Aerosoft Mega Airport Barcelona Professional Updated

Barcelona Professional 3

Aerosoft’s Mega Airport Barcelona Professional scenery (by Sim-wings), for P3Dv4, has recently been updated to v1.10. This update brings minor bugfixes (not specified), new config tool, a new method of activation and a new AFCAD file adding parking positions and taxiways to Sabadell (LELL) airport.

The update can installed via the new launcher found within your Aerosoft account.

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Aerosoft Release Balearic Islands Professional

198485 Balearic Islands Professional Menorca P3Dv4 02
Aerosoft has released it's Balearic Islands Professional package. This package bundles the popular holiday destinations Ibiza, Menorca and Mallorca into one. The 'Professional' version denotes it's Prepar3D v4 exclusive features. Though the Balearic Islands addon comes as a bundle, Aerosoft has also released the 'Professional' version for all of these airports separately. The price of the Balearic Islands bundle is
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Aerosoft Daytona Beach XP Released

Daytona Xp (16)
Daytona, Florida is probably best known for the legendary race track that resides there, and the NASCAR race of the year that is held there annually. Pretty well right over the raceway fence is Daytona Beach International Airport, and when the Daytona 500 race rolls around each year this airport is packed to the brim with private planes, with the wealthy
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New Aerosoft Lukla-Mount Everest Previews

Aerofly Fs 2 Screenshot 24 20180504 160136.jpg.0850ac3199da0e7b1aa2a4b0b2083025

It’s been a few months since we’ve seen any previews of Lime Sim/Aerosoft’s upcoming Lukla-Mount Everest reboot, taking one of their most popular sceneries and giving it the remake it deserves. Today, that all changes with a bunch of new previews of the terrain surrounding Mount Everest shared by Sasa on the Aerosoft preview forums!

The reboot of Lukla-Mount Everest will go beyond what was available before, with a new manually placed satellite image as well as roughly 150 million hand placed trees.

The shots shown are currently from Aerofly FS2, but there will also be versions for FSX and P3D with an X-Plane version coming “a little later”.

This preview was shared back in January, but we thought we’d include it anyways as it looks incredible!

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Aerosoft release Milano Malpensa Professional

Milano Prof (16)
Aerosoft has released a 'Professional' update for Milano Malpensa (LIMC). This version, as with all of Aerosofts addons in the 'Professional' series, comes with features and changes that are exclusive to Prepar3D v4 only. You can find all these features at the end of this post. Aerosoft's Milano Malpensa Professional is available for €24,39 from the Aerosoft Shop. It should
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Aerosoft and Sim-Wings Releases Malaga Professional

Malaga Prof (2)
With the Summer in Europe fast approaching, developers are keen to get their hot destinations out in time for simmers to take advantage of the sunshine. Sim-Wings have decided to re-release Malaga X, but this time under the professional banner. The product released via Aerosoft now includes a complete P3DV4 experience inlcuding new material options and all files now being
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Aerosoft Köln/Bonn Previews

EDDK 051 4K.jpg.fdcf3aab41b6bcd1c903b5787f287534
It’s been a while since we last reported on any new previews of Aerosoft’s upcoming Köln/Bonn scenery, and we apologize for that. Since our last post, Aerosoft has shown off nearly 24 more previews of the scenery in their preview forum, and since they just recently showed off their latest batch last Sunday, we thought it would be a good
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Aerosoft Release Fairbanks Professional

196460 Sim Wings Fairbanks Professional 07
Aerosoft has released Fairbanks Professional airport for Prepared3D V4 only. This is the newest airport to get buffed under Aerosoft's new 'Professional' product versions. With all of these updates, each product is revamped to use all the resources of P3D's 64 bit capabilities. This does though make the professional version compatible with P3D V4 only though, and not any previous
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