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Aeroplane Heaven Announce Cessna 140

Aeroplane Heaven Cessna 140 (13)

Aeroplane Heaven is known for their classic aircraft and their latest announcement continues with that trend. Over on their Facebook page, they have confirmed that they are developing the Cessna 140 for Prepar3D v4.4.

The latest aircraft in development from the team will take full advantage of the latest PBR technology in Prepar3D V4.4. The texturing technology will be applied to both the external airframe, as well as the interior materials on the panels and other areas of the inside of the aircraft.

Developed with attention to detail in mind, the team want to make sure users have an immersive experience. There will be brand new realistic looking pilots and a range of finishing including high polished alloys to a more used look, as well as everything in between. Furthermore, they are going to develop a range of colorways with matching leather and vinyl to really allow users to customize the look and feel of their Cessna 140.

The following previews are all work-in-progress and we’ll endeavor to keep you up-to-date as development continues.

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Aeroplane Heaven Release Tallmantz Phoenix P-1

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Aeroplane Heaven announced earlier this month that they would be bringing the Tallmantz Phoenix P-1 to the world of Prepar3D. Earlier today, they confirmed that it's now ready and is being sent to the appropriate vendors to then make available to the community. The Tallmantz Phoenix P-1 will include all the bells and whistles you would expect from an Aeroplane Heaven
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Aeroplane Heaven Previews Heinkel HE111 P2 With PBR

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In a recent Facebook post by Aeroplane Heaven, the developers previewed their upcoming Heinkel HE111 P2 German bomber. A mass-produced aircraft, the HE111 saw extreme use by the Luftwaffe during the Second World War. As a result, it wasn't uncommon for these aircraft to see wear and tear before eventually succumbing to the many raids they saw; Aeroplane Heaven has
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Aeroplane Heaven Announce Tallmantz Phoenix P-1

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Aeroplane Heaven have just recently posted some preview pictures of their new aircraft on the Facebook page. The only comment made with the post was "coming soon to all current and future Boxcar owners with our compliments." Just looking at the shots, you can tell the amount of detail spent on this aircraft based the visibility of every screw, bolt,
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Aeroplane Heaven Previews PA-23 Aztec & C140

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Aeroplane Heaven is known for developing add-ons such as the JustFlight DC-8, VC10 and WWII aircraft such as the Spitfire. Over on their Facebook page, they have released renders of two general aviation aircraft, the Piper Aztec PA-23-250 and the Cessna 140. Aeroplane Heaven has already developed a PA-23 for FSX: Steam Edition. This will be a completely new model created
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New Heinkel Renders from Aeroplane Heaven

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Aeroplane Heaven took to Facebook today to share some new renders of their upcoming Heinkel aircraft. Although no release date was announced, the plane is now being painted in a variety of skins for users to enjoy.

Upon release, Aeroplane Heaven promises that the aircraft will be modelled complete with a complex control system for all aircraft surfaces, animated virtual cockpit and pilot with upper-gunner. As per previous releases, the aircraft will feature ‘authentic sounds.

These shots follow on from what was previewed before from the team.


You can view more information at the product page.

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Aeroplane Heaven Announces Globe Swift for X-Plane 11

Aeroplane Heaven Globe Switft 1
Aeroplane Heaven has been evaluating the market as of late and today announced that they're intending on supporting the X-Plane market. As they're impressed with what X-Plane 11 can achieve, they have decided to try their hand at converting some of their aircraft to the platform. The aircraft: their Globe Swift. Despite the process being slow, the team are building
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Lancaster B Mk.I Released

Lancaster B Mk One 18 Ss M 180828093309
The most famous bomber of WWII, the Lancaster B MK.I has been released on Just Flight. Developed by the team at Aeroplane Heaven, the iconic bomber is ready to take to the skies again in either FSX or P3D, and includes six B Mk.I Lancasters, along with 3 bonus MK.III liveries that can be applied to the plane. The airplane
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Aeroplane Heaven Preview Heinkel HE111 P2

Aeroplane Heaven Heinkel HE111 P2 3
Aeroplane Heaven are clearly a team with many projects on the go at once. Today, they have previewed their upcoming Heinkel HE111 P2 from within the simulator itself. Whilst work is still clearly on-going with the aircraft, the team were eager to show fans how it's progressing. As is the case with Aeroplane Heaven, this classic aircraft will be modelled with
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Aeroplane Heaven Preview Socata MS893 Interior

Socata 3
Over on Facebook Aeroplane Heaven showed us more screenshots of the Socata MS893 interior. The renders are still a Work in Progress. It looks like the Socata MS893 will have a bunch of options for interior colour. Metalic as well as wooden type texture will be available for the interior. Different shades of gray will also be available for the
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