FS2Crew Releases Aerosoft CRJ (Voice and Button Control)


Owners of the Aerosoft CRJ Professional will now be able to buy FS2Crew’s latest product to add a virtual co-pilot to support your on your flights. FS2Crew’s Aerosoft CRJ Voice and Button Control pack will take your “CRJ flights to the next level” for those looking to have a multi-crew experience.

As with other FS2Crew products, the voice and button controls will give you a virtual co-pilot who will work with you through the flows and checklists of operating the CRJ using real-world SOPs from a current First Officer on the aircraft type. There are multiple configuration options for total control and users can switch between voice or button controls with ease. There is support for turnarounds and also flight attendant and ground crew integration. If your day isn’t going well, the tool also supports rejected take-offs and missed approaches.

Customers of previous FS2Crew products, including the latest release of Pushback Express, can get €5.00 off using the code CRJ5. Otherwise, FS2Crew Aerosoft CRJ (Voice and Button Control) will cost €34.95.

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Sim-wings Hamburg Professional Released for Prepar3D

Hamburgh Professional P3d (1)
Sim-wings has released Hamburg Professional for Prepar3D v4.5/v5. The German airport sees a large number of aircraft visitors each year; from European airlines such as easyJet, Luftansa, TUI and others to long-haul carriers such as Emirates. The airport features two runways and can accommodate aircraft even as large as the Airbus A380. Hamburg Airport (EDDH) sits not far from the city
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David Rosenfeld Mega Airport Ben Gurion Released for Prepar3D

Ma Ben Gurion P3d 15
After an extremely long development cycle, developer David Rosenfeld has released the long-awaited Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport (LLBG) for Prepar3D. Released by Aerosoft under the 'Mega Airport' branding, users can now purchase the product for €20.97. Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport is the main international airport of Israel and is also the busiest airport in the country. Serving over
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Aerosoft Previews Cologne-Bonn for Microsoft Flight Simulator

EDDK MSFS 007 2K.jpg.4044f58f3a3efe683b838e796aeda405
We already know that Aerosoft is developing a range of add-on product for Microsoft Flight Simulator, including aircraft and scenery. The latest round of previews from the team highlight Cologne-Bonn that is soon coming to the simulator. In a short forum post by Mathijs Kok on the Aerosoft forums, four new previews of the product in action were shared. The new
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Aerosoft Further Previews CRJ for MSFS

Since our last review almost a month ago, Aerosoft has released yet another update on the development of the Bombardier Canadair Regional Jet coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator. The developer has released a video on their news page showcasing some of the features. Key buttons and switches such as operative radio knobs along with a detailed programmable MCDU have been
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Windsock Simulations Madrid X-Plane 11 Night Lighting, Beta Next Month

120032251 1453131094884903 6057257874138315490 O (1)

Developer Windsock Simulations has admitted on Facebook that they have been working on Madrid for X-Plane 11 a lot longer than they had originally announced. This has meant progress has been ongoing for a while now and they have said that beta testing for Madrid Airport for X-Plane 11 will be starting next month.

Alongside this piece of news, the team also gave a few new previews of the airport but this time at night. We can see how the taxiways are lit up and also some of the interior lighting in some of the terminal buildings.

Once we have more information, we’ll, of course, let you know. You can also check out a range of other previews here for Windsock Simulation’s Madrid Airport.

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Aerosoft Shares Previews of Twin Otter in Development for MSFS

889120874 Screenshot(62).png.ec921343081277e84e26269ddccaa68f
Announced during their live stream event in August, Aerosoft's Mathijs Kok has shared a handful of in-development previews for the Twin Otter aircraft. As well as the new previews, he also gave a few other details about what customers can expect when the aircraft eventually releases for Microsoft Flight Simulator. First and foremost, it should be made clear that the
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Aerosoft Releases Airport Trondheim-Vaernes for MSFS

Aerosoft Airport Trondheim Vaernes Microsoft Flight Simulator DLC Official Trailer
Aerosoft has today released Airport Trondheim-Vaernes for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new scenery package brings a lifelike recreation of the airport in Norway. Trondheim Airport serves numerous airlines such as Norwegian,  SAS and many others to destinations across Europe. This recreation of the airport includes accurate taxiway information, plenty of ground clutter to make the airport feel alive and high definition textures
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Aerosoft Announces Trondheim for MSFS

ENVA MSFS 002.jpg.ca04dda2f8ad4102113a8a59d536ac95
Aerosoft, the well-known developer for multiple flight sim platforms, labelled the release of Trondheim airport (ENVA) for MSFS on their blog imminent, teasing with a few screenshots. The Trondheim international airport is located in Værnes, about 19 kilometres east of the city of Trondheim. Avinor, a state-owned company operates this international, domestic and regional airport, sharing facilities with Værnes Air Station of the
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Aerosoft NextSim Event Reveals More About Future MSFS Projects

Over the weekend, Aerosoft held their own private event called NextSim, which focused on a range of products coming from the software development company. Part of the live stream saw Mathijs Kok join to discuss the current pipeline of projects coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator. The stream primarily focused on the upcoming CRJ from Aerosoft, but there was also some discussion
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