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Aerosoft CRJ Dynamic Light

Matthijs gave us a preview of Prepar3d V4s Dynamic Light capabilities on the upcoming Aerosoft CRJ. It looks very nice, especially the landing light disco (though I am not sure if people in the terminal would agree with me). Check out the post for yourself to get all the latest updates on Aerosofts CRJ or check out the video above.

‘Updated for Prepar3d V4’

A lot of stuff this week was released with compatibility for P3DV4. And there was almost just as much news from developers announcing their plans or giving us an update about their support for the updated platform. Instead of making a whole bunch of different posts, we’ve decided to collect everything that has been updated for Prepar3d V4 this week into one post. And there’s a lot.


Over on their forums REX gave us an update into their product status for P3DV4. WorldWide Airports HD, Texture Direct, Texture Direct w/Soft Clouds and REX Soft Clouds will shortly receive a hot fix to be compatible. Release is estimated for this month.

Weather Architect, Essentials Plus and Essentials Plus Overdrive will require a major service pack to be compatible. The release time is yet to be determined.


ImagineSim announced over on Facebook that all their sceneries are now compatible with P3DV4. People that have previously purchased any product for P3DV3 will receive a free update. ImagineSim compatible sceneries are: KATL, KLGA, ZSPD, KAUS, VIDP, KSJC and KCLT.

Jetstream Designs

These guys took the time to give a really nice update to some of their previous sceneries. Both updated with P3DV4 support are Marseille and Little Rock. The latter has also been updated with volumetric light halos. But that’s not all, because both sceneries got a nice overhaul and are now featuring brand-new, completely updated SODE jetways. You can find some screenshots of the updated sceneries below.

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Drzewiecki Design

UUEE Moscow Sheremetyevo, EPWA Warsaw and EETN Tallinn have all received an update to be compatible with P3DV4.


Miami V3 is now compatible.


MILVIZ will be updating the majority of their aircraft. This includes aircraft that has previously been released for P3DV4, with a few exceptions. MILVIZ have stated they will issue a $5 upgrade fee. Every upgrade will come with MILVIZ new MVAMS tool which is used for framework features and includes the capability of updating their products in the future.

Global AI Ship Traffic

This freeware add-on loved by so many also got an update to P3DV4. The add-on has been split up in several separate parts which you can install almost independently (some files are required). There are a lot of new models (the total amount is now 179) and routes added that cover the entire globe.

Airports of Norway

AoN, my personal favourite, got updated as well. This (freeware) package will continue to receive updates to fix issues with airports as they are being found.

Aerosoft Oslo Gardermoen

A big update coming from Aerosoft. ENGM Oslo has been updated for P3DV4 and a lot of new features have been added. The full list can be found over here. Notable though is definitely the added support for SODE for animated jetways, passengers and de-ice service. Another very notable feature is added support for Prepar3d volumetric lighting for flood lights and the headlights from de-ice trucks.

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BlackBox Simulation

Last but not least on our list is BlackBox. These guys have updated both their Aviation Bulldog & Cessna L19 aircraft for P3DV4 for free.

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Official Trailer for Aerosoft Roma Ciampino X Video

The latest trailer for Aerosoft’s Roma Ciampino X has been released. The new video shows off some of the new features including SODE jetways, 3D cars and the surrounding industrial area. Also included is 3D approach lighting, custom meshes and seasonal variation.

No further information is currently available, but we will let you know of any further updates as soon as we can. In the mean time you can check out the official Aerosoft forums.

Aerosoft Madeira & Sacramento Update

Aerosoft has announced updates for both their Sacramento and Madeira airports that can be downloaded. Both updates can either be downloaded at Aerosoft or through other websites.

Madeira has the following changelog for version 1.04:

– LPMA Afcad optimized, handles AI-Traffic with curved approach to Runway 05,
– RNAV Approaches added based on actual Navdata to be used with GPS and ATC,
– Completely redone runway lights for LPMA,
– ICAO confirmed edge and center line colors ,
– Lead-in light flashes have now correct positions,
– Intensity of lights optimized to prevent “glow” effect,
– Visibility of PAPI optimized,
– Apron and Landside vehicle traffic added (AESlite Traffic),
– 3D Lights added to Madeira and Porto Santo Islands,
– Performance optimized,
– Crash detection error removed.

Screenshots of Madeira update can be found here

Sacramento has the following changelog for version 1.02:

– Reworked textures
– Library optimiziation
– Grass removed due to invisible blending with grass texture on airport
– LOD’s added
– Optimized and re-exported models
– P3D Groundpoly

For more head over to FSElite for latest releases and announcements.

IAD Roma Ciampino X Preview

Aerosoft has just showed us some previews of their upcoming scenery of Roma Ciampino X by IAD – Italian Airport Developers. It’s good that more Italian airports are being made to fill the empty space in FS with high end add-ons.

Rome Ciampino X will feature the following:

– 3d Gpoly (light effects and rain effect) (P3Dv3 only).

– Custom Meshes.

– Ciampino Town reproduced using autogen with optimized textures.

– Industrial Area around the airport.

– 3d Cars in parking lot, custom trees and 3d grass.

