SimCoders Releases Reality Expansion Pack for the Thranda Kodiak Quest


X-Plane developer SimCoders has released their Reality Expansion pack for the Thranda Kodiak Quest. SimCoders are renowned for their various improvement packages (see in example their previously released add-ons for the Carenado PC-12 or for the Carenado B58). The goal is to provide realism improvement packages to add-ons that were not originally developed in that intent. The Kodiak Quest Reality Expansion Pack covers wide arrays of the simulations, from engine behavior to physiological effects of hypoxia to external preflight checks.

The Thranda Kodiak Quest Reality Expansion Pack is available from the Store for $19.99. The original Thranda Kodiak Quest, released in November 2019, is required and is also available on the Store for $39.99.

Feature List

  • Improved PT-6 turbine behavior
  • Overhauled electrical and avionics
  • Improved ground and flight dynamics, including an improved landing gear
  • Damage System, with maintenance hangar
  • Economic system compatible with FSEconomy
  • Interactive walkaround that enables the pilot to perform preflight visual checks.
  • Interactive tow
  • New popup kneeboard
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Ultra Weather XP v2.3 Released

2063237133 UWXPv2.3(7).jpg.c3f76dcf3d453b6762e10d3584856134
The quiet achiever of X-Plane weather add-ons, Ultra Weather XP, has been updated to version 2.3. This free update for existing v2.x license holders brings a number of new features, fixes and improvements to the already well-equipped software. In a post to the forum, developer Abdullah Almuntassir introduces the new version as being compatible with X-Plane 11.11+, and any users still on
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Orbx EU Netherlands TrueEarth For P3Dv4 Released

Orbx has turned their attention away from their new-found love of X-Plane to release EU Netherlands TrueEarth for Prepar3D v4, available now. TrueEarth is a new product line that has been previewed a number of times leading up to this release, with the Netherlands being the inaugural TrueEarth release. The main difference between this and other regional products previously released is that the
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Blue Sky Star Soundpack for FlightFactor A320 Released

While we were having server troubles over the past 24 hours, Blue Sky Star (often abbreviated as BSS) released their long-awaited soundpack for the FlightFactor A320. The soundpack brings many new and improved sounds to the cockpit, cabin and exterior of the Airbus, including engine sounds, cabin immersion noises such as hydraulics, and much more. Check out the video above
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xEnviro 1.08 Released

Cessna 172SP 10

After many development delays, as well as a traumatic personal event for developer Andrey Sheybak, the highly anticipated 1.08 update to xEnviro has been released.

The long drawn-out update brings with it a large re-write to the weather engine, which means a large changelog, but users can expect improvements right throughout their atmospheric experience.
Changes include a new turbulence model, greater cloud varieties, scenery lights no longer being visible through clouds, sun glare, and much more. For the full change log, see the bottom of this article.

Existing users should note that due to a new agreement on the sales of xEnviro, this update may not be available through the previously purchased channel. Your licence will remain valid, however, you will need to download the update from the xEnviro homepage.
Users wishing to purchase the software now that the long-awaited update has arrived can do so via the “BUY” tab on the product website.

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Maxx-XP Release UrbanMAXX v3: TerraMAXX Edition

L5g Uprated 6
With TerraMAXX recently released, bringing seasons to the X-Plane platform, Maxx-XP has today released the freeware UrbanMAXX v3: TerraMAXX Edition addon to compliment the seasonal environment. This release of UrbanMAXX is designed to work in conjunction with TerraMAXX to add dense seasonal autogen to the X-Plane landscape within the urban environments. The use of USGS satellite imagery for the development
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