Active Sky 16

Active Sky 16 and Active Sky Cloud Art: The FSElite Review

DEVELOPER HiFi Simulation PRICE €55.99+VAT (AS16 – P3D)
€45.99+VAT (AS16 – FSX)
€18.99+VAT (ASCA)
PUBLISHER HiFi Simulation BUY FROM Various

For years and years, weather within the Flight Simulation world had always been one of the most unrealistic aspects of exploring the virtual world. Numerous developers have tried to impress us with the ‘advance’ weather engines, all trying to offer something different. FS Global Weather, Opus, REX and of course Active Sky have all been seen to be the main players when it comes to weather engines, all offering something slightly different. Of course, if Simmers don’t want to fork money out, then there are plenty of free options, as well as the chance to use “real world weather” from within the Sim itself. Regardless of your choice, there’s always been something ‘missing’ from making it as realistic as possible. This may have been a lack of overcast coverage, maybe storms weren’t accurately depicted or maybe, the visibility options meant your Sim would look like something placed a piece of A4 paper over your eyes.

HiFi Simulations have been developing weather engines for years now, and with each release, we see a new level of realism added, a new interface and of course, many new features aimed to be a new standard in our world. When Hifi introduced Active Sky Evolution, they introduced textures, to try to give users the best available textures for that weather condition. With Active Sky Next, they focused on the basics and developed a revolutionary new weather engine, enabling developers like PMDG to make a fully functional weather radar for the first time. Fast forward to 2016, and just weeks before the launch, HiFi gave us a trailer, peeking into the future they had prepared for us. As you can imagine, this went down like a storm [pun most definitely intended].

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