Live Stream of Aerosoft A330 Professional

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Aerosoft has given permission to a member of the team to stream the upcoming A330 Professional. The aircraft is very much anticipated by the community and we’ve seen numerous previews and features since the initial announcement all those years ago. However, it appears that the release is finally in sight.

During the stream, Dave flies the aircraft showing off various features of the product including the EFB, the modelling and also the MCDU.

Watch Dave’s Flight Sim Stream from daves_flight_sim_stream on

The Aerosoft A330 Professional is currently scheduled to release during the first week of December. You can also watch our hands-on with the product during FSWeekend, along with our interview with Mathijs Kok.

In related Aerosoft news, the company released OnAir recently, which you can read more about here.

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Aerosoft Releases OnAir: Airline Manager

OnAir V1
Aerosoft has spoken a little about OnAir for a limited amount of time, but they have finally released the Airline Manager for the community.  OnAir: Airline Manager is an MMO-style application that runs a persistent world running in real-time. As with other economy/tycoon systems, you start from the bottom and you have to work your way up through the ranks
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Aerosoft Releases Geneva Professional

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Aerosoft has today released their Geneva Professional for Prepar3D V4. The scenery builds upon the original by providing a detailed rendition of the airport with photo-realistic ground textures, all new taxiway and runway signage. Being the second busiest airport in Switzerland, Geneva sees plenty of traffic from a variety of airlines. As Europe approaches the Winter season, this is now
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Interview with Aerosoft’s Mathijs Kok

Interview With Aerosofts Mathijs Kok @ FSWeekend
During FSWeekend, we interviewed project manager and member of the Aerosoft team, Mathijs Kok. During the interview, we speak a little about the upcoming A330 Professional, the all-new CRJ Professional and also the new airline economy application, OnAir. In related content, we also shared our hands-on with the A330 which was also shown off at the show, along with our
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Hands-On With the Aerosoft A330 Professional

A330 Coverage
Last week, FSElite attended FSWeekend and went hands-on with the all-new Aerosoft A330 Professional. Whilst the aircraft is still in beta testing, the Aerosoft team took it to the show to let people finally have a go on the long-haul Airbus we have all been waiting so long for. During this 20-minute hands-on, Daan was thrown into the deep end to
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FSWeekend – Re-Cap From the Event

Impressions Fsweekend2019 Image

For the first time, FSElite attended FSWeekend. We have known for a while that this was a large event for European simmers, but we were pleasantly surprised at how busy and full of life the event is.

Taking place in the Aviation Museum Aviodrome in Lelystad, FSWeekend certainly had the right backdrop for aviation and sim fans. The whole place is littered with commercial, fighter jets and other historical aircraft. My favourite element of the museum was the real 747 KLM classic aircraft parked up with the ability for people to go up in and explore. With the whole weekend event, you could easily spend a day looking at these beautiful birds and then spend another day trying them out in the virtual skies.

Whilst the museum is an impressive location, to actually reach the event is a bit more challenging. With no direct flights to the local airport, you can only really arrive via Amsterdam Schipol. If you’re flying in, you need to get on multiple forms of transport and from our experience, some services only run once per hour.

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Aerosoft and Stairport Sceneries release St. Tropez for X-Plane

Lftz 14
Developers Stairport Sceneries along with publisher Aerosoft has release St. Tropez, La Môle airport (LFTZ) for X-Plane 11. St. Tropez is located on the French riviera approximately 100km west of Nice. Known for being a popular destination for the American and European jet set, the airport handles mainly chartered private jets. Airlines such as Air Glacier and Heli Securite fly
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Aerosoft CRJ Professional Trailer

Aerosoft CRJ Professional Trailer
Although only formally announced a few weeks ago, the Aerosoft CRJ Professional appears to be very close to a release. A brand new trailer has been produced by the team in anticipation of the aircraft release. The 2-minute trailer shows off the new HD cockpit and displays, along with the integrated EFB from Aerosoft. You can watch the trailer now.
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Aerosoft Releases Milan Milano Malpensa for X-Plane 11

Airport Milano Malpensa XP11 15
Aerosoft has released Milan Milano Malpensa Airport for X-Plane 11. Milan Milano Malpensa Airport is the largest international airport in Milan serving as a hub for Air Italy, Ernest Airlines, Cargolux Italia, and FedEx Express. In 2018 Milan handled a whopping 24,725,490 passengers and was the 25th busiest airport in Europe in terms of passengers. From Cathay Pacific to Hong
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