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Aeroplane Heaven’s Spitfire Mk1A for MSFS “On Final”

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Those of you who are looking to take a spitfire around Microsoft Flight Simulator will soon have the pleasure of doing so. Aeroplane Heaven has been carefully recreating the Spitfire Mk1A for Microsoft Flight Simulator over the past few months and they are now ready to tell people that it’s coming very soon.

On Facebook, Aeroplane Heaven said that the aircraft is now “on final” with the textures now finalised. Both the exterior and interior has been finished with a “restored” look and feel for the aircraft. A range of liveries has been included and a paint kit has been included for those looking to make their own. Whilst texturing has finished, the team wanted to draw attention to the fact that there will also be a working castering tailwheel thanks to some unique coding from the Aeroplane Heaven team. Special attention has been made to the flight model as the plane is described to “hit all the correct numbers” when referring to the flying characteristics.

Aeroplane Heaven also made mention that the cockpit is fully animated including a working night blind which eliminates glare from the lights at night.

The final things which remain include the sound files and also the manual for the aircraft, so it should be with us “shortly”. Whilst we wait, the team shared a range of screenshots highlighting the plane in action directly from the simulator. Stay tuned to FSElite and we’ll keep you updated when we learn more. You can also see a series of additional screenshots on Aeroplane Heaven’s Facebook page.

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Aeroplane Heaven Spitfire MkVb for MSFS Video Preview

Aeroplane Heaven Spitfire MkVb For Microsoft Flight Simulator
Aeroplane Heaven has announced they will be bringing the Spitfire MkVb to Microsoft Flight Simulator soon. In addition to announcing the product, the team shared a new video highlighting some of the features which will be included in the aircraft. From the preview video, we can see that the aircraft will feature animated engine covers and service hatches, gravity-fed carburettor
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Aeroplane Heaven Releases Sabreliner for Prepar3D v4/v5

AEROPLANE Heaven Sabreliner P3d (3)
Aircraft developer Aeroplane Heaven has released their Sabreliner for Prepar3D v4/v5. Aeroplane Heaven has created a realistic rendition of this classic aircraft, which first took to the skies in 1963. The North American Sabreliner was a successful early business jet, which was then offered to the US Air Force as a Utility trainer under the appellation of T-39. The aircraft was
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Aeroplane Heaven Shares Previews of North American P-51 Mustang for MSFS

Aeroplane Heaven P 51 Mustang (2)
A suite of new previews for the upcoming Aeroplane Heaven North American P-51 Mustang for Microsoft Flight Simulator has been shared. The new 'work-in-progress' previews and video show the first in-sim shots of the external and internal modelling of the long-range, single-seat fighter and fighter-bomber. In addition to new static screenshots, a short clip of the plane in the Microsoft Flight
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Aeroplane Heaven Previews Spitfire Mk1a in MSFS

AEROPLANE Heaven Mk1a Msfs (8)
Brand-new previews for Aeroplane Heaven's Spitfire Mk1a for Microsoft Flight Simulator has been shared. The all-new previews showcase both external and internal modelling and texturing for the historic aircraft. Looking at the external model, we can see from the previews that there is already an immense amount of detail. Particular attention has clearly been paid by Aeroplane Heaven on the
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Aeroplane Heaven Previews DC-3 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Aeroplane Heaven Dc 3 (6)

Aeroplane Heaven has taken to Facebook a few times this week to showcase some new previews of the DC-3 for Microsoft Flight Simulator in action. The new previews come from some flight testing that the developer has been doing with the model in the new simulator. The first set of previews focus on external modelling, with the second set focused on the virtual cockpit.

As you can see from the external modelling, Aeroplane Heaven has used an extensive amount of PBR material on the metallic skin so that the light bounces off the model realistically. There also is huge amounts of detail throughout including wear and tear, grime, dirt and other environmental effects to give the aircraft a historic look.

The virtual cockpit has also been previewed. The previews highlight the intricate cockpit which is full of switches, gauges, and levers all used to operate the classic aircraft. Again, there is a large number of scratches and effects within the cockpit to show the age of the plane.

According to the email sent to us from Aeroplane Heaven, the package will include a range of liveries for both the cargo and passenger versions of the plane. Currently, the team is debating whether to bring the C-47 to the simulator as well, but that will depend on demand.

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Aeropolane Heaven Previews Mk1A Spitfire for MSFS

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Developer Aeroplane Heaven has shared more previews of its latest project, the Mk1A Spitfire for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Supermarine Spitfire is a British made fighter aircraft that was used by the Allies in World War 2. Between 1938 and 1948 over 20,000 of the aircraft were produced and put into service for the Royal Air Force, Royal Canadian Air
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Aeroplane Heaven Releases their Zlín Z50LS for P3D

Aeroplane Heaven has released as a Christmas treat their Zlín Z50LS aerobatics aircraft. The Zlín had been announced last July as being in early development. The Aeroplane Heaven Zlín ZL50LS features a highly accurate 3D model, with the engine fully modeled and accessible through animated maintenance panels. The model features PBR materials, which is particularly put forth in the various
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Aeroplane Heaven Releases Tecnam P2010 for P3D

The Tecnam P2010, developed by Aeroplane Heaven, is released for Prepar3d versions 4.4+. The release of the aircraft was broadcasted through their Facebook page. It might look like a Cessna 172 Skyhawk, but if you look closer you will notice a shiny and sleek designed aircraft, not to mention the performance that it packs with it. It's the Tecnam P2010
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