– 3d custom apron vehicles and aircraft.

– Animated windsock variation reflecting the wind (SODE).

– Night textures developed using ambient occlusion modeling.

– Night lights effects using SODE

– Unaligned left PAPI lights on RWY 33 (as real ones) made using SODE.

– 3d Approach lights using SODE.

– Configuration program to set the 3d object density.

– Seasonal variations.

Make sure to follow FSElite for latest news of this scenery and other releases.

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Aerosoft A330 Video Sneak Preview – Taxi Preview

We’ve been subject to a few model teases over the past few months showcasing minor progress on the grander scheme of things with the Aerosoft A330. Well today brings a new sneak peak in the form of video! At least we can see the aircraft in motion for the first time, complete with sounds.

The Dude was extremely forthcoming in providing some video footage of the aircraft in its current “late alpha” state. As such, things are missing or functioning incorrectly. However, this is the first time we’ve heard the sound pack of the trent 700s as well as a glimpse of the flight deck complete with displays.

The video shows a short look at taxiing, and sadly no take off footage. This was simply to whet the appetite for hopefully more footage in the future.

Let us know what you think in the comments section below. We’re certainly excited to see continued progress!

More SimWings / Aerosoft Barcelona X Evolution Screenshots

SimWings and Aerosoft continue to push on previewing their version of Barcelona with some new screenshots of the surrounding areas. We’ve seen some shots of the airport, but as Thorsten describes, you’ll now also have a “nice approach at El Prat from all directions”. This is because their version will include a huge coverage area between Tarragona, Lloret de Mar and Manresa.

The resolution of the shots will be 0.5m/pix for the surrounding area, whilst at the airport, we can expect 0.25m/pix. This will also include complete autogen and some other goodies as well.

How this will fair against LatinVFR’s and JustSim’s Barcelona we’ll have to wait and see. Great to see developers continue to push the boundaries of the sim.

Keep an eye on the Aerosoft forums for any further updates.

Aerosoft A330 Previews and Fuel System Information

Aerosoft continue to work on their upcoming A330 with modelling progressing with the cargo bays. As usual, Stefan’s work continues to impress and the level of detail is some of the best we’ve seen from Aerosoft. You can see his progress below, which he describes as the “forward hold is so far complete”. Work continues on the aft section, with walls covered and details in place.

Further to the update, Mathijs stepped in to provide information regarding a new feature for the Aerosoft line of products. In particular, he was asking the community what “temperature you would want the fuel to be when it’s loaded into the aircraft”.

He admitted the question sounded “silly”, but his logic is sound. Basically, the fuel temperature of the A330 will change during the flight depending on a host of features and calculations. Examples include the initial temperature, mass of the fuel, the ambient temp and the speed you’re moving. Even the inner tanks will cool down slower than the outer ones. It sounds complex and adds a degree of realism to their upcoming project.

As for why the question what temperature of the fuel when loaded, it matters as the world is a massive place with huge variation in conditions. Not only that, but the fuel storage will also impact the overall temperature of the magic aeroplane juice. Right now, Mathijs is suggesting that they should use ambient temperature -10 degrees for the initial temperature of the fuel. If you feel different head over to the Aerosoft forums to give them your opinion on what you believe would be best.

They’re willing to listen, so be sure to give them your opinion.


Aerosoft Bali X: The FSElite Review

Provided by
We want to ensure that you make the most informed decision you can. We will always put the Simmer First as per our Community Charter. When reading, please use of Review Guidelines to help you understand how we review products.

This review took me somewhere completely out of my comfort zone to a destination I’d only glimpsed at in luxury travel magazines. You may know from my previous reviews that my preferred flying style is inter-Europe -mostly short hops not exceeding 4 to 5 hour sectors. Aerosoft’s Bali X really pushed the boundaries of my concentration and stamina for that long haul flying.

Without further ado may I introduce Bali or more specifically Ngurah Rai International Airport. The airport serves the city of Denpasar and is one of the busiest airports in Indonesia. Just last year the airport was credited as being ‘The world’s third best airport (15-25 Million Passengers each year). Bali International is also the hub for several notable Asian carriers including Garuda Indonesia, Indonesia Air Asia and Wings Air. Other operators include Lion Air, Singapore Airlines, China Airlines, Qatar, KLM, Air France, Delta and JetStar to name but a few. The tourism industry in Asia at the present time is booming so as you can imagine the airport is finding itself under increasing pressure to expand.

Due to heavily populated areas adjacent the airport itself expansion unfortunately is not possible and while extending the runway may seem like a viable option this does not help improve capacity. With about 12-15% passenger growth each year, a forecasted 20 million passengers are expected to visit the region in 2017 alone. Thus a new site has been identified in northern Bali to help take the strain away.

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Aerosoft / SimWings Barcelona Preview Update

Sorry guys, we were a little behind on this one!

Aerosoft and SimWings previewed some new images from their upcoming Barcelona project a week or so ago.

The shots show off the detail the team are going to create for the terminal buildings as well as the apron area. The glass jetways look pretty sweet as well.

If you haven’t already, check them out for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Head to the Aerosoft forums for more details.