Watch Shared Cockpit Aerosoft A318 Professional with MultiCrew

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We’re really pleased to have so many Twitch streamers and YouTubers continue to support us as we grow. Part of this support means we occasionally scratch their back also to help promote their great content. We recently shared a stream for the Aerosoft A318 Professional and we’re doing the same again today.The difference between this stream the previous one is that this one will focus on the shared cockpit element.

It’s going to be a huge part of the Airbus series when Aerosoft brings it to market, so to have the guys at MultiCrew will hopefully showcase the powerful new feature it is promising to have.

The stream is due to start at 19:00z.

Watch live video from MultiCrew on

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Aerosoft Airbus Previews

You guessed it! Mathijs has shared a few more screenshots of Aerosofts upcoming Airbus package. This time on display is the Airbus A321 with a beautiful new Lufthansa livery. Not to mention the new satcom antenna that can be seen on the back of the aircraft.
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FSElite Exclusive: ToLiss A319 to be released February 28

A319 73
UPDATE: As promised it's now released. You can grab it from this link. The ToLiss A319 is yet another much-anticipated Airbus simulation for X-Plane that testers and developers have both been teasing in the aircraft's thread on for a couple of weeks now. Neither has said anything solid about a release date, with only phrases such as "before the end
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ToLiss A319: The FSElite Review

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2018 is shaping up to be the year of the Airbus in flight simulation. We’ve so far been blessed with the release of the FlightFactor A320, with talk of an updated A350 on the horizon too, and let’s not forget the FSLabs A321 and A319 that are abuzz in the P3D/FSX hemisphere. The hype was no different during the development
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BlackBox Simulation Airbus Update

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BlackBox Simulation has issued a small update for their Airbus family. The update fixes a few small issues and is available for both the A320 and the Widebody family products. You can download the updated installer (version 0.87.8) from their website.


  • Fixes CTD situations entering bad / erronious navdata
  • Fixes P3DV4.2 missing fcu digits and switches
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