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Did Aerosoft Just Give Let Slip of Prepar3d V4?

Just a quick one from me. We recently outed some rumoured information regarding Prepar3d V4 and Aerosoft may have let slip a little more than they wanted to.

Whilst talking about the new Connected Flight Deck feature for their upcoming A330, Mathijs showed off what he does whilst working to keep his mind busy. As you can see, he enjoys reading upon datalink, watching TV and writing documents! Fun!

But what’s really interesting is the icons on his desktop itself. In the top, far right hand corner is a black icon that looks a little too familiar. Once zoomed in, you can see it’s clearly Prepar3d V4.

Now we know, we know, anyone can set an icon for the desktop, and maybe it’s Mathijs just teasing us (he does hint at it in his post). Regardless, whether it’s a developer poking some fun or a “whoops, I messed up” mistake, it’s lighthearted.

Before anyone screams FAKE NEWS, it’s not ‘fake’. You can see the image and you can see the post here. Anything relating to Prepar3d v4 is conjecture until Lockheed Martin say something official. Anything going forward is simply discoveries made by us or the community.

Of course, we’ll always verify any information to ensure it’s as accurate as it can be.

Any feedback is always welcome, just comment below or send us an email via our contact page.

Aerosoft A330X Connected Flight Deck – More Details

Aerosoft have been excellent in updating the community with their progress on the A330 and today, has been no different. We saw some more previews this week, but what’s got me excited is the next level of Connected Flight Deck that Aerosoft are bringing to the table! In a post on the forums from Mathijs, he gave some great insight into what we can expect when the A330 is out later this year.

First, he confirmed that during a team meeting that took place recently, things seem to “be on schedule”. Not sure which “schedule” as this was originally planned for 2015 (and then 2016), but whatever, it’s coming and seems to be moving at a nice pace! Afterwards, he posted some great new detail into the Connected Flight Deck.

So what features? Well, first, just to reiterate what was expected anyway, it’s 100% free. No ifs, no buts, completely free alongside the purchase of the Airbus A330. Something that is quite different from what they currently use on their A320 models is there is no need for to change settings for firewalls or routers. Makes a welcome change and is promised to be a “transparent” connection.  Not only that, but you can expect weather and time to be connected as well (although navigation databases will not be). What’s pretty exciting is the fact you can store ongoing flights and pick it up later (in the cloud) AND an optional voice channel as well. No longer will you need to rely on 3rd party applications just to do a checklist.

Moving on, if you’re unfamiliar with the aircraft and just want to kick back and chill, well now you and 49 of your mates can! Observer mode will allow you to do just that. Literally load the Sim and the plane, find a ‘session’ and sit back and relax as the pilots do all the work. Mathijs compared it to live streaming. Just instead of watching a video, up to 50 people can join your flights and be in the cockpit with you. This is INSANELY cool and will allow VAs to perform ‘check flights’ and give people a chance to learn exciting and challenging approaches without fear of doing something wrong. A great learning tool.

Of course, the immediate concern is the usual: frame rate, VAS and lag. According to Aerosoft, the code isn’t a megabyte in size and will use cores not used by Flight Sim. The amount of data without voice chat is tiny. Of course, I think the concern is if 50 people are all in the same connection, it will vary depending on who has the best speed. As for your online networks, the CFD is “100% compatible” and can be ran at the same time.

I’ll quote from Mathijs on how it’s all used:

How it is used

  1. Start a session (by the Captain): Use the drop down menu option, type in a description, select [PUBLIC] or [CLOSED] and click [HOST]. That’s all.
  2. Join a session as First Officer: Use the drop down menu to select a session and select [JOIN AS FIRST OFFICER].  The Captain will need to confirm. That’s all, no IP addresses to enter to rules to enter in your router.
  3. Join a session as observer: Use the drop down menu, select [JOIN AS OBSERVER]. This is only possible for public sessions.

Finally, as you don’t need to login anywhere, there’s no concern for data and security. All the information is kept within the sim, and compared to weather engines, does the same thing. If you use the “Temporary Store” option, it will stay there for 2 weeks and then vanish.

Aerosoft also want to assure you it’s not some form of DRM to find out who has pirated the software as it will work just fine for pay customers and those who…don’t pay.

So there we go, loads of detail and great stuff to come. I hope it’s as smooth as it sounds because I think some FSElite A330 flights would be pretty damn cool!

JustSim working on Dusseldorf

Whoa, calm down there guys! Only a few days after they have released Hamburg, JustSim have announced to be working on Dusseldorf next! It looks like Aerosoft is finally gonna get some competition when it comes to the German sceneries. And that could be a good thing for us as customers with the original scenery from Aerosoft dating back to 2012! No previews have been released yet. But make sure to follow us to find out as soon as we hear and see more!

Aerosoft launches new design

Aerosoft have launched the new design for their web shop! The new design brings the shop into current day standards, looks a lot nicer and cleaner and should make it a lot easier for anyone to find their favourite products and purchase them. The site is also completely responsive so you don’t have to fiddle with your phone or tablet when you want to buy a new scenery.

The new homepage comes with a layout with big tiles, each for another category of Aerosofts products. Whether that be aircrafts, busses, trains or other services; you can now easily go there from the home screen. Quickly checking up on news and updates or looking at some new screenshots for that scenery that just came out has become a lot, lot easier.

Also pretty nice is the new customer page where you can more easily see your details, see the products that you bought or check your wish list. We haven’t made any purchases through the new store yet but supposedly this has become a much better experience as well.

