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Orbx openLC Africa Released for Prepar3D and FSX

Orbx OpenLC Africa Cape Town (6)

It has seemed like forever since the initial announcement, but Orbx has released the next package in their openLC range. Following on from Europe, North America and South America comes openLC Africa. This new openLC region covers over 30 million KM square spanning from the likes of Cape Town and Port Elizabeth in South Africa to Cairo in Eygpt and Casablanca in Morroco.

The official trailer for Orbx openLC Africa

The product features 6gb of new landclass textures which reduce the repetition across the entire region. This means you will have a more authentic flying experience across the varied landscape. You should get exciting views across the African Plains, whilst flying near Victoria Falls or whilst bush flying around Madagascar. Furthermore, the pack also features 7 photoreal areas of specific mountains and craters giving you the chance to fly up close and personal to them.

The 14.7gb install is easily downloaded via Orbx Central v4. You can buy it right now from Orbx for a discounted price of AU$47.16 as part of a launch discount. The usual price is AU$58.95 once the sale is over.

Edit: Here’s the coverage map for those interested.

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Orbx openLC Africa Final Previews Before Release

Orbx Open Lc Africa Final (4)
Orbx's Iain Emms has shared his "final" previews for the anticipated openLC Africa. This is a region flight sim community members have anticipated for a long time and it's almost here. Yesterday, a few other previews were shared from around Cape Town, Namibia and Madagascar. Today's previews are more general and just give a sense of the product itself. Once we have
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Orbx openLC Africa New Previews (Various Places)

Orbx OpenLC Africa Tanzania (2)
Orbx has shared a range of brand new previews for their upcoming openLC Africa. The long-awaited package is due to change the entire continent in a single package and these new previews highlight just how much of a difference it will make once installed in your simulator. After many years of development, we appear to be on the final stretch.
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More Previews of Orbx openLC Africa for Prepar3D V4

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Over on the Orbx forums, Orbx's Iain Emms posted three new threads showcasing various locations around Africa using openLC Africa. Orbx openLC Africa has been highly anticipated, it was due to release years ago. A range of reasons caused a delay to the product, however, openLC Africa is now in beta and nearing completion. First, Iain posted some awesome shots flying
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Orbx openLC Africa Enters Beta

Orbx Africa Openlc P3d (2)
After a period of uncertainty surrounding the release of openLC Africa, Ed from Orbx took to the forums to confirm that beta testing for the new pack is underway. To accompany the announcement, fresh new screenshots of the product were shared. No additional details were shared at this time for the product. As mentioned previously, the product was due to
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Orbx Issues Statement on openLC Product Development

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Orbx’s John Venema has taken to the Orbx forums to issue a statement on the development status for their long-running series of openLC products. This article covers both the long-awaited openLC Africa and also openLC Asia.

John started the forum thread by saying that development for openLC Africa has been ongoing for over 2 years. Ever since openLC South America was released, the development of Africa has been on and off, with the intention of releasing the product at the end of 2017 / early 2018. The delays were attributed by changes in priorities for the developer, which turned out to be TrueEarth Netherlands for AFS2/P3D, research and development on Orbx Global for X-Plane and also porting TrueEarth GB South to P3D. Whilst various screenshots has been shared over time, the Orbx team have yet to receive the beta code from the developer. John added, “For that reason, I have hidden that preview topic for now as I do not want to give anyone the impression that a release is any closer than it is. We are working with the developer to ensure we do receive a beta for OLC Africa.”

Unfortunately, the news doesn’t end there. John also mentioned that the other openLC pack focusing on the Asian region, “may never see the light of day.”

Whilst John is disappointed at the news, he did go on to add that there are many reasons as to why software development roadmaps forcibly change from time to time. Elements such as market conditions, business priorities and other reasons are why things sometimes don’t always work out as hoped. Technologies also change and advance during development, which can also cause delays and hinder projects. However, in spite of this, it was also added that “Orbx has a solid track record for delivering most of what we announce in our roadmaps […].”

Whilst the news may not be the best, John concluded the forum thread by stating that if the team can make any progress with openLC Africa, then they intend to test and ship it as soon as possible. Should there be any news, the team will inform the community.

You can read the full statement on the Orbx forums.

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FSDG Updates Mauritius to V1.2 for P3D

18 2
Scenery developer Flight Sim Development Group has updated its Mauritius scenery for FSX and P3D to version 1.2. Mauritius is a small island located off the East coast of Africa known for its exotic flora and fauna, including the now-extinct dodo, and is home to just over 1.2 million people. The airport itself handles over 3.5 million passengers a year
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Orbx Provides Slight Update on openLC Africa and Asia

Orbx Openlc Africa 5
John Venema from Orbx has provided the community with a short, but sweet, update on openLC Africa and openLC Asia. Both products are designed to improve the landclass of their respected areas in a single product. Each of them follow on from the previous releases of openLC Europe, North America and South America. openLC Africa has been a product that has
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FSDG Agadir (GMAD) Released for X-Plane 11

Over on their Facebook page, FSDG has announced that they've released Agadir (GMAD) for X-Plane 11 which is 1 of 2 of their first X-Plane add-ons released simultaneously. Agadir Al-Massira Airport is located in Southwest Morocco serving Agadir and the capital of Souss-Massa region. It sees scheduled services from Ryanair, easyJet, TUI, Air Arabia Maroc and more to and from destinations scattered throughout
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