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Just Flight Previews Traffic Global Update for XP

Just Flight Traffic Global X Plane 11 New Oc (5)

Over on their Facebook page, developer Just Flight has revealed that the next update to their Traffic Global for X-Plane will include the implementation of general aviation traffic.

Traffic Global provides X-Plane with busy skies but is currently limited to airliner traffic. The Facebook post provides details on the coming update which will include general aviation to help populate the skies all over the world.

Very little detail was included with the update but aircraft such as the Cessna 152, PA28 and Grumman American AA5 are to be included with the update. The previews also show that the general aviation aircraft are notated with blue aircraft tags as opposed to the red tags for the commercial aircraft. 

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Just Flight Updates Traffic Global for X-plane 11

Just Flight Traffic Global X Plane 11 New Oc (3)
Just Flight has released its next major update for Traffic Global for X-Plane 11 to version v1.0.9454 for both Windows and Mac. This update factors in X-Plane 11.50 beta 1-11 as well as 11.41 rev 1. Just Flight reminds us that this update may not be compatible with future updates of X-Plane. However, if something gets broken in future beta updates
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New Preview for Just Flight’s Traffic Global on X-Plane 11

Just Flights Traffic Global X Plane 11 Preview Two WIP Software
Just Flight has shared another video for their upcoming AI traffic program in X-Plane 11. Traffic Global will add worldwide coverage to the X-Plane environment for AI traffic. Airlines, aircraft types and schedules will all be up-to-date. During the video, we are given a few new details for what we can expect in the product. A traffic radar will be
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Global AI Ships Traffic Update

Global AI Ships has received an update which has added several new ships and boats On an AVSIM forum post, Henrik Nielsen has released a major update for his Global AI Ships Traffic package which adds over 1100 new ships and routes throughout the entire world. This package includes cruise ships, frigates, oil tankers, fishing boats, military vessels, icebreakers and
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JustFlight Traffic Global X-Plane Preview

Traffic Global X Plane 11 Preview Video From A Work In Progress Build
JustFlight has been showing off their in development Traffic Global add-on for X-Plane for a while now. This time, JustFlight's official YouTube account uploaded a new preview video. The video shows high quality modelled and textured airplanes taxiing along taxiways, taking off, and landing. We also get to hear the sound effects that come with these planes.
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JustFlight Releases Previews of Updates to Traffic Global for P3D

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Developer JustFlight has released previews over on their Facebook page of Traffic Global, AI traffic system for P3D. The previews come midway through the development of the system for X-Plane, which would suggest that the two systems, although very different in coding, are being developed side by side.  The screenshots are straight from P3D, displaying Enhanced Night Lighting effects on
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Just Flight Releases Further Previews of Traffic Global for X-Plane

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JustFlight has released via Facebook post further previews of their Traffic Global for X-Plane 11, along with another monthly entry into the Development Diary by TGXP developer, Jim Kier. Traffic Global for X-Plane is an AI system that recreates real-world traffic within your simulator. Traffic Global for P3D is already a well-established product but to export this complex system into
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Orbx Previews Next Version of FTX Australian AI Traffic Pack

In a post on their website, developer Orbx has offered a preview of their next major update for the FTX AU Traffic Pack. The updated package includes rewritten flight plans for all Australian airlines that are in line with real-world schedules from July/August 2018. The update also includes fly in/fly out schedules for the winning operations that take place in
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FLAi Release Small Update

FLAi have released a small update their ai aircraft addon just in time for Cross the Pond East 2018.   The FALi developers have been hard at work tweaking and perfecting their addon ai aircraft so that it will work correctly during your flights across the pond if you are using vPilot. Instructions on how to get the update and
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