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[Update: Now Available] HiFi Sim Tech Announces ActiveSky P3D For Prepar3D v5 and Prepar3D v4

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Update: Active Sky for Prepar3D is now available as an open-beta download. You can head to the download page right now to get your copy. Remember, if you own ASP4, then you can transfer your license to ASP3D for free during the open-beta phase (due to last 2-3 weeks)

== Original Article on May 7th 2020 @ 09:11z ==

HiFi Sim Tech has announced its plans for bringing the popular weather engine, Active Sky, to Prepar3D v5. This all-new version of the product will have all-new features, advanced technology and will work with the all-new trueSKY engine in Prepar3D v5.

Active Sky Prepar3D (known as ASP3D) builds upon previous versions of the weather engine the systems being completely redesigned for the software. Some new features include the fact that the software is now installed in the P3D add-on folder, along with improved networking capabilities along with improved wind smoothing for higher frequency force actuation and an organic feel. In addition, ASP3D will also include major changed to the data network, weather synthesis, interpolation and others with vastly improved performance and stability. Whilst this new software is focused on Prepar3D v5 compatibility, it will also work with Prepar3D v4.

Alongside the new features, Active Sky Cloud Art will also work with the software and it will still include many of the functionality aspects seen from past versions of Active Sky.

In terms of release dates and pricing, HiFi Sim Tech has explained exactly how people can get this new product. In the next day or so, an open-beta version of Active Sky for Prepar3D will be released. During this limited time, users on ASP4 will be able to upgrade for free. Only during this open beta phase (expected to be roughly 2-3 weeks) will people be able to upgrade for free. To upgrade, you will need to register an account to create an ASP3D profile using the ASP4 license. After that time, it’s not clear exactly how or if people can upgrade or if there will just be a single separate purchase.

If you’re looking to upgrade but don’t yet own ASP4, you can do so via the HiFi Sim Tech website (via any of their trusted vendors).

There are some known issues with the software at present, but nothing too game-breaking to be considered an issue. However, as with any open-beta software, take caution. Full details can be found on their website.

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Active Sky on FSX, P3D and X-Plane All Updated

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HiFi Sim Tech Future: Next Generation P3D Weather Engine, ASCA Volume 2 & More

AS P3Dv4 Splash

Damian from HiFi Sim Tech took to the forums to let the community know what has been happening behind closed doors at the company. Since returning from FlightSimExpo 2019, the team have had some time to reflect based on meeting many community members at the event this year. By the sounds of it, they also look to be attending next year in Las Vegas. I’m sure that the announcement will come in time. In the meantime, Damian took the opportunity to talk about the future and what the team are currently working on.

X-Plane Users

The first update was all about X-Plane support. With the success of ASXP, the team are continuing to refine the product and work towards greater visuals. In particular, they are looking to bring their cloud depiction visual replacement technology to X-Plane. The team still need to finalise things to make sure that performance is adequate when complex cloud scenes appear.

Further to just the visuals, the team are continuing to refine and bring other enhancements to Active Sky XP over the next year.


Damian has confirmed that HiFi Sim Tech is working on a brand new next-generation P3D weather engine. Other than commenting on that they will be focusing on realism and a “more authentic weather experience”, no other details were shared in that regard.

As for Active Sky Cloud Art, the team also confirmed that Volume 2 is well under development with new textures for the sky, clouds and more. In addition to new textures and models, the team are working on enhancing the API and integration with Prepar3D as a platform.

It has also been confirmed that development of the new open graphics integration capability between Active Sky weather engine and a variety of graphics/visual add-ons is near completion. This means developers will be able to integrate their work with Active Sky and utilise dynamic weather and other influential effects.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and Other Projects

Damian also said that HiFi Sim Tech are working on “a couple of other projects” that they are hoping to show off in the next year. No hints as to what they could be at this point.

Finally, he also answered the question about what he thinks about Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. He began by saying that they know “nearly nothing” about the product and what third-party support will be given by Microsoft for the product. He confirmed that they are not aware of any release dates, nor whether there will be a comprehensive SDK for the team to develop from to integrate realistic weather. However, Damian did say that they will continue working towards their mission of making products for the users on “all platforms that they demand.” We have heard from a range of other developers who have echoed similar statements. You can read all of them in our original article about how developers reacted to the news.

You can see the original source on the HiFi Sim Tech forums.

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