefully) our reviews are, the real test comes to how it performs on an individual PC and the demo is the perfect way to try it out.

Aerosoft A330 Update – New Images

More previews of the Aerosoft A330 have surfaced.

As part of Developer Month, I mentioned how much I love how often Aerosoft showing off constant previews of their products and giving insight to the community on progress. A few days ago (sorry, we missed it), Aerosoft gave us some more preview pictures of the door and galley area of the A330.

Alongside the previews, a brief update on current beta testing progress was given. So far, switches in the virtual cockpit are being placed and finetuning to the FBW system is being made. Other areas like AOC, step climbs and AOC pages are also progressing well. There’s also been some talk of performance, with ‘The Dude’ claiming that FPS are already terrific!

As testing goes on, I’m sure more will be revealed and talked about.

Make sure you check out the Aerosoft forums for more updates.

Oh, don’t forget, we interviewed Mathijs a few weeks ago, so make sure you read that as well!

We have a new batch of testers that are checking the plane out as we speak. They are all very excited to fly the bird but as we are in an early alpha state there is a lot to be done.

A lot of VC switches must get a clickspot for example and we are finetuning the FBW. There after the VNAV part will get a lot of attention. Functions like ETP, constant Mach, holdings, Step climbs and AOC pages are coming along nicely.

The real brunt will be the betatesting that has not yet begun.

Oh yeah, did I already say that the FPS are terrific?

TFDi 717 Development Update

Since release, TFDi have been extremely busy listening to feedback and implementing various fixes and changes to their even improving 717 product.

We reviewed it earlier this year, and whilst it was a good aircraft, there were issues that couldn’t be left unnoticed. The community also pointed out some problems they were having. Despite this TFDi have listened, introduced a ‘community beta‘ and have provided regular updates to bring their product inline with expectation.

Searching around their forums, we found that the next update will be huge. Driven primarily for the MCDU and community feedback, this update will bring a magnitude of fixes and changes to improve the 717 further.

I’ve detailed the list below, but be sure to check their forums for incoming updates.

Don’t forget, we interviewed Josh from TFDi Designs earlier this month and he talked about development and what TFDi are doing to continue to grow this product.


This isn’t a final list and things may change or be added (In Development – Not Available)

The MCDU and community feedback update

  • [ADDED] T/C to the ND and MCDU
  • [ADDED] T/D to the ND and MCDU
  • [ADDED] MCDU annunciators
  • [ADDED] REF system
  • [ADDED] CO ROUTE support
  • [ADDED] “CHECK BALLAST FUEL” message when applicable
  • [ADDED] Localizer DME distance indication
  • [ADDED] Yaw damper turn coordination functionality
  • [ADDED] “CDU MSG” annunciation to ND
  • [ADDED] Independent FMC emulation
  • [ADDED] MCDU standby functionality
  • [ADDED] Support for latitude/longitude entry as a waypoint
  • [ADDED] Support for place/bearing/distance (PBD) waypoints
  • [ADDED] Proper functionality of landing lights and nose light with respect to gear handle position
  • [ADDED] Option to synchronize both altimeters when not flying in shared cockpit
  • [ADDED] Ability to synchronize the minimums when not flying in shared cockpit
  • [ADDED] Option to accelerate mouse scrolling for various knobs
  • [ADDED] Chocks and cones
  • [FIXED] Missing approach transitions under some conditions
  • [FIXED] “WXR ON” only showing in WXR mode when WXR is on during ground operations
  • [FIXED] Some altitude restrictions not displaying properly
  • [FIXED] VMIN being way too high (preventing proper approach speeds)
  • [FIXED] MCDU scratchpad resetting when 24 characters are entered
  • [FIXED] PPOS displaying incorrectly on the PROG page
  • [FIXED] MCDU resetting to the start of the STAR if the runway is changed
  • [FIXED] Missing information on DUPLICATE NAMES page
  • [FIXED] Erronious FLAP DISAG with certain flap settings
  • [FIXED] Erronious BANK ANGLE warning
  • [FIXED] Graphic issue with left master warning
  • [FIXED] Oberservers unable to popup out displays or hide yoke
  • [FIXED] Engine sound spooling down during takeoff
  • [FIXED] 2D popups appearing black until resized in FSX
  • [FIXED] Various MCDU operation improvements
  • [FIXED] A display bug on the IRS STATUS page
  • [FIXED] A bug that could cause pitch oscillations in HOLD and VS AFS modes
  • [FIXED] Landing light splash staying illuminated incorrectly
  • [FIXED] Data display on ND showing some characters too large
  • [FIXED] Data display on ND showing incorrectly at certain headings
  • [FIXED] Reversed animation on left aileron tab
  • [FIXED] Nose gear gravel deflector sticking through nose gear doors
  • [FIXED] Ability to interact via scrolling where it should not be possible
  • [CHANGED] Improved magenta line tracking
  • [CHANGED] Optimized rendering pipeline
  • [CHANGED] 2D popups can now be closed by clicking in the center
  • [CHANGED] 2D MCDU popups now honor click/release behavior similar to the 3D MCDU
  • [CHANGED] The default “reset altimeter” function (B by default) now works
  • [CHANGED] Improved 2D popup default sizes and positions
  • [CHANGED] Improved ATS response
  • [CHANGED] Middle clicking the nose/landing lights on the overhead now toggles them all
  • [CHANGED] Increased initial ground drag friction slightly
  • [CHANGED] Various minor interaction improvements
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A2A Constellation update

