Aerosoft Previews More Chania (LGSA) for Prepar3D


Earlier this month we reported on the surprise announcement of Aerosoft’s Chania airport scenery (LGSA) for Prepar3D.

In a post on their forum, Mathijs Kok has revealed some striking new screenshots of this picturesque Greek island airport indicating that work is progressing well and a release is not too far away.

With these screenshots, we are treated to a preview of the dynamic lighting on the apron along with the detailing of the airport buildings. Outside of the airport, you can feast your eyes on some beautiful shots of the island of Crete with a glimpse of the custom autogen.

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Aerosoft Releases Paderborn XP

Paderborn XP XPlane 11 Official Trailer Aerosoft
Aerosoft has released its home airport in Paderborn, with Paderborn Lippstadt airport. Paderborn is a relatively small airport, with a small number of destinations to other German airports as well as some popular holiday destinations around the Mediterranean. The scenery comes with highly detailed modelling of the buildings surrounding the airport, extended ortho coverage, hand placed vegetation, seasonal texture support,
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Aerosoft Announces Chania International Airport

A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one! Over on the Aerosoft forums, Mathijs Kok announced they are working on Chania, Crete (LGSA). The announcement was coupled by a few previews of the scenery, and an extensive list of features. Unfortunately more information on the project wasn't given yet, and that's including the name of the scenery which, according
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Aerosoft Dortmund XP Updated

201940 Dortmund Xp (6)
Aerosoft has released update 1.3 for Dortmund XP (EDLW). The update comes with a number of fixes and additions to the scenery. You can obtain the update through Steam, or from your order history page on the Aerosoft Shop. Dortmund XP was released just shy of a year ago, and is available for €16,76.
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Aerosoft Shares New A330 Professional PBR Previews

Aerosoft A330 Pbr (2)
Aerosoft has taken to the preview forums today to share some new images regarding the A330 Professional. The new previews this time showcase the exterior modelling, which has been exported using native PBR texturing. Mathijs Kok explained in the post that modeller Stefan is now back on the project of the A330 Professional to continue pushing it out to the
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Aerosoft Planning Twin Otter Professional Update

Twin (22)

Aerosoft is planning the next update for the Twin Otter. This was made known by Mathijs Kok over on the Aerosoft forums. The Twin Otter Professional is now in the feature planning phase, and Mathijs wants to make sure all the important and requested features and updates are included. To this end, he is asking for feedback on the post to make sure nothing is left out.

The current list of planned features is as follows:

  • Serious update of the VC with PBR, RealLight and TrueGlass
  • Modest update of externals
  • Option to include the most used 3rd party GPS device
  • Update of the graphics of the checklists etc
  • Updates via Updater tool
  • Possibly Connected Flight Deck
  • Options for home cockpit builder
  • Hundreds of small tweaks here and there, a lot in engine modeling and flight modeling
  • New sound set
  • Optimized for the latest version of P3D (so only 64 bit versions)

To manage expectations, Mathijs also stated that this won’t be a cheap update considering there is a serious amount of work involved. If you feel there are any missing features to this planned update, you can head on over to the forum and make your voice heard.

Images shown are of the Twin Otter Extended from Aerosoft.

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Aerosoft USA Shares Live Stream of A330 Professional

Aerosoft A330 Professional Video
Continuing to preview their A330 Professional, Aerosoft USA, a division of Aerosoft GmbH, has shared a new live stream of the aircraft in use. The 30-minute video shoes Dave from the team fly around the Frankfurt area with a variety of views including from within the cockpit and external views. There is also some brief commentary through the video including
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Aerosoft Releases Canary Islands Professional – Gran Canaria

Cip Gran Canaria (26)
After plenty of teasing and previewing, Aerosoft has finally released Gran Canaria Professional (GCLP). Gran Canaria, just like the other islands in the Canary Islands series, has been developed by Sim-wings. This scenery the fifth instalment in the series. All that are missing now from the line-up now are Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, if you include the 'light version' of Tenerife Norte
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Aerosoft Previews Lukla Extreme for P3D

Aerosoft Preview Lukla Extreme For P3D FSElite1
Just 6 days after releasing Lukla Extreme for Aerofly FS 2, Aerosoft has released further previews of the Prepar3D version of Lukla. The Prepar3D version of Lukla looks incredibly stunning thus far and we can't wait to see more in the coming days and weeks. While we wait, why not check out our first look of the Aerofly FS 2
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Aerosoft Releases Canary Islands Professional – Tenerife Sur

Canary Islands Prof Tenerife (11)
Aerosoft has released their rendition of Tenerife South airport, making it the third developer to release an add-on for this airport. The Aerosoft version is part of their 'Canary Islands Professional' series, which also includes other Canary Islands such as El Hierro, La Palma and La Gomera. The scenery has been developed by Sim-wings. The news of the release came
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