Aerosoft Releases SP1 For CRJ 700/900

2018 3 18 16 9 23 553

Aerosoft has released SP1 for their CRJ 700/900 aircraft released in 2017. Much anticipated by pilots who prefer short hops on regional routes, the update fixes a lot of the issues that have plagued the CRJ since release.

This SP1 update also marks the end of support for the 32-bit version of the CRJ. In a post on their forum explaining the end of 32-bit development for the CRJ, Aerosoft’s Mathijs Kok said that “the 32bit commercial market is drying up very fast and the 64bit market is rapidly developing.” He went on to say that major bugs will still be addressed but that no new functionality would be added to the 32-bit version.

The list of fixes, changes, and additions (below) is extensive, and it should be noted that the 64-bit version requires P3D version 4.3. If you originally purchased the plane directly from Aerosoft, the file can be found on your Aerosoft Instant Download page. If you purchased via SimMarket, the file will be in your downloads section.

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Aerosoft Releases A318/319 Professional

Airbus News Bild
Developer Aerosoft has released their highly anticipated A318/A319 Professional airplanes for P3Dv4 - the first in a series of planes developed exclusively for 64-bit platforms. Available for immediate download on their website, the A318/A319 Professional represents a completely overhauled product that encompasses a variety of systems on the airplane. Aerosoft promises that this product is NOT a recompiled 32-bit product,
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Aerosoft Announce Airbus Pricing

Screenshots NEWVC 20171006 001.png.7e4ec4c9a022b6e3f9b43cca7738e618
A few weeks ago, in a forum post by Mathijs Kok, the prices of the upcoming P3Dv4 version of Aerosoft's Airbus A320 family (Aerosoft A318/19/20/21 Professional) has been revealed: A318/A319 Professional €50.38 A320/A321 Professional €50.38 A318-21 Bundle €67.18 (Offering a 33% discount) Aerosoft has said that both products will be made available before the bundle is available for purchase. In addition to this,
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Aerosoft Airbus Professional To Have Global Flight Operations Support

In a recent post in the Aerosoft forums, Mathijs Kok announced that the Aerosoft team have been talking with PMDG regarding PMDG's Global Flight Operations project. Mathijs stated that a conclusion was made: Aerosoft's Airbus Professional will be at Tier 1 in support and compatibility in PMDG's Global Flight Operations, implying that all features included in Global Flight Operations will
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Aerosoft DC-8 Updated, Adds FSX, FSX:SE Compatibility

Douglas Dc8 (9)

[UPDATE] FSElite reader Max has informed us that the FSX/32-bit version of this aircraft is numbered as version 1.0.0 and comes as a separate installer to the P3Dv4/64-bit version (numbered as 1.03).

Aerosoft released the Douglas DC-8 for Prepar3D v4 back in April which had fans of the classic airliner rejoicing. Fans of the DC-8 who also sit in the crossover demographic of clingers-on to the Flight Simulator X platform, though, found themselves feeling a little left out with no support for the aging 32-bit simulator.

Presumably added in the 1.03 update (though not actually mentioned in the changelog), Aerosoft has updated the aircraft now to include support for FSX and FSX: Steam Edition. This update also brings a number of changes to various systems, as well as cosmetic fixes and additions such as textures and an additional livery. See the full changelog at the end of this post.

FSX users wishing to jump behind the controls of this retro airliner are able to purchase the same product as P3Dv4 users from the Aerosoft store. The price remains unchanged, at $42.99 USD.

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Aerosoft Previews Dortmund For X-Plane 11

P2002 52.thumb.jpg.7e1ad5f2e772d53487cab397ca6a3fc0
Earlier this week, Aerosoft posted 4 preview screenshots showcasing their latest work in progress for the X-Plane 11 platform. The scenery will include Dortmund Airport - a minor international airport in North Western Germany - as well as the whole city of Dortmund, modelled with detailed objects and satellite images. Aerosoft has not announced a price for the scenery, nor
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Aerosoft Previews Lukla – Mount Everest Renders

Preview June 001.thumb.jpg.10a97ed1feabdf309b86fe88f729cda3
Sasa, in the Aerosoft forums, posted screenshots of the early development of their Lukla Airport scenery, on Saturday. Lukla - Mount Everest was originally released for FSX back in 2006, but the whole scenery is now being rebuilt from scratch by the LimeSim and S3DD team to meet modern standards. The screenshots show just the base model of the airport
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Aerosoft Development Update

Presenting at this years FSExpo, developer Aerosoft detailed their early start in the industry, talking about their first in-house flight sim development which began in 2004, after previously being asked by Microsoft to work with them on a train simulator in 2002. The developer then detailed updates that will be coming this year. A320 Professional Series The A320 series for P3Dv4
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[Update] FSElite Exclusive: Aerosoft A318/19 Professional Previews

Update: After speaking to Aerosoft, they felt that some of the shots (3) we published didn't represent the product at its finest. We've removed those shots and will continue to work with Aerosoft on improving the product. Just another reminder that the unofficial shots were taken during some test flying and not always compliant with normal SOPs. They have been taken to
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