We’d love to hear what you think about their new storefront so make sure to use that comment area down below!

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Aerosoft A330 Previews and FMGS Features

After we shown off some images for the interior table for Aerosoft’s upcoming A330, Mathijs has given some further insight into what we can expect from the FMGS system in their upcoming A330 series, and probably integrated into their upcoming A320 series 2017 update.

First a brief visual update from the external view.

Expect to see things already included with the current ‘Bus series such as Navigraph/NavDataPro support, company routes, complete vertical profile and lateral navigation modes. Of course, things such as hold patterns, DIR TO and DIR TO Radial In and Out are also present. Some cool updates included are going to be Wind Aloft data, equitime point calculations and time marker, required time of arrival and estimated time of take off. So compared to what we currently have, this brings massive improvements and more features than ever before. Of course, dual MCDUs working separately are also included this time!

The list below is almost locked in, but Mathijs has said that if people “feel anything major is missing” or have any other comments, then this is the time to “influence” the team.

Before I leave you with the full list, Mathijs also confirmed the release schedule is still as follows:

  • Aerosoft / DA CRJ
  • Aerosoft A330 2017 (new)
  • Aerosoft A320/A321 2017 (update + update price)
  • Aerosoft A318/A319 2017 (update + update price)


Leave a comment on their forums if there’s something else you would want to see.

Aerosoft FMGS features:

  • Navigraph/NavDataPro support;
  • Flight Plan construction using procedures like SIDs, STARs, transitions, approaches;
  • Company routes, primary and alternate;
  • Complete Vertical Profile, including constraint management, managed climb and descent etc;
  • Complete Lateral Navigation modes;
  • All flight phases: Preflight, Takeoff, Climb, Cruise, Descend, Approach, Go-Around and Done;
  • Primary, TMPY, SEC, ALTN and SEC ALTN flight plans;
  • AIRWAYS management;
  • HOLD patterns;
  • DIR TO, DIR TO Radial In/Out and Abeam;
  • Direct waypoints PD, PBD, PBPB, LatLon;Pseudo points: T/C, T/D, SpeedLim, DECEL, S/C, S/D, Level Off, ETP and more;
  • Navaids automatic and manual tuning;
  • Accurate predictions and performance calculations: fuel/time/ALT, managed/selected/presel speed/mach;FIX INFO;
  • OFFSET path;
  • Equitime point calculation, and a time marker;
  • WINDS aloft;
  • Constant Mach cruise segments;
  • Required Time of Arrival, Estimated Time of Takeoff;
  • DUAL MCDU, working independently from each other;
  • MCDU web interface;

Aerosoft A330 – Interior Table Preview

UPDATE 03 Feb 2017: Been some concerns with VAS etc. We’ve been assured that it will have minimal impact due to the low poly count of the modelling. Also, it hasn’t packed development time at all, as it was done for a bit of fun during the specific developer’s downtime.


We stopped doing weekly updates on the A330 a while ago, but this caught my attention and thought it would be worth sharing as it is a little different.

So the team shown off some renders for in-flight entertainment for the pilots during the flight. This included a “newspaper”, a coffee and some other bits all laid out on the pilots tray. The modelling itself looks pretty basic, but Mathijs described a bit of interaction that can happen during the flight.



So during less busy phases of flight, such as cruise, the paper and telephone will appear. However when things get busier, you will just see the checklist underneath.

It gets more interesting when coffee is involved! There will be sound effects and even the door chime along with the image of a cabin crew standing outside of the door (as per many airline’s SOP). It doesn’t mean you’ll get virtual coffee vouchers, or that a you’ll feel more awake, it’s just another quirk of the Aerosoft products which help to immerse you that little bit more.

It’s been confirmed that this will be rolled out across all 5 Airbus products when the A330 is released.


Aerosoft Bringing New Store to the Community Next Week

From next week, Aerosoft will be using a brand new modern and clean design web design to help make buying their products easier. Whilst much is unkown with how it will look or function, Aerosoft have ensured that finding the right product for you will better than ever before.

No word if there will be any down time yet.

Not much else is known, and we’re excited to see this fresh lick of paint for the Aerosoft team.

The full quote from their Facebook page reads as follows.

Dear community,

From next week we will introduce you our newest project: our new website! Look forward to our new online world, in a modern and clear design. Your advantage? Through the open and plain design, you can orientate much better in our shop, thus finding your desired products will be much easier, too.
Discover the variety of our products in the new categories Flight Simulation, Train, Bus/Truck, Blue light and other simulations. In the Hardware area, you will find the right equipment for a realistic driving and flight experience on your PC.

We hope you will enjoy browsing!


Aerosoft update German Airports 3 – Hamburg

Aerosoft have released an update to the in 2012 released Hamburg scenery addon. This scenery was previously only available for FS9 and FSX, although it was possible to have it installed and working in Prepar3d. The update adds installer support for Prepar3d (v3) so it can be more easily installed. Also updated are the jetways which are now animated and the AFCADs have been updated with realistic approach procedures. German Airports 3 – Hamburg is available for €15,08 from the Aerosoft shop.

Aerosoft Pisa X Coming Soon for FSX and Prepar3d

Aerosoft recently posted images over on Facebook showing off their upcoming Pisa X for both Flight Simulator X and Prepar3d.

My initial reactions are that it looks quite low-res. I won’t be quick to pass judgement as we definitely need a Pisa within the sim (the approach is awesome), so I’m still excited to see what it’s like once it is in the sim. The team have stated that the entire city has been modeled from the “ground up” making those approaches beautiful!