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[Bel Geode] (Aerofly FS2) F/A-18C Hornet: No, Mr. Bel… I Expect You To Fly (FYC)

Bel Geode is back in Switzerland, this time with a little help from a viewer.

After the first outing with the learjet, Bel was asked to do something more in depth, in order to see the area in a better light. To that end, viewer TomB created and sent a full flight plan package for Bel to fly, using the awesome F/A-18C Hornet.

What resulted was a more in depth look at the country of Switzerland, complete with both natural landmarks, as well as notable landmarks… Not to mention multiple references to everyone’s favorite fictional secret agent.

“You expect me to talk?”

“No… Mr. Bel, I expect you to FLY!”

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Orbx Announce Monterey for Aerofly FS2

Today Orbx are pleased to say that they've announced their next airport for the IPACS Aerofly FS2 platform. It's Monterey Regional airport that has been out for the FSX and P3D for long. For more information check out this source page. Also Orbx's Facebook page is available here. While everyone has been busy with Meigs Field and Innsbruck which are two
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[Bel Geode] (Aerofly FS2) F/A-18C: Grand Canyon Run (FYC)

Bel Geode is back with the F/A-18C to push it to the limits in Aerofly FS2. From an idea generated by a loyal viewer, this trip will take the audience from KGCN (Grand Canyon National Airport), to sunny Las Vegas… KLSV (Nellis Air Force Base) to be specific.

Along the way, one can expect the usual shenanigans for which Bel is known. This includes the Hoover Dam visit, the homage to Maverick, and of course the ever popular cruising the Vegas strip at near supersonic speeds. Ally would not approve of this episode… But Ally does not have to know about it, does she?

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Aerofly FS2 Innsbruck LOWI Preview

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Over on Aerofly Flight Simulator's Facebook page they have released some previews of Orbx's Innsbruck for Aerofly FS2. This scenery is expected to release for PC very soon. Below you can find some attached images to look at while waiting for the big release day. To stay updated follow FSElite on Facebook.
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