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Aerosoft A3xx family status update

It's time for another status update from the much awaited Airbus from Aerosoft. Ever since the release of Prepar3d v4 fans have been eagerly awaiting this plane. However, it seems that this plane is seemingly further and further away on the horizon. Matthijs Kok took to the Aerosoft forums with a big status update in a brand new forum post.
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Update: 29 Sept ’17 – Aerosoft Airbus 2018 Edition Previews – September 2017

Aerosoft A320 P3dv4 01
Update: New screenshots added. We've decided that we'll be doing a monthly preview post for any updates Aerosoft share regarding their Airbus 2018 Edition. So whether that's from the A320 family or the hotly anticipated A330, we'll cover any updates in this single post for the month. When a new update is out, we'll update the post and re-share it
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Study Level A380 Cockpit Previews

A380 P3dv4
It's been a few months since we heard the news that a Study Level Airbus A380 has been confirmed for Prepar3D v4 and XPlane 11 being produced by Matt Davies and his team. Via Matt's Twitch Stream he has previewed the internal model for the flightdeck of his A380. He confirms that this is all working progress, but it's great
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UPDATE: Aerosoft Clarifies Future Aircraft Plans – CRJ, Airbus A320 Series 2018 Edition and A330

Aerosoft A320 P3dv4 02
Update 28th July 2017 @ 14:10z: Despite the earlier posting of an August release date, Mathijs has now revised his estimates saying that "August is simply not possible". He said that there are many variables which impacts the release, and so won't be providing an update right now on a possible time frame. Because of this, we can all go back
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FSLabs A320X: The FSElite Review

The Flight Sim Labs A320 is a study level simulation of the Airbus A320 platform that released for FSX on August 24, 2016 with the P3D version releasing on January 20, 2017. The price tag has come under fire as for being what many call “too expensive” for a single aircraft. For years this add-on was highly anticipated as the
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