Aerosoft Announces Simple Traffic for MSFS

Chrome 2021 07 27 11 06 01

One area of Microsoft Flight Simulator that has yet to see real improvement is the integrated AI traffic. Whilst the live air traffic often matches up with data from real-world sources, it often results in fictional airlines and aircraft types. However, Aerosoft Simple Traffic aims to resolve this issue and also help to optimise the performance of the simulator.

In the forum post announcing the product, an example was given that instead of seeing fake airlines at airports, you will now see liveries with simple models represented correctly. For example, at Schiphol, you will see plenty of KLM aircraft and other realistic airlines. As also mentioned, Aerosoft Simple Traffic will also use the “lowest polygon versions of the default [Microsoft Flight Simulator] AI models” to optimise the performance of the simulator. This then results in a smoother experience at larger airports.

Aerosoft is being clear this is not the “final AI traffic tool we would like to see in Microsoft Flight Simulator,” but due to technical reasons, it’s not easy to create such a product. As such, there are some limitations with Aerosoft Simple Traffic including a limited number of compatible airports where the product will be able to be used. You can also view a complete list of all airlines included here, but it’s worth noting that more are expected in the future.

In terms of pricing, Aerosoft confirmed that the utility tool will be available for €12.50 (plus VAT when applicable). It will be out soon, but as always, check back to FSElite for a full release post when it’s made available.

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Aerosoft Twin Otter for MSFS Video Preview

Twotter External Animations
A new video preview for Aerosoft's upcoming Twin Otter for Microsoft Flight Simulator has been shared by Hans Hartmann on YouTube. The new video gives us a sneak peek at the external animations and also the sound pack being used for the aircraft. The Twin Otter is renowned for its versatility. Thanks to the numerous attachment or configurations found with
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Watch the Cross-Community Discussion Panel Featuring Key Developers

Cross Community Panel Discussion The Future Of At Home Flight Simulation
Watch live right now a cross-community discussion panel about the future of home flight simulation. During this special live event, video panellists from Aerosoft,, Hype Performance Group, Orbx, Parallel 42, and TFDi Design will discuss the state of home flight simulation and answer questions submitted by content creators and live streamers. The event will be moderated by myself, hosted by Flight Simulation Association, and broadcast across multiple channels.
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[Reminder] FlyJuly Cross-Community Panel Discussion Happening on July 24th

On Saturday 24th July 2021 @ 20:00GMT, a panel of industry experts will be holding a special live event discussing the future of flight simulation. During this special live event, video panelists from Aerosoft,, Hype Performance Group, Orbx, Parallel 42, and TFDi Design will discuss the state of home flight simulation and answer questions submitted by content creators and livestreamers. The event will be moderated by myself, hosted
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Orbx and Aerosoft Announce Partnership

Orbx X Aerosoft
In a press release sent over to us moments ago, Orbx and Aerosoft are partnering up to offer the distribution of select products to the community. This means that select Aerosoft products will be sold on OrbxDirect and select Orbx products will be sold through Aerosoft. It will also mean that customers can take advantage of Orbx Central download products
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Aerosoft One Announced – A New Product Manager

Aerosoft One Applicatio (2)

A brand new product manager tool from Aerosoft has been announced on the Aerosoft forums. Named Aerosoft One, the new tool will be a new and simple way to install and manage your Aerosoft products for all major platforms.

According to the short introduction post on the forums, the new software will be able to keep all of your Aerosoft products up-to-date, whilst also making it easy to store your product details (e.g. serials) all in one place. In addition, Aerosoft One will allow you to perform one-click installs of owned products without the need to download and then install.

Aerosoft One will allow you to pick which of your hard drives to install your products, along with seeing a download queue and all products installed. The Steam-like application will also support multiple languages.

We’re told that we’ll have this launched “pretty soon” and that more information will be released in the coming weeks. Aerosoft is asking that if you have any suggestions or feedback that now is the time to share so that the developers can take a look at your request.

Thanks to Ben for the tip!

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Aerosoft Releases Zagreb for XP

Ldza Xp 05
Aerosoft has released Zagreb 'Franjo Tuđman' Airport for X-Plane 11 (LDZA). The airport serves the capital city of Croatia, and is also the largest and busiest one in terms of passenger movements. The airport offers connections to several other European cities, and a small number of connections to cities outside of Europe, such as Toronto and Seoul. The airport, developed by
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Aerosoft Releases Airport Sandnessjøen-Stokka for MSFS

Enst Msfs 04
Aerosoft has released Airport Sandnessjøen-Stokka for Microsoft Flight Simulator (ENST). The relatively small airport serves the town of Sandnessjøen. It offers connections to several other airports, such as Bodø, Oslo and Trondheim amongst a few others, which are all provided by Widerøe. The airport also offers a beautiful surrounding to explore in suitable aircraft. The airport, which has been developed by
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Aerosoft Airport Berlin Brandenburg V2 XP Released

Ber V2 Xp 03
Aerosoft has released version 2 of its Airport Berlin Brandenburg scenery for X-Plane (EDDB). Berlin Brandenburg is the main airport for Berlin, after the closure of Berlin-Tegel late last year. The V2 update comes with a number of new features. Aerosoft has updated a lot of buildings at the airport and the surrounding area. The airport now also includes the
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Cockpit Master CS 737X CDU: The FSElite Review

As simmers, we are always looking to find new ways to make our simulation experience as immersive as possible. Whether that be through great software products or improving our PC hardware to push the simulator to visual limits. Another way many choose to enhance that experience is through the use of hardware that simulates real aircraft parts. We often see
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