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Aerosoft update German Airports 3 – Hamburg

Aerosoft have released an update to the in 2012 released Hamburg scenery addon. This scenery was previously only available for FS9 and FSX, although it was possible to have it installed and working in Prepar3d. The update adds installer support for Prepar3d (v3) so it can be more easily installed. Also updated are the jetways which are now animated and the AFCADs have been updated with realistic approach procedures. German Airports 3 – Hamburg is available for €15,08 from the Aerosoft shop.

Aerosoft Pisa X Coming Soon for FSX and Prepar3d

Aerosoft recently posted images over on Facebook showing off their upcoming Pisa X for both Flight Simulator X and Prepar3d.

My initial reactions are that it looks quite low-res. I won’t be quick to pass judgement as we definitely need a Pisa within the sim (the approach is awesome), so I’m still excited to see what it’s like once it is in the sim. The team have stated that the entire city has been modeled from the “ground up” making those approaches beautiful!

Aerosoft Show First A330 Screenshots of 2017

The first Aerosoft A330 preview screenshots of 2017 have appeared over the Aerosoft forums.

A quick progress check showing off the details on the lower wing parts of the giant aircraft. Stefan was quick to inform us that work is currently focusing on flap track fairings as well as rivets. For those counting, yes the number of rivets are correct as photography of the wing was taken in extremely high detail!

More information to come for soon.

Why are we covering this after we said no more A330 until something significant?

Personally, after a long-ish break from updates, first screens of the new year were kind of exciting!

Aerosoft on Airbus Products: No SP4, A32X 2017 Edition and AXXX 2017 Edition

Despite the fact we haven’t heard from Aerosoft in a while regarding their A330, Mathiks Kok has updated us with Aerosoft’s plans for the next year in regards to their Airbus line of products. We’ve been all aware that the A330 probably wasn’t going to be out this year, so a 2017 is now confirmed. What’s most interesting is that Mr. Kok has “dropped the idea” of doing the 4th Service Pack to the Aerosoft Airbus A32x family. Saying that it made “little sense” as all of the Airbus systems are now “standardised” so making it suit a specific aircraft will be a simple change to a config file.

As a result, 2017 will bring us a range of “2017 Edition” aircraft. The results are below:

  • Aerosoft Airbus A330 (2017 edition)
  • Aerosoft Airbus A318/A319 (2017 edition)
  • Aerosoft Airbus A320/A321 (2017 edition)
  • Aerosoft Airbus Axxx (hopefully 2017 edition)

Of course, as with all current Aerosoft products, you don’t pay for the same file twice. So if you already own the Aerosoft Airbus A318/319 range, then you’ll pay simply an ‘upgrade’ price.

Something that hasn’t escaped our attention is the inclusion of an “Aerosoft Airbus Axxx”. I remember Mr. Kok talking about the possibility of an A350, but I can’t imagine there’s enough data (or time) to release it in 2017.  It also doesn’t fit in with the fact it’s Axxx and not A3xx, suggesting it may be something other than a commercial Airbus aircraft.

Whatever it is, just makes us more and more excited for 2017.


Aerosoft release Bali X

Its been in the works for some time, but Aerosoft have released Bali X! Bali comes with high detail textures of the airport, custom objects and buildings and a lot of detail in the surrounding region. There are also 3D PAPI lights and is support for SODE jetways (optional). You can purchase Bali X for €20,97 from the Aerosoft shop. Aerosoft has also released an official trailer which you can watch above.


Win Aerosoft Airbus A320/321

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Menorca X Evolution release near

Aerosoft has finished the development of Menorca X Evolution. The original scenery, dating back to 2010, has gotten a complete overhaul in the form of an “evolution” upgrade. This completes the evolution package for the Balearic Islands series, consisting of Ibiza X Evolution, Mallorca X Evolution and now Menorca X Evolution. This package is a complete overhaul of the original airport and will come with a lot of new features. Most notable are the animated jetways, updated AFCAD, AES support for FSX, overhauled autogen and 3D runway and PAPI lights. If just an airport was not enough for you, Aerosoft have also textured the entire island in high detail, just like previously.

‘So when can I get my hands on this?’ I hear you say. Fear not. For all those that want to spend Christmas at a sunny beach (or airport), you might be able to! Although no certainties have been given, an Aerosoft developer states that the scenery is finished and the files are ready to be put in an installer. Here’s to hoping! If you really *really* can’t wait, have a look at the awesome screenshots down below or check out the original post on the Aerosoft forums!

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Aerosoft A330 Preview 25 Nov 2016

Aerosoft have kept their tradition of revealing preview screenshots of their up and coming A330.

Extremely similar to what we’ve seen before, we can see that the Dragonair livery is getting lots of use. This time, we can see some detail in the tail.

Posted by Stefan, he explains that the details have now been completed for the A330-300. Despite the challenges of creating a complex part of the aircraft, he is now happy with the tail and will be moving onto the last section – the wings. Because the area is so large and he has to complete the research, it will take longer than the usual 5 days. This may mean no screenshot update next week.

Finally, he said that there will be a detailed paintkit manual come release, which we’re expecting to take place in 2017.

Until we see something new from Aerosoft, these will be the last shots FSElite post.

Keep an eye on the Aerosoft forums for more details.

Black Friday Sale Mega Post!

With Black Friday among us we figured we might as well tell you guys where to get the deals this Black Friday! We’ll try to keep this up to date as the weekend goes on.

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Aerosoft Offering 20% off through Monday November 28, 2016.

Orbx is offering 35% off all products released before November 1 running for 39 days | We already reported on this sale.

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Simmarket has multiple sales going on.

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PCAviator offering multiple sales based on product type.

Cielosim has up to 30% off on select products.

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That is all we have for now, if more sales pop-up over the weekend we will update this story with links and details. Happy shopping and happy simming!