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Aerofly FS2

Aerofly FS 2 Updated to v2.04.03.15

RobinsonR22 (3)

Announced on the Aerosoft Blog, the widely popular flight simulator recently renowned for it’s out of the box VR capabilities, Aerofly FS 2 has received a minor update.

Version brings along a new aircraft, the Robinson R22 Beta II helicopter (previews below), liveries, the addition of over 120 helipads, added controller compatibility, existing aircraft fixes and more which can be found in the changelog at the end of this article.

If you don’t already own Aerofly AFS2, you can grab a hold of it on the Aerosoft Shop for €41.52 (Incl. 23% VAT) at a current discount price or on Steam for €59.99 (Excl. VAT).

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Orbx Releases Netherlands TrueEarth for Aerofly FS 2

5b6ffd982346e 400×225
Developer Orbx has released the stunning Netherlands TrueEarth scenery for Aerofly FS 2. Made up of over 85,000 square kilometres of extremely detailed photoreal terrain, the package includes the entirety of the country with all of the cities, towns, and landmarks exactly where the should be. Already available for FSX and P3D, the TrueEarth scenery includes 43 airports, thousands of
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Orbx Announce Monterey for Aerofly FS2

Today Orbx are pleased to say that they've announced their next airport for the IPACS Aerofly FS2 platform. It's Monterey Regional airport that has been out for the FSX and P3D for long. For more information check out this source page. Also Orbx's Facebook page is available here. While everyone has been busy with Meigs Field and Innsbruck which are two
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[Bel Geode] (Aerofly FS2) F-15E Strike Eagle: Mach 2 Plus

AeroFly FS2 Oculus Rift Experience F 15E Strike Eagle Mach 2 Plus
Bel Geode answers a viewer's wish to see the F-15E Strike Eagle that comes standard with Aerofly FS2. The word on the street is that IPACS modeled this thing so well that it can actually fly over Mach 2, and has enough thrust to climb over 30,000 feet in a matter of seconds. Naturally, all these things need validation. Enter
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[Bel Geode] (Aerofly FS2) F/A-18C: Grand Canyon Run (FYC)

AeroFly FS2 Oculus Rift Experience FA 18C Grand Canyon Run
Bel Geode is back with the F/A-18C to push it to the limits in Aerofly FS2. From an idea generated by a loyal viewer, this trip will take the audience from KGCN (Grand Canyon National Airport), to sunny Las Vegas... KLSV (Nellis Air Force Base) to be specific. Along the way, one can expect the usual shenanigans for which Bel
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[Bel Geode] (Aerofly FS2) Dash-8 Q400: Second Look

AeroFly FS2 Oculus Rift Experience Dash 8 Q400 SECOND LOOK
Bel Geode is back with a follow on to the original "First Look" at relative newcomers AeroFly FS2, by IPACS. This time around he is hopping into the Dash-8 Q400, a favorite of his, to clarify some items that he recently discovered in the few days he has been flying in this virtual reality simulator. The flight plan will take
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