A few days ago, A2A have issued a quite extensive update for their recently released Captain of the Ship Lockheed L049 Constellation “Connie”. Quite a number of fixes and enhancements included in this one; the changelog is down below. For instructions on downloading and installing the patch you can head over to this post on the A2A forum.


– 2D controls: Carburetor air flaps control works in 0-100 range
– Input configurator – linear trim axes response
– Engine 1 oil temperature initialization issue fixed
– Oil viscosity system added
– Air conditioning now runs off compressors attached to engines 1 and 4
– Fuel Xfeed corrected
– Engine fuel line capacity increased
– Captain’s cruise announcement won’t occur in heavy or severe turbulence
– Contact points adjusted
– 3D model gaps next to rudder pedals sealed
– Controls lock depends on engines hydraulic pressure (RPM)
– Nav lights “Squares” fixed
– DME gauges has got a tooltip.
– 2D map displays distance data
– Rudder trim tabs animation reversed
– CoPilot’s magnetic bearing gauge FROM/TO needle fixed
– Landing gear animation corrected
– Transponder Alt switch animation reversed
– Autopilot pitch shortcut reversed and made less coarse
– Upper and lower cowl flaps tooltips corrected
– Max RPM and Min RPM key shortcuts inverted
– Co-pilot’s altimeter pressure dial animates
– 2D Map. Blue wind arrow inverted to show wind direction

JustFlight PA-28R Arrow III update

JustFlight have issued an update for this popular aircraft. Full changelog below. Please note that the previous updates (SP1) are also included in this update.

  • ADF gauge logic fixed
  • ‘Refill Menu’ option added to menu bar
  • FDE improvements
  • Sound-set improvements
  • VOR indicators still functioning when NAV radios are switched off – fixed
  • Manual PDF updated to reflect software changes since release


JustFlight cancels 787

In the latest JustFlight newsletter, which you can sign up for here, JustFlight announced that their upcoming 787 in the F-Lite series of aircraft has unfortunately been cancelled.

The 787 was cancelled because of “We have been unable to achieve an acceptable balance between functionality and performance in FSX and Prepar3D”

This caused the team at JustFlight to cancel the 787 rather than releasing an unfinished product that would not meet the JustFlight standards.

The JustFlight 787 would have been a part of the F-Lite series, aimed at new simmers. The systems in the F-Lite series are basic, but a level or two above the default aircraft. Giving new simmers an opportunity to get more familiar with complex aircraft when stepping up from the default aircraft without jumping straight into a product like the PMDG NGX or the FSLabs A